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Today, Air India's modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft carries just about everything. From emeralds to elephants, pins to pigments, shrimps to super computers. That's why when you think of trading with India, or from India, Air India is your logical choice. An option which lakhs of corporates and international enterprises have made. We have the infrastructure and the network to ensure smooth transportation and delivery of cargo, worldwide.

Air India's cargo operations give you a capacity advantage, combined with a 13-city network in India alone. So you can arrange for hassle-free and direct Customs clearance both for your Export and Import cargo. In India, we fly to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Goa, Kochi, Kozhikode and Lucknow. Internationally, Air India has tied up with various foreign airlines and trucking companies. This enables us to carry your cargo between Helsinki to Sydney.... or between any two points on the globe that you can think of. To support our Cargo operations, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals backed by our Training Division of international repute to constantly upgrade skills of our personnel. At our warehouse in Mumbai, we have developed an indigenous system of inventory management for cargo handling of import/export functions. This takes care of the entire management of cargo, supports Electronic Data Interface (EDI) messages with Indian Customs and replaces to a great extent existing paper correspondence between Customs, Airlines, and the custodians. This also replaces manual handling and binning of cargo at the warehouse in Mumbai by Air India in our role as custodian and helps to identify large number of pieces for one Air Waybill with different weights and commodities binned in separate locations, track and identify arrival of

provided such shipments are tendered according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and IATA Live Animals Regulations respectively. Vast populations have settled in the Gulf. Air India carries all types of cargo including dangerous goods (hazardous materials) and live animals. please contact any of our offices. age at the time of death. you may contact our local offices in the countries concerned or mail us. Foodstuff To book unaccompanied baggage. duly completed Sentimental Shipments We understand how traumatic it is to lose a dear one. the US. Personal Effects Air India entered the Guinness Book of Records for evacuating the largest number of civilians during the Gulf war in 1990. UK. when you consider how far and wide Indians have settled. logically came their bag and baggage in the form of unaccompanied baggage in the belly of our aircraft. Besides passport of the deceased.part shipments under the same Air Waybills on different flights and maintain information on House Goods for a consol Air Waybill at the House Bill level. Not very surprising. you or your representative should approach Indian Customs at the airport through our office with the following: a) Copy of Airway bill b) Passenger's passport c) Baggage Declaration Form (BDF). here's the complete list of the airline's cargo operations. that Air India has fine tuned its cargo services to their needs. We have also successfully bagged postal contracts from various Foreign Postal Administrations for uplift of Postal mail from their countries. to just about anywhere. Embalming and Packaging Certificate. With them. So if you have something you'd like to fly down to or from India. For any enquiries. Certificate issued by the Ambassador or his representative (Nationality of the deceased) with the deceased's full name. but aren't sure if we will. Postal Mail Air India is undoubtedly the major carrier of postal mail out of India. It is to enable them to maintain links with their friends and families back home. It is necessary that the above documents are made in English. otherwise the same should be translated in English. And to let the entrepreneurs conveniently go about their business. That's why we make sure the mortal remains of the deceased are always carried with utmost care and concern. the following documents are required for carriage of sentimental cargo : Death Certificate from a competent medical authority. Cargo types ir India's Cargo operation flies everything. place of death and photocopy of passport details. Odd-Sized Cargo . For facilitating you in Customs clearance for your unaccompanied baggage at Indian airports. Photocopy of cancelled passport. An active member of IATA. Africa and the Far East.

diamonds. we once had the privilege of carrying exquisite paintings. Cargo capacity Approximate Weekly Capacity Available: Country USA/CANADA Capacity Approx. to handle such consignments. we adhere to the strictest security for transportation of cargo on our flights. India's largest foreign exchange earner is gems and jewellery. or the cargo is physically checked or x-rayed. For facilitating you in Customs clearance for your unaccompanied baggage at Indian airports. Air India has been in the courier business transporting small packages and documents between destinations for years. Among other valuables. 163 tons (31 flights weekly 7 to New York. Tips for Unaccompanied Baggage To book unaccompanied baggage. please contact any of our offices. leopards. the Padshahnama from Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Castle collections. dating back to the 17th Century Mughal period. Like we handle valuables and livestock. we have provided a container with a security locker. we also possess expertise in logistics to carry heavy and odd-sized. tigers. horses. And. Passengers can check the status of their missing bag on this site Couriers Courier traffic is a rapidly growing market. Recently Air India transported two plane loads of high breed horses from Europe to India. As we now allow drop-off facility en-route. Valuables In order to ensure security of your valuables. 7 to . cattle and pets. Livestock Over the years. at all times. you or your representative should approach Indian Customs at the airport through our office with the following: A) Copy of Airway bill B) Passenger's passport C) Baggage Declaration Form (BDF). poisonous and radioactive substances. for which Air India gets its due share. we have acquired considerable expertise in carriage of livestock such as elephants. In fact. Either we ensure that the cargo is retained in our warehouse for 24 hours before loading on the flight. duly completed Mishandled Baggage Any loss or damage to baggage must be reported immediately on arrival. we regularly carry Dangerous Goods such as flammable. All mishandled baggage is traced through the worldwide computerized tracer system. corrosive. Our Cargo staff is qualified under Dangerous Goods Regulations.Do you have any odd sized cargo or heavy pieces to carry? Don't worry. White and yellow metals are our frequent flyers and a woman's best friend. are our regular companions. Our carriage of valuables is not only restricted to gems and jewellery but also transportation of exquisite museum artifacts and paintings. the entire operation of loading and unloading is carried out under the vigilant eyes of our Security personnel. considerably saving on cost and time. Dangerous Goods India being an industrial and nuclear power. the on-board courier can carry courier loads to more than one destination. But we never forget that your life is more precious than all the riches of the world. on flight.

Charter Contract .11 flights to Frankfurt & 7 flights to Paris) With wide trucking network to cover interior points in Europe. 12 to Hong Kong. 48 tons (8 flights weekly) Approx. 11 to Bangkok. SOUTH ASIA FAR EAST ASIA Approx. 15 tons (3 flights to Dhaka) Approx. 214 tons (38 flights weekly. Customs cleared and prepared for delivery and delivered. 3 to Toronto & 7 to Chicago.) Approx. SOUTH EAST ASIA AFRICA Approx. 4 to Seoul. 4 to Narita. 58 tons (9 flights weekly) Approx. 170 tons (28 flights weekly) Approx. Cargo Terminal A building or location where cargo is received. 138 tons (24 flights weekly & 3 to Birmingham. 140 tons (32 flights weekly. 42 tons (7 flights weekly) Cargo jargons Airway Bill (AWB) The cargo equivalent of a passenger ticket which means the document made out by or on behalf of the shipper. 3 to Jakarta. 68 tons (18 flights weekly . stored. It evidences the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier. UK Approx. Cargo Goods carried by airline(s) on behalf of its customer. 15 tons (3 flights to Dar-es-Salaam/Nairobi) 21 to London Middle East BAHRAIN/ DOHA DAMMAM DUBAI JEDDAH KUWAIT RIYADH Approx.Newark. 7 to Los Angeles. 84 tons (14 flights weekly) Approx. With wide trucking network in USA to more than 50 interior points. 3 to Osaka. 85 tons (9 flights weekly) Approx. 4 to Shanghai.) EUROPE Approx. 13 to Kuala Lumpur & 16 to Singapore.

airportsindia. Destination The ultimate stopping place according to the contract of carriage. IATA member Indicates an airline being member of the International Air Transport Association. Embargo Refusal by carrier for a limited period to accept goods for Unit Load Device (ULD) Pallet or rigid container used to hold cargo. Cut-off time The latest time cargo will be accepted for a specific flight prior to its departure. IATA International Air Transport Association . Interline Agreement A contract between two or more carriers to expedite exchange of traffic between the parties to the agreement. destined for one specific address moving on one AWB to one consignee. Consignor (Shipper) A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party contracting with the carrier(s) for carriage of goods. Minimum Connecting Time Perishables Time sensitive items needing specialised handling. Consignee A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party to whom the goods are to be delivered. Imp link http://www.pdf .A special agreement whereby carrier for an agreed operation places at shipper's disposition the entire capacity of an aircraft. Consignment (Shipment) One or more pieces of cargo accepted by the carrier from a single shipper. Charterer A person who has signed a charter contract with Association that establishes international rules and standards for participating air carriers.

Usage of large military airplanes for commercial purposes. . and derivatives of these names) are airlines dedicated to the transport of cargo. has opened new types of cargo for aerial transportation.Cargo airline From Wikipedia. the free encyclopedia Cargolux Boeing 747-400F Cargo airlines (or airfreight carriers. pioneered by Ukraine's Antonov Airlines in 1990s. redesigning world logistics market. Some cargo airlines are divisions or subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines.

1 2004 total scheduled freight tonne-kilometers flown 4.1 All-cargo 3. material handling. transportation. warehousing. international repositioning of raw materials/products and manufacturing without a professional logistical support. global export/import processes. [edit]Aircraft used . The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials.Contents [hide] 1 Logistics 2 Aircraft used 3 Notable cargo airlines o o o 3.3 Non-separate entity 4 World's largest freight carriers by scheduled freight tonne-kilometres flown o o o 4. It is difficult or nearly impossible to accomplish any international trading. from the source of production to the marketplace. and people. inventory.2 2004 international scheduled freight tonne-kilometers flown 4. and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible. information and other resources like products. It involves the integration of information. and packaging. work in process. services.2 All-cargo subsidiary 3. essential to managing and controlling the flow of goods. energy.3 2004 domestic scheduled freight tonne-kilometres flown 5 See also 6 External links [edit]Logistics Air transport is a vital component of many international logistics networks.

Fokker Friendship. An-26. An-225. . also used by cargo airline. but many use older aircraft. Antonov An-225 and Antonov An-124 are the worlds' largest aircraft.FedEx Express DC-10 Larger cargo airlines tend to use new or recently built aircraft to carry their freight. [edit]Notable cargo airlines European Air Transport (EAT) Airbus A300B4F. This normally involves the replacement of glazed windows with opaque panels. and British Aerospace ATP are now being modified to accept standard air freight pallets to extend their working lives. world's largest aircraft. EAT is a subsidiary of DHL Aviation. the strengthening of the cabin floor and insertion of a broad top-hinged door in one side of the fuselage. DC-10. Short range turboprop airliners such as the An-12. used for transporting large shipments and oversized cargos. Boeing 747. Boeing 727. like the Boeing 707. Examples of the 60-year-old Douglas DC-3 are still flying around the world carrying cargo (as well as passengers). and theIlyushin Il-76. and UPS once unsuccessfully tried a passenger charter airline division. MD-11. A number of cargo airlines carry a few passengers from time to time on their flights[citation needed]. Douglas DC-8. one of the world's largest cargo airline companies.

UPS Worldport Air Hub at Louisville International Airport. Australian air Express Avient Aviation Blue Dart Aviation Burlington Air Express CAL Cargo Air Lines Capital Cargo International Airlines Cargo 360 Cargojet Airways Cargolux Challenger Air Cargo China Cargo Airline Cielos Airlines                           . [edit]All-cargo ABX Air Aerologic Aeromodal Cargolifter AirBridge Cargo Airnet Express Air Hong Kong Air Transport International American International Airways/Kalitta Antonov Airlines Aloha Air Cargo Atlantic Airlines (United Kingdom) ATRAN Cargo Airlines Atlas Air Arrow Airways Inc.

                                 DAS Air Cargo Emerald Air Emery Worldwide European Air Transport (branded "DHL") Evergreen International Airlines EVA Air Cargo FedEx Express Fine Air First Flight Flying Tiger Line Freight India Logistics Pvt Ltd Gemini Air Cargo Great Wall Airlines Heavylift Cargo Airlines Jade Cargo International K-Mile Air Kalitta Air Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter (on behalf of Purolator) Kitty Hawk Aircargo Kuzu Airlines Cargo LAN Cargo Maximus Air Cargo Millennium Air Xpress MNG Airlines Murray Air (National Air Cargo Group) National Airlines (5M) Nippon Cargo Airlines Polar Air Cargo Polet Airlines RAF-Avia Seaboard World Airlines Southern Air Sundt Atlanta Skybridge .

Loading a Singapore Airlines CargoBoeing 747 from the front .            Swiftport Swiftair Tampa Cargo TCS Courier TNT Tol Air Transmile Air Services Turkish Cargo UPS Airlines Varig Log Volga-Dnepr World Airways [edit]All-cargo subsidiary Air India Cargo plane.  Aeromexpress .

264 million 3. FedEx Express 14. Korean Air 8.040 million . Lufthansa Cargo 8.579 million 2.                    Air India Cargo Air France Cargo Alaska Air Cargo Avianca Cargo British Airways World Cargo Delta Cargo-Delta operated hercules airplanes on cargo only routes during the 1970s Icelandair Cargo KLM Cargo LAN Cargo Lufthansa Cargo MASkargo Northwest Cargo SAS Cargo Group Singapore Airlines Cargo SriLankan Cargo Virgin Atlantic Cargo Swiss WorldCargo World Airways Cargo Qatar Airways Cargo Royal Jordanian Cargo [edit]Non-separate Cathay Pacific China Airlines Emirates Sky Cargo Iran Air Cargo entity      Japan Airlines (JALCARGO) [edit]World's largest freight carriers by scheduled freight tonne-kilometres flown [edit]2004 total scheduled freight tonne-kilometers flown 1.

458 million Source for 2004 data: International Air Transport Association.143 million 6. Cathay Pacific 5.531 million 8. FedEx Express 8.4.670 million [edit]2004 domestic scheduled freight tonne-kilometres flown 1.924 million [edit]2004 international scheduled freight tonne-kilometers flown 1.384 million 9. Cathay Pacific 5. Northwest Airlines 0.595 million 7.353 million 5. Singapore Airlines Cargo 7. Cargojet Airways 0.477 million 9. Eva Airways 5. Singapore Airlines Cargo 7. United Parcel Service 4. .771 million 10. Korean Air 8. Air France 5. British Airways 4.477 million 8. American Airlines 0.260 million 3. Eva Airways 5. China Airlines 5. China Airlines 5.876 million 7.860 million 5.028 million 3. Cargolux 4. Delta Air Lines 0.576 million 6.642 million 8. United Airlines 0.143 million 4. Air China 0.949 million 4.525 million 9.517 million 10.876 million 5.164 million 2. Note that it only includes data for member airlines. Lufthansa Cargo 8.642 million 6. Air France 5.388 million 10. FedEx Express 5. Japan Airlines 4. United Parcel Service 7. China Southern Airlines 0.557 million 7.984 million 2. China Eastern Airlines 0.

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