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C 235 E/188 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 21.8.


Moreover in December 1997 Council adopted a Resolution on a Code of Conduct for business taxation (1),
which led to the establishment of the Code of Conduct (Business Taxation) Group. In the report to the
Ecofin Council in November 1999 the 10 % manufacturing rate was identified as a tax measure with
harmful features and the rollback of this measure has to take place in accordance with the Council
Conclusions of the November 2000 Ecofin meeting.

(1) OJ C 2, 6.1.1998.

(2001/C 235 E/220) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0367/01

by David Bowe (PSE) to the Commission
(14 February 2001)

Subject: EU funds linked to anti-Semitic literature

Is the Commission aware of any EU funds used in Palestine to produce literature of an anti-Semitic nature?
If so, what is the Commission doing to investigate this?

Answer given by Mr Patten on behalf of the Commission

(2 April 2001)

The Commission rejects any attempt to promote intolerance and ethnic hatred or to hinder the efforts by
the different parties committed to peace in the Middle East. In this context, anti-Semitic content in books,
whatever its nature, is particularly regrettable.

None of the projects in support of the Palestinian Authority financed by the Commission have supported
the production or distribution of books, including schoolbooks. As regards projects financed bilaterally by
Member States, the Commission has no right to monitor or interfere, and therefore the relevant Member
States would have to be addressed individually.

The Commission has always focused its assistance in promotion of a culture of peace, tolerance and
human rights in the Middle East. In this regard, Article 2 of the Union-Palestinian Interim Association
Agreement clearly states that mutual co-operation between the Parties ‘has to be based on the respect of
democratic principles and fundamental human rights as set out in the universal declaration on human
rights, which guides their internal and international policy …’. On the basis of these principles, the
Commission chooses whether or not to fund a proposed project. So far, no request has ever been made for
the printing or distribution of books, including schoolbooks.

(2001/C 235 E/221) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0368/01

by Glenys Kinnock (PSE) to the Commission
(14 February 2001)

Subject: Gender balance in the EuropeAid Cooperation Office

Did the Commission follow any particular procedures, intended to ensure a gender balance, when the
Directors in the new EuropeAid Cooperation Office were appointed?

Answer given by Mr Patten on behalf of the Commission

(20 April 2001)

The EuropeAid Cooperation Office was set up on 1 January 2001. This followed the decision taken by the
Commission on 16 May 2000 (1) to reform the management of the Community’s external assistance
programmes. The reorganisation took place within the RELEX family, involving the former SCR (Joint