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C 40 E/150 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 14.2.


The Commission accordingly has no intention to propose a specific amendment to exclude fire engines
from the driving licence categories laid down by Directive 91/439/EEC.

(1) OJ L 237, 24.8.1991.

(2002/C 40 E/161) WRITTEN QUESTION P-1962/01

by Juan Ojeda Sanz (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(3 July 2001)

Subject: Pension adjustment in Gibraltar

ALPEG, a Spanish association, based in La Línea de la Concepción, representing pensioners who formerly
worked in Gibraltar, has drawn our attention to the injustice being done to 9 005 Spanish pensioners
whose pensions have not been increased or subject to any periodic adjustment since 1990. According to
the association’s calculations, the amount currently owed by the Gibraltarian Government stands at € 48

The situation of these pensioners, who for many years worked in the British colony of Gibraltar, is a
particularly serious matter because it constitutes discrimination compared with the treatment of pensioners
living on Gibraltarian territory and is also contrary to Community pensions legislation.

Does the Commission have any evidence relating to the problem facing the 9 005 pensioners who used to
work in Gibraltar?

What measures does it have in mind to mitigate this injustice?

(2002/C 40 E/162) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1979/01

by Laura González Álvarez (GUE/NGL) to the Commission

(5 July 2001)

Subject: Pensions of Spaniards formerly employed in Gibraltar

The retirement pensions of some 9 000 Spaniards who used to work in Gibraltar have not been increased
since 1990, even though the consumer price index has risen constantly from one year to the next and the
pensioners themselves have been protesting against their treatment.

Regulations (EEC) Nos 1408/71 (1) and 574/72 (2) coordinate the Member States’ different statutory social
security systems. The basic rules deriving from Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 where retirement pensions
are concerned stipulate, firstly, that benefits must be paid under each body of law to which a worker has
been subject; secondly, that they must be calculated in proportion to the periods completed under the
legislation of each country concerned; and, finally, that old age benefit or benefits may be transferred to
any part of the EU.

Can the Commission obtain information on this matter from the appropriate authorities?

Can it check whether Community social security legislation is being infringed?

(1) OJ L 149, 5.7.1971, p. 2.

(2) OJ L 74, 27.3.1972, p. 1.