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New Venture Creation

A course that helps to prepare for high-impact entrepreneurship

The translation of a business opportunity into a You want to make a serious effort to kick-start your
venture is the essence of entrepreneurship. entrepreneurial career. You should not aim for a life
Preparing before launching may help to style venture, we expect you to try and create a
prevent making costly mistakes and it may game-changer.
guide you to a more attractive business
proposition and/or business model. This Programme overview
demanding course does not aim to help you to
start a small business. We expect you to shoot The New Venture Creation course is each year
for the moon. Smallness is just a temporary offered in the spring semester. It comprises of 7
characteristics of the entrepreneurial ventures classes and 6 mentoring sessions. Classes start late
that this course is to incubate. afternoon and continue into the evening. During the
course the next issues are addressed:
What can you expect?
• Value creation for customer and venture.
The New Venture Creation course will guide you
through some of the most essential steps in the • Analysis of existing solutions from the
preparing of a new venture. Emphasis will be put perspectives of customers and users.
on the development of an evidence based vision
• Identification of customer preferences and
on your future company. You will have talk to
development of a value proposition..
prospective clients, suppliers, partners and
financiers, and you will have to develop an • Business modelling.
understanding of the operational challenges of
running the business that you propose to start. You • Operational planning (staffing, organisation
will work on your own project, The immersion into and control) of entrepreneurial initiatives.
the future market, the industry and the day to day
operations will help you to communicate your • Financing needs & Return.
ambitions and plans to others. In this course the
emphasis is on learning while doing, yet with solid Each of these issues will challenge you to align the
insights from theory on and the practice of development your future venture with sound
entrepreneurship. theoretical insights. A mentor will support you
throughout this process.
This course was especially developed for
enterprising students who not only want to learn The lead instructor in this course is Wynand
about, but actually want to prepare for an Bodewes. He teaches entrepreneurship at
entrepreneurial career. You preferably have already Maastricht University and has guided the
completed some introductory courses in development of dozens business plans. He also
Entrepreneurship and are willing to actively acts as a coach to several entrepreneurs and is
participate in and prepare for evening classes scientific advisor to a Rotterdam based investment
firm. Several guest lecturers will contribute their
know-how to enhance your learning.
Dates, location and costs It may also prove valuable to patent attorneys that
want to learn about the challenges of turning
The course New Venture Creation is delivered once science and novel technology into business.
a year in the spring semester. Each year 15-20
people can participate. Value added of this course

Spring 2010: six classes from 16.00 - 20.00 and a • You are supported in the development for an
final class from 15.00 - 18.00. action oriented plan that will help to launch your
Language: English
• You will not only learn from your instructors but
Location: Maastricht University, Tongersestraat 49, especially from each other.
• It requires relatively little time, and can easily be
Costs: For alumni: €2235 (no VAT), including combined with other duties.
literature, course materials and dinner. For students:
€ 223,50 (no VAT) and a deposit of €300. The • Theory is brought to live through your own
deposit will be returned upon successful completion project.
of the course. The costs of this course are usually
tax deductible. For further information you may want • The meeting are interactive and provide ample
to consult: room for discussion and will give answers to your
own questions.
Certificate of Participation
• You learn about recent developments such as
Participants that have actively contributed to six of co-creation, open-innovation, social innovation
the seven classes and that have submitted a sound and business modelling that are highly relevant to
business plan at the end of the course will receive a New Venture Creation.
certificate of participation from the Maastricht
Centre for Entrepreneurship, Maastricht University. Thus: you return to home with both food for thought
as well as a clear and executable plan.
We can also provide this course as a customised in-
company programme. The programme will then be The course New Venture Creation is an initiative of
attuned to your wishes and exclusively offered to the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship. This
your employees. centre comprises of a team of dedicated educators/
researches that share a passion for the practice and
Practitioners theory of high-impact entrepreneurship. it is part of a
young, internationally focussed university that not
Enrolling into this course van also be valuable to only seeks to excel in research but that also wants
PhD students, junior faculty members, staff to remain leading in learning.
members of a Technology Transfer Office.

Based in Europe, focussed on the world. Maastricht

University is a stimulating environment. Where research and teaching are complementary. Where innovation is our focus.

Where talent can flourish. A truly student oriented research

Do you want to register ofr would you like to
learn more about this course?
Please feel free to contact:
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Email: Tongersestraat 49
Phone: +31641362124 6211 LN Maastricht