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C 103 A/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 30.4.



(2002/C 103 A/03)

COM/055/02: The Commission is seeking to recruit a Deputy The post is at Deputy Director-General level (A 1).
Director-General for its External Relations Directorate-General
who will be responsible for Latin America and Asia (except
Japan and Korea). Applicants must be nationals of a European Union Mem-
ber State and hold a university degree or equivalent national
qualification entitling them to undertake postgraduate studies.
The Deputy Director-General will be responsible for providing
a clear policy orientation aiming at promoting overall relations
with Latin America and Asia. The Deputy Director-General Applicants must have at least 15 years’ professional experience
will coordinate two geographical directorates charged with at a level to which these qualifications give admission. At least
bilateral and regional relations with the regions in question. five years of that professional experience must have been
Tasks include providing direction for the implementation of gained at senior management level.
association and partnership agreements and for programming
the different forms of cooperation. In addition the post
involves frequent, high-level representation of the Commission The successful applicant will be chosen in accordance with the
aiming at ensuring a regular dialogue with the regions Commission’s selection procedures.
concerned requiring frequent travel to the relevant countries.
Pay and conditions of employment will be those laid down for
The successful candidate must have: A 1 officials of the European Communities.

— profound knowledge of EU institutions and policies,

Applications should be submitted on a standard application
notably of the Commission, and principles and mechan-
form of personal information, which is available from http://
isms regarding external relations and cooperation activi-–relations/news/post.htm.

— ability to represent the Commission at a high level in The application must be accompanied by photocopies of
international meetings and negotiations, supporting documentation and sent to:
— experience in the conduct of international relations, and,
if possible, in designing financial assistance programmes, European Commission
Directorate-General for Personnel and Administration
— proven senior management experience particularly in the ‘Organisation Chart and Management Staff’ Unit
areas of organisational management and (human and COM/055/02
financial) resource management, MO 34 5/105
B-1049 Brussels.
— good negotiating and communication skills,

— fluent French and English. Applications must be sent by 28 May 2002.