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Department of Planning & Sustainability

330 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Suite 300

BeKalb flnwxty Decatur, GA 30030
&*, *##t&
(4041 371-21ss or (40 41 37L-28I3 (Fax)
Michael L. Thurmond
Chief Executive Officer

The following application will be heard at a public hearing held by the Dekalb County Zoning Board of Appeals on
Wednesday, December Ll,201.91:00 PM in the auditorium of the Manuel J. Maloof Center Annex Building, 1300
Commerce Drive (on the northwest corner of Commerce Drive and West Trinity Place in downtown Decatur).

This is not a rezoning application.

N4 Application No: A-19-1243645 Parcel ID: 18-073-02-005

Commission District 04 Super District 07

Applicant: Tracy Swearingen

P.O. Box 871183
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087
Owner: Hoten Group, LLC
2399 Parkland Drive, Unit #2246
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Project Name: 811 Sheppard Road

Zoning: R-100 zoning district

Locatio n: The property is located on the south side of Sheppard Road, approximately 1,,027 feet north of San
Pablo Drive, at 8L1 Sheppard Road, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083.
Request: Variance from section 27-2.2.L of the Oet<alb County Zoning Ordinance to reduce the front yard
setback from 35 feet to L5 feet for a proposed two story home.

NOTE TO APPLICANT(S): All matters being heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals shall require that the applicant or an appointed representative be present at the hearing.
Without adequate applicant representation, the Board may not fully understand the request or the applicant's position, and therefore, may either defer or deny the
application. lfthe applicant or a representative cannot be present, please contact the Planning Department at 404-371-2155.

NOTICE TO Att AFFECTED PROPERW OWNERS: The tax records of DeKalb County indicate that you are a property owner within 250 feet of the property referenced above.
lf you have an interest in this application, you may attend the public hearing at the date, time, and place indicated on this notice. lf an interest group is to attend the hearing,
it is recommended that a spokesperson be appointed to represent the entire group. lf you decide to attend the hearing, you are encouraged to contact the Planning
Department at 40 4-37f-2155, the morning of the public hea ring to determine whether the application is still on the agenda.

NOTE: All supporting materials submitted during presentation at the public hearing, including photographs, shall become a part of the permanent record.

Please make copy(s) prior to the public hearing for you records.

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