Chapter 18: "Training Commences!" – Introduces Haku, Zouri and Waraji.

Kakashi has his team learn to control chakra by making them run vertically up trees using a balanced amount of chakra in their feet. Zabuza recuperates in Gato’s HQ, but Gato thinks the failure is wearing out his welcome. Zabuza’s accomplice, finally named as Haku, warns Gato not to trouble Zabuza. Chapter 19: "Symbol of Courage" – Sakura is assigned to watch Tazuna while Naruto and Sasuke continue the tree exercise. The Wave Country is revealed as a poverty-stricken area thanks to Gato’s extortion. Tazuna’s bridge would make them independent from his methods. The team and Tazuna accidentally strike a nerve with Inari over dinner about the “hero of the city”. Chapter 20: "The Country That Had a Hero" – Introduces Kaiza. A flashback shows Inari’s father figure, Kaiza, who saved him from drowning and rescued the entire village against incredible odds when the dam broke. To break their hopes and make them dependent on his shipping, Gato amputated Kaiza’s arms and publicly executed him. Naruto vows to restore the faith of the city. Chapter 21: "Encounter in the Forest" – Naruto trains in the forest again and bumps

into Haku. Haku recognises him but Naruto is oblivious to the “girl’s” identity. Haku peacefully leaves Naruto to his training, which has improved his skills. Back at Gato’s HQ, Zabuza has fully recovered and tells Haku that now is the time to make their move. Chapter 22: "A Rival Appears" – Naruto and Inari clash again over believing in hope. Worn out, Naruto rests while the team goes back to the bridge with Tazuna. They arrive to find Zabuza and Haku waiting, with many workers face down. Zouri and Waraji pay Tsunami an unfriendly visit. Sasuke impresses Zabuza and Haku with his new skill, marking him as Haku’s rival. Chapter 23: "Two Surprise Attacks" – Sasuke and Haku fight. Gato’s henchmen attempt to kidnap Tsunami. Naruto rescues her with Inari’s help and the two reconcile their differences. Naruto heads off to the bridge while Inari alerts the rest of the people in the area.

Chapter 24: "Speed" – Sasuke and Haku continue their duel with the advantage slipping between each other

until Sasuke out-manoeuvres Haku in terms of speed. Kakashi warns Zabuza and Haku not to grow overconfident. Haku then performs Makyou Hyoushou (Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors) and traps Sasuke, then slices around him with unbelievable quickness. Sasuke takes a real beating, but then Naruto shows up with a flashy entrance. Chapter 25: "For the Sake of Dreams" – Naruto attempts to rescue Sasuke from Haku’s technique, but ends up needing rescuing himself as Sasuke’s firebreathing moves have no effect on the mirrors. Kakashi finally realises Haku must be of a special bloodline that matches even his Sharingan for power. Naruto refuses to give up and his words make Haku remember how Zabuza saved him as a homeless urchin. Kakashi promises to end the confrontation with Zabuza as fast as possible. Chapter 26: "Crumbling Dreams" – Zabuza admits to Kakashi that he knows the secret of the Sharingan’s weakness. By using Kirigakure again, Zabuza lowers the visibility and relies on his special style of attacking based

on conditions without sight. Naruto and Sasuke remains helpless in Haku’s trap. Zabuza makes his move to kill Tazuna again, bypassing Sakura. Kakashi steps in, but Zabuza appears to be too quick... Chapter 27: "Awaken" – Sasuke rouses his own Sharingan eyes, less potent than Kakashi’s but slowly adjusting to Haku’s trap. Kakashi himself survived Zabuza’s sword, but not perfectly. He then promises to show Zabuza his techniques that don’t rely on the Sharingan. Sasuke, meanwhile, shields Naruto from an attack that seems fatal, dropping him to the ground while full of needles. Under immeasurable emotional stress, Naruto begins to unleash the power inside himself.