KS3 History Mark Scheme

Some features of level 3 • Lists facts about events, people and changes • Describes changes across periods, (but not within them) • Provide some reasons/results • Make deductions from a historical source • Answers are relevant but not structured Some features of level 4 • Demonstration of factual knowledge • Awareness of changes within periods, as well as across periods • Ability to describe events, people and changes, not just show knowledge of them • Understanding of reasons and results of events • Ability to select and combine information from historical sources • Beginnings of structured writing Some features of level 5 • Ability to make links between events, changes and features of past societies. • Starting to evaluate the usefulness of sources. • Selecting and organising information to produce structured work. Some features of level 6 • Can make links between features within and across different periods. • They examine and explain the reasons for, and results of, events and changes. • They identify and evaluate sources of information, which they use critically to reach and support conclusions. • They select, organise and deploy relevant information to produce structured work. • Pupils describe, and begin to analyse, why there are different historical interpretations of events, people and changes. Some features of level 7 • They use links to analyse relationships between features of a particular period or society, and to analyse reasons for, and results of, events and changes. • They explain how and why different historical interpretations have been produced. • They sometimes reach substantiated conclusions independently. • Pupils show some independence in following lines of enquiry, using their knowledge and understanding to identify, evaluate and use sources of information critically. • They select, organise and use relevant information to produce well-structured narratives, descriptions and explanations, making appropriate use of dates and terms.

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