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H O S P I T A B F R I E N D L Y  LE

June 2010VOL.2 Issue 5

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A.T.L (above the line)
Rick Excellent close $25 Winner

Own the Perfection
Jason Excellent Line Check $25 Winner.


Summertime, Summertime! How we all long for the bright sun, cookouts, the lake, the mountains, camping and just being outside. I enjoy this time of year as everyones’ mood elevates from that natural vitamin D injection from the good ole SUN!

Own the Perfection
Chico Excellent Close $25 Winner.

Own the Perfection
am extremely excited about our execution for the last few weeks. We are recognizing the “four little things,” completing food audits, facilitating great line-checks, and practicing The Server Assistant system. We are executing at a level we have never been at before. I believe that our GEM results will continue to rise. Last week we scored a weekly 66!


you are interested in where you stand as a team-member please solicit feedback from your direct supervisor. If they are to busy please see me. I look forward to the shared feedback. P.S. Please use our new comment box!

Michael Excellent Line Check $25 Winner.

Own the Perfection The Entire HOH for Owning Line-checks and Close to Open!

Keep the Sizzle! God Bless!

Please accept the challenges you are given daily to perform better than you have previously. As your performance increases so will the rewards. As a server you will make more money, as a cook you will get better schedules and as a host you will get more hours. If

You Guys and Gals Rock!

Rob Williams M.P. Chili’s Alcoa 1193

Avo Burger. Tossing the fries and layering the chili makes for a great product from start RojoBurger – Very simple burger topped with cheddar cheese. We’ve had some guests that have shared “We don’t know who our server was. 2. lime. Now Melt the Cheese. 37701 865-984-1121 . 4 Little Things Liquid Lubrication By Doug A. the key is to make sure that we top the burger with 1.The margarita only has 100 calories! 1.make sure to evenly coat the entire top and bottom of the burger buns with Avo Ranch ( Three lines is not going to get the flavor profile we are looking for) don’t forget 4 red onion rings. it will give easy to the touch.5oz ladles of chili. but the rest of your team as well….5 oz ladle of chili. When picking an avocado make sure that it is ripe. what's new? So we’ve been executing our TSA now for a little over a month and we are starting to get some great feedback from our guests. Point them out…have them stop by and say hello…make it fun for the guest and yourselves! And remember the 4 little things you can do to help out not only your zone partner. If we do this every time we make a dish the guest is sure to come back.Very import in this recipe that you use the recipe card. The Fire Roasted Corn Guacamole has the zesty flavors of avocado. it should almost be coming of the sides. Fire grilled Guac.  So Chili-heads.. top again with Mix C 1. The Skinny Patrón Margarita is made with Patrón Reposado tequila.THE P E P P E R GA R D E N Sizzle Service By Amy K. we will deliver 3D food that is knock your socks off. so you need to make sure you are following up by introducing them as well. The hosts are telling our guests they have two servers. I guarantee if you like them your guests will too! ABC CARDS DUE The Pantry By Robby F Hello Chili-Heads. It is served up in a ultra sleek half salted martini glass with a line wedge. a splash of Patrón Citronge liquer. Apparently we are confusing our guests by giving them two servers. jals and bacon bits garnish with jal ranch. There has been one trend in particular that we found interesting and wanted to share with you. Remember that the recipe calls for tsp of kosher salt not tbl (thanks Randy) Going forward we will only serve the best quality food to our guest. We’ve had others that feel like they want to tip the “other server” because they were the ones filling drinks and getting them what they needed.. TX Chili Fry. 4. 3.5 cups this time. fresh squeezed lime juice and sugar free Monin triple sec. when done top with a 1. Its time to talk about some of the quality control points for some of the new menu items that are very important to the overall quality and flavor profile.. So take pride in the quality and presentation.. top with green onion.Make sure we cook fries to order (13 oz frozen) when fries are done season and toss with 1CUP of mix cheese then top with 2 1... Make sure to grill jals on the grill at least 5. What this boils down to is that it is EXTREMELY important that you take the time to introduce your zone partner to ALL of your guests. but they did a great job”.5 minutes if not the jal seeds will taste way to hot.5 oz of the hick sauce. cilantro and tomatoes peppered with roasted Greet a table (even if it’s not your turn) corn and jalapeño! This dip is not Refill drinks (1/2 is empty) ordinary! Guac haters beware! You just Process payment (run Credit Cards or make might like it! change) Pre-bus (never leave a table with empty hands) ANNIVERSARIES Esther Leslie Trevor 06/22/07 06/16/08 06/21/08 These are exciting! Try them if you haven't. Thanks Chili-heads Chili’s Alcoa 204 Hamilton Crossing Drive Alcoa Tn. T LEBRA CE BIRTHDAYS Amanda Chris Denise Jason JesS Kristen Lisa Sherry 06/29 06/14 06/12 06/29 06/20 06/19 06/07 06/07 E We have two new exciting menu additions! The Skinny Patrón Margarita and the Fire Roasted Corn Guacamole! The successful sales presentation is in how you present or describe them. if it is not ripe it will fell like rubber.

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