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C 93 E/130 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 18.4.


The Commission will continue to monitor closely the fulfilment of the political criteria in the further
course of accession negotiations, including the respect of freedom of religion.

(1) COM(1999) 511 final.

(2) COM(2000) 711 final.

(2002/C 93 E/154) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2432/01

by Caroline Jackson (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(7 September 2001)

Subject: Shootings in Algeria

In the light of recent shootings of civilians in Algeria, what steps can the Commission take within the
terms of the EU Algeria Association Agreement to ensure that Algeria gives a higher priority to human
rights and indeed conforms to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Answer given by Mr Patten on behalf of the Commission

(15 October 2001)

The negotiations on an Association Agreement between Algeria and the EU are still in progress. Clauses
providing that respect for democratic principles and fundamental human rights, as enshrined in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, must underpin the parties’ domestic and international policies will
form an essential element of the agreement. These provisions will be the subject of a regular political
dialogue to be instituted at various levels, including the ministerial level, in the framework of the
Association Council.

In the meantime, an ad hoc political dialogue is already in progress with Algeria. The next ministerial-level
meeting of this dialogue is scheduled to take place in Brussels in mid-November 2001. This dialogue, in
which the Commission takes part, will enable the EU to discuss the political situation in Algeria and
respect for human rights and civil liberties, with particular reference to the violent treatment of
demonstrators in Kabylie and the resurgence of terrorism.

(2002/C 93 E/155) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2435/01

by Jan Mulder (ELDR) to the Commission

(3 September 2001)

Subject: Veterinary checks at external borders for foot and mouth disease

It is generally assumed that the illegal import of meat into the United Kingdom from a country outside the
EU was the cause of the recent outbreaks of mouth disease, in the UK and in other EU Member States.

Can the Commission say what measures it has taken together with the Member States to strengthen checks
at external frontiers and what the differences are compared with the situation before the wave of recent

If the answer to the above question is yes, can the Commission say how much the relevant measures have
cost and who is meeting these costs?