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SoHo House WHAT'S ON SPACES MY PLANNER STAY -HOUSENOTES ACCOUNT Barcelona’s secret supper clubs An insider’ tip on the city’s best hidden dining experiences, including our new U27 supper lub at the House Long known for its raditional dining scene, Barcelona is fast catching up with the culinary ingenuity of cities such as London and New York, with an explosion of pop-ups and secret supper clubs. Originally created as antidotes to faceless fine dining establishments, supper clubs are less formal and more curated than restaurants, while pop-ups appeal to our appetite for novelty by offering ephemeral experiences with creative cuisine. With its abundant food markets, world-class chefs and overflow of urban creatives, it follows that Barcelona should be a natural home for al sorts of offbeat dining. Ahead of the launch of our U27 supper club at Soho House Barcelona this month (more on that below), we rounded up the city's best under-the-radar dining experiences for you to ty Let's Drunch Diners are kept guessing until the last moment at Let's Drunch, whose ever-changing, location is only revealed a day before the event and could be anywhere from an abandoned ‘warehouse or intimate art studio to a crumbling historical landmark. The signature Clandestine Dinner Parties are a four-hour sensory journey through 10 courses, with every ‘whim attended to by the hosts ~ a team of self-confessed professional hedonists’ who'll have you on the dance floor by the end of dinner and draw a crowd of like-minded locals and visitors. ‘Suppers are held from Wednesdays to Saturdays, Spm. Find out more and buy tickets at Rooftop Smokehouse Normally preceded by heady watts of swirling smoke, dinners at this pop-up restaurant take place inside a former factory — complete with original 1850s red-brick smokestack looming, 30 metres overhead. With a six-course menu including food that has been fermented, pickled, cured and, of course, smoked, you won't find anything else like it in Barcelona. All of the magic happens on site, with everything from mackerel and pastrami to ‘octopus and eel getting the smoky treatment. With only 20 spaces, the dinners are the perfect opportunity to connect with other food-lovers. ‘Tip: If you can’t get a spot at the Smokehouse, try their produce at one of the Houses ~ the smoked duck breast and smoked salmon at Soho House Barcelona or the pastrami and smoked butter at Little Beach House Barcelona. Suppers are normally held on Fridays and Saturdays at Calle Consell de Cent 159, Local B. Check their website for dates and reservations, rooftopsmokehouse,com METL ‘The dishes at this Mexican kitchen are a feast of fresh flavours, each mouthful singing with spices and dripping in sauce. Popping up at markets and event spaces around the city, METL aims to bring people real Mexican food and publicise the gastronomy of a country that often gets lost under a fast-food blanket of melted cheese. As well as classies like crunchy tacos and guacamole, you'll find ceviche, tamales and variations of Mexico's national dish, mole - a rich, dark sauce of chillies, nuts and sometimes chocolate. ‘Next pop up: Van Van Merc, 20-24 September. For full details of future METL pop-ups, follow @metlcocinamexicana ‘Tiberi Club ‘The fun-loving Tiberi Club ~ a community project that champions local chefs cooking in local spaces ~ serves suppers that can range from huge to humble, with 200 people making, merry ina beer factory to an intimate evening in the chef's own home. Whether amateur or professional, all cooks aim to promote authentic Catalan cooking, helping diners rediscover a culture frequently overshadowed by the ubiquitous patatas bravas and pa amb tomaquet. ‘Sound interesting? Sit down to a supper and you'll be part of the club. Next supper: Mongjuic vegan picnic, 28 September. For full details of Tiberi’s future pop- ups, follow on Instagram. For reservations, contact, ‘Wine Alphabet For those with a penchant for the grape, look no further than the ‘wining’ room of Wine Alphabet. Sequestered in a mysterious Eixample location, you'll be led through six wines from some of the world’s emerging producers by sommelier Nika Shevela. Ts ings are themed and range from champagne-fuelled French feasts toa trip through the sherries of southern Spain paired perfectly with a selection of tapas. If you thoughe finding your way ‘there was tricky, your way back may be even foxgier. ‘Tastings usually pop up twice monthly. Full listings can be found here, or follow on Instagram for updates @winealphabet Soho House U27 supper club Never one to miss out on the action, Soho House invites the talented and dynamic network of U27 members to come together this month over drinks and tacos. The monthly supper club begins on Monday September 16, with a Mexican flavour, as DIY tacos, beers and micheladas get served up on the Rooftop. With a different location and culinary style each month, the supper clubs combine a fun and interactive night of great food with the chance to meet, network and collaborate with other members. Next supper elub: 16 September. For more details and to book, click here.Check the Soho House app for the Italian supper on 21 October and future events. 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