Katniss Everdeen, played by Ellen Paige I chose Ellen Paige because I love her...

haha but also because she is a great actress. Her personality, I feel, matched Katniss Everdeen's. She is cute, but not incredibly beautiful, which is the way I pictured Katniss. I feel like, she could play the sarcasm in Katniss very well. She is young, and super skinny which would make it easy for her to look underfed. Even though she is mostly into comedy, I feel like she would love to be a part of this movie.

Peeta Mellark, played by William Moseley The entire time I read this book, every time Peeta's character did anything, this guy (Peter from Narnia) popped into my mind. He is blonde, young, also skinny (easy to look like he is from the poor District). He just looks like the baker's son (the boy with the bread, as Katniss refers to him.) I don't know, he just resembles what I had in my mind the whole time. Turns out a lot of people in the world agree with me. Haha.

Cinna:, played by Peter Facinelli Cinna is a confidant for Katniss. Peter Facinelli (Carlisle from Twilight) fits this character absolutely. He has the look of femininity, where his features are pretty, you know? He seems like he would make a good stylist. He also seems really calm and cool, like Cinna in the book. Cinna is supposed to be the actual "human" of the story, since everyone else is so into killing. He is actually kind and gentle. Peter seems like he could play that role with ease, seeing that Carlisle was the most gentle vampite ever. Haha

Effie Trinket, played by Amy Poehler Bhahahaha. I just think it would be hillarious. Effie was a paranoid, flustered woman. I feel like Amy could pull that off and be comic relief. Plus she's blonde and could definitely act as a prude.

Haymitch Abernathy, played by Hugh Laurie Old. Can play like he is drunk. I'd like him to gain some weight. But I don't really care. Haymitch seems like Doctor House sometimes....so maybe that's why.

Rue, played by Abigail Breslin Honsetly I just needed to find a young girl. She's cute, I wanted Rue to have super bushy curly hair, so maybe they can do that. Every time Rue came to mind, I thought of this character from a Japanese show, Sailor Moon. Rini is her name.

Gale Hawthorne, played by Aaron Johnson I chose Aaron Johnson because he needed to be "bony" (skinny). And I really didn't thik of anyone so I watched youtube videos of other peoples' pickings and he was one of the choices. I thought he fit perfectly.

Caesar Flickerman, played by James Madsen Caesar was a very "show-host" guy. James Madsen played the host in Hairspray, and I feel like he did a really good job in that. I think he would have a fun time dressing up in make-up and being a goofy guy.

1. conflict, setting, theme, protagonist, antagonist, point of view, any symbolism or irony, and foreshadowing.

Conflict: Katniss has to fight for her life in the Hunger Games, constantly having to decide how to strategize. She is angry at the Capitol, but cannot fight them directly. The government could put her in family in danger at any time. Setting: Katniss lives in District 12, in the country Panem. Panem consists of 12 districts and the Capitol. There used to be a District 13, but that was destroyed by the Capitol years ago. The country is on North America, and this takes place in the far future. Each district is in charge of a job.
District 1- luxury goods for the Capitol

District 2- Medicine District 3- Machinery/Factories District 4- Fishing District 5- Livestock District 6- Scientific Research District 7- Lumber District 8- Weaving/ Clothes-making District 9- Hunters District 10- Mathematical Research District 11- Agriculture District 12- Coal District 13- (now terminated) Nuclear Power Theme: The government (Capitol) is corrupt. They are oppressive to the districts, and District 13 rebelled. The Capitol now punishes all of Panem by holding Hunger Games every year to prove to the people that the Capitol controls them and they have no say.
Protagonist: The main character is Katniss Everdeen. Her mother and sister live with her in District 12, where her father was killed in a mining accident. The story is in first-person, from her point of view. She is a humble girl, raised to hunt with her best friend Gale. Antagonist: In the Games, Cato is the main antagonist because he is after Katniss so that he can win. Overall, the Capitol is the main enemy. The Capitol controls everyone with its power and is corrupt. It is made up of leaders who also evaluate each Tribute in the Hunger Games. Symbolism: Katniss and Rue's friendship. This is proof/a symbol that not all people in Panem like the killing of the Hunger Games. Even though the Capitol encourages people to watch it and enjoy it, Rue genuine friendship shows that the Capitol does not actually force. People still have free will. Caesar Flickerman's change of make-up: shows that Caesar is never really himself. He is always behind a mask, acting for the Capitol to please the audiences. We don't know his true motives, and he might not even care. Irony: Peeta actually having feelings for Katniss even though it was supposed to be an act. He also began to show hatred towards her before the games began. Katniss running towards the Cornucopia even though Haymitch told her not to. I guess I expected her to be rebellious, but I thought she trusted Haymitch enough to obey him. It's actually a good thing she grabbed the orange backpack because she needed it.

Foreshadowing: Gale shooting a loaf of bread with his arrow. Represents the possibility of Katniss (the arrow) taking down the Capitol of Panem (means bread).

Katniss Everdeen, a girl at the age of sixteen, lives in District 12 of the country Panem. She lives with and is responsible for her sister and mother. She and her best friend Gale are expert hunters, and sell some of their kills to the other residents. On the day of the Reaping, Katniss's sister, Primrose, is chosen as one of the tributes. Another boy, Peeta, is also chosen. Peeta is the baker's son, and because of past incidents, Katniss feels like she is always in debt of this boy. After saying goodbye to all their family, they are taken away to the Capitol. The ride there is awkward, and they meet their trainer, Haymitch, and their representative, Effie. Haymitch is a drunk who decides to be sober to help these kids win the Hunger Games. Later, Katniss sees this girl with red hair, referred to as the Avox girl, because she is a traitor to the country. Katniss has met the Avox girl before in her past, and regretted not saving her from the Capitol. Katniss and Peeta are friendly to each other, but only because everything else is awkward. Katniss doesn't know whether to trust him. She has no idea what his motives could be. When they finally reach the Capitol, their beauty specialist Cinna, and his assistants, prepare Katniss and Peeta for the opening ceremony. They create costumes that show off their district's job, coal. They make their costumes burst into flames, and the whole country of Panem watches on T.V. Everyone is amazed by these costumes, and the other tributes, teens who were chosen in the Reaping, are jealous of Peeta and Katniss's advantage in publicity. Cinna wants them to do well, so he encourages them to act like a team, so he advises them to hold hands. Later, all of the tributes get to train. There are weapons, survival technicians, and other helpful stations in the capitol. After the days of practicing are over, each tribute gets to show off their skills to the Capitol leaders. Katniss gets frustrated because they are paying attention her at the show-off. Later, she stresses that she made a vital error, and it's possible that the Capitol leaders are angry and threatening to harm her family. Instead, she receives the best score on her training, 11 (scores vary from 1-12). Eventually, after preparation from Haymitch, Cinna, and Effie, Peeta and Katniss (still with mixed feelings) are thrown into the Hunger Games arena along with the other 22 tributes. The games start, and Katniss goes against Haymitch's advice. She runs to the Cornucopia (a giant horn tributes can run to at the beginning. Usually a blood-bath). After grabbing an orange backpack, she runs off and tries to find a water source. She spends the night in a tree (in a sleeping bag from the backpack). She wakes up to someone starting a fire below her. A little while later, a group of tributes show up and kill the poor person below. Katniss listens form above, and notices that Peeta is one in the group. In the morning, she spots Rue, a small girl she noticed at the training center, in a tree next to her. She points above Katniss's head, and there's a wasp nest. But they are really Tracker-Jackers (vicious, man-bred insects). Katniss releases the Tracker-Jackers on the group below, then runs off (she gets stung). As she finally finds a water source, she succumbs to the poison of the Tracker-Jacker venom. She begins hallucinating, and then wakes up from a nightmare. She wakes up to a fire. A giant fire. Later she meets up with Rue. They become friends. They come up with a plan to take out the Career Tributes' food. When Rue's signal doesn't come to Katniss (smoke from a fire), she knows something is wrong. She finds Rue, impaled by a spear. Her murderer is quickly avenged, and then Katniss decorated Rue's body with flowers. A symbol to the Capitol that all death is not in vain. Later, she finds Peeta, almost dead. He is camouflaged in the mud. She nurses him back to health in a cave, and then goes and tries to get better supplies that the Capitol has laid out back at the Cornucopia. She comes in contact with Thresh, Rue's brother. He releases her on behalf of her mercy and kindness to Rue. Cato, one of the more powerful tributes, is the last one standing, besides Peeta and Katniss, after he kills Thresh. Katniss and Peeta, now all healthy, go to confront Cato at the Cornucopia. He comes late,

and then they all get attacked by these beast man-wolf things. They all resemble the tributes. The pair escapes to the top of the Cornucopia horn, while Cato suffers below. He does not die, but he is very close to death. Katniss feels sorry for him, so she finished him off with her arrow. Peeta and Katniss think they have won, but to their dismay, the Capitol tricks them and tells them that only one will win. Katniss threatens the Capitol by her and Peeta attempting suicide together. The Capitol, aware of the act, revokes it's last call. They both are the winners! Later, back in the Capitol, Peeta and Katniss go on a talk show. They must prove that they were in love, and that is why they attempted mutual suicide. They are very convincing, and then leave on the train back home.

The term used the book-Tribute I feel like this word has so much meaning. A tribute is one of the children drawn from the Reaping chosen by random to be entered into the Hunger Games. Throughout the whole book, Katniss refers to each of the other 23 kids chosen as "tributes." I suppose that's what everyone else calls them too, but it is just interesting how they are nothing more than that, once the name has been called to be chosen. There are also the Career Tributes, which have worked most of their lives to become great at the Hunger Games. But the word tribute refers back to the time when the capitol destroyed District 13, because it was revolting. They started the Hunger Games so that the citizens of Panem would not forget that the Capitol was in power. So they would in a sense, "offer up their children as tributes" so that the Capitol would have full power over themselves and their minds. It's a terrible cycle really. I hope that Katniss finds a way to end it in the next book. It is just interesting how people can be referred to as nothing more than a tribute. Subhuman. A machine. 'Tis a very sad world to live in.

Trapped in the struggle to survive How do you fight? What runs though your mind? Your family, friends? Can you remember them? Takes too much time All emotions pushed aside Do you remember all your mother taught you? What are the consequences? Do you care? Not enough time. Must focus on death. Your morals Where have they gone? Doesn't matter This isn't life Your only choice: to kill or be killed. God will surely justify If it is for The Hunger Games

Questions to Author Suzanne Collins 1. How did you come up with some of these characters' names? They are so original-I love them. 2. How did you decide what the districts jobs were? I am writing a story with a similar setting. There are five zones, each with different parts to benefit the middle zone, the castle town. I am just fascinated on what different things you chose. 3. How did you come up with the Reaping system? Answer: I had to figure out a way for the Capitol to choose tributes. I couldn't have them be just voluntary. I also needed there to be a sort of method where the Capitol could punish people who couldn't afford food, so there name would be entered more times. Like when Prim was called, and Katniss volunteered to take her place. This is an example of how I was able to include the fact that people could volunteer to be tributes. Of course, very few people look forward to it. So I made it a lottery type deal. The one-boy, one-girl thing just seemed fair. It wouldn't be right if there were 23 boys and one girl in the game. Just seemed natural. 4. Why were Katniss and Peeta the only two that were teammates the whole time? Answer: I needed to make them stand out. Everyone else was so full of hate, I needed the winners to be the ones that weren't like anyone else. Cinna was my pathway into the story. The true human-nature personality guy was him. He told them to hold hands at the opening ceremony. This, right off the bat, was a demonstration of how different they were. Also, in a sense, this was the first movement they made in rebelling against the Capitol. Eventually, in the end, it benefitted them because they could act as though they were young lovers.

Katniss Everdeen
District 12


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