A Girls Guide to Breast Augmentation

The Quest for Better Breasts…



Once upon a time… women lived with the breasts they developed naturally, whether they were happy with them or not. Short of wearing a padded bra, there was not much they could do to make up for a de ciency in that department. ose days are over.

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The Quest for Better Breasts…
Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and it can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman's breasts. Surgical breast augmentation using implants, make it possible for women to choose virtually any cup size they desire. Yet online breast augmentation chat rooms are full of posts from women suffering either from "boob greed" who wish they had gone bigger, or “boob over-load” who wished they had not gone quite so large! Think about TV personalities such as Jordan (who had large then larger implants, before having her breasts reduced again) and Posh (who started out with round implants and now has softer, more natural looking tear shaped ones). For many women, the decision to have a breast augmentation is the easiest part of the process, but at Australian Skin Clinics we want you to understand every aspect of the decision you are making so that you can make an informed choice about your surgery. In this booklet we aim to inform you about Breast Augmentation and provide you with the questions you need to ask when considering surgery. We live in a breast-obsessed society, where there is an assumption that bigger is better. But is it? That depends on your individual taste, your body frame and the "look" you want to achieve. Many different types of implants are available. These can be filled with silicone gel or saline, can be round or shaped, smooth or coated. The most suitable type will vary from patient to patient, depending on factors such as breast shape, amount of loose skin, etc. In general round implants give more upper fullness, and stronger cleavage, whilst shaped implants create a more natural looking breast fullness. If you are planning breast surgery, you should take the time to be sure about your decision. Research and planning on your part will go a long way to making sure that when your breast augmentation experience is over, you

Deb Farnworth-Wood Clinic Owner

will be happy with the results. An experienced practitioner specialising in breast augmentation will be invaluable in helping you decide the best size for your frame and assist you to understand a number of other factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting your implant size.

It’s All About You
It is crucial that this surgery is for YOU. Choose a size that makes YOU happy, not your spouse, partner, family member or best friend. After all, you are the one who will be living with this decision. You must however, listen to advice from your breast specialist as he/she will also be considering your body’s natural shape and the amount of loose skin you have to place the implant behind. Ultimately these will affect how the implant looks, feels and sits.

Beware of Well Meaning Friends
It is strange how many unqualified people think they know just what you need! Unless your family and friends are doctors that specialise in breast implants, tell them to ‘zip it’ and seek professional advice.


Am I a good candidate for breast implants?
One or more of the following may indicate that you are a good candidate for breast implants: • • • • • • • You have a sense of low self-esteem because you feel that your breasts are too small Clothing that fits well around your hips is often too large on the bust You feel self-conscious wearing fitted clothing or a swimsuit Your breasts have become smaller in size and lost their firmness after having children Fluctuation in weight has changed the size and shape of your breasts Asymmetry exists where one of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other Your breasts have sagged but the nipples are still sitting above the level of the breast fold

What cup size should I choose?
While bra cups are sized A, B, C and up, breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres (cc’s). Implant sizes range from 120cc to 850cc but, the breast size you start out with will influence the implant size you choose. If you start as an A cup, you'll need more cc's to take you to a C cup than a woman who starts as a B cup. The following experiment will help you to understand cc’s vs cup size...

Take the Rice Test
Using a sock and rice, you can get an idea of implant sizes and the difference they will make to your breast size. 1. Take a long sock or stocking, an elastic band and a bag of uncooked rice. 2. Start with 300cc (300 grams approx). Using a measuring cup, pour the rice, into the stocking/sock and use an elastic band to close the end. If you are very thin with virtually no breasts, you may like to start with 190cc (190 grams) 3. Place the stocking inside a non-padded, non-wired bra and try it on for size. 4. Add or remove rice until you are happy with the size. 5. Try on clothes with the rice substitutes in place to get an idea of how you'll look with larger breasts. Pay particular attention to how the fuller bustline looks compared to the rest of your figure. Is it in proportion? Add more rice if it appears too small. 6. If your breasts appear to overwhelm the rest of your body, be realistic about whether you will want to live with the shape for the rest of your life.

Creating Cleavage
Cleavage is defined as the cleft between a woman's breasts lying over the sternum (breast bone). We all know it as that valley peeking out from a casually unbuttoned blouse or on full view under a low-cut top. It's important to note that larger breasts don't necessarily translate to more cleavage. As breasts get larger, the amount of cleavage usually increases, but the wider the space between your breasts, the less of an impact implants will have on your cleavage. Keep this in mind when choosing an implant size.

The 10 Essential Questions to Ask During Your Breast Implant Consultation
By Dr Simon Rosenbaum
1. Does your doctor carry out these procedures regularly? Just as you would like the obstetrician delivering your baby to be delivery many babies every month, your breast surgeon should also be doing many procedures every month. I suggest that at least 10 would be reasonable. 2. Is the procedure carried out in a registered facility ? Breast augmentation must be carried out in a registered facility to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Typically, in a registered facility, you will have an anaesthetist, anaesthetic nurse, scrub nurse, scout nurse, and your doctor. If your doctor does not use the right facility, possibly to cut costs, then safety, comfort and recovery may be compromised. 3. Does your breast specialist have a particular interest or skill, for example in using tear-shaped implants? Implants come in different shapes, sizes, and with different coatings. Even the feel of gel can vary from soft to firm. The surgical technique is very different for tear-shaped implants, compared to round implants. 4. What are the possible complications? All surgeries carry risks. In the case of breast implants, complications can occur soon after surgery or later on. Ask your doctor what his or her complication rate is, especially with capsule contraction. Ask what the policy is for the management of, and costs associated with these potential problems.
Dr Simon Rosenbaum


What size implant is best for your body ?

Whilst you may have your own ideas about breast size, the dimensions of your body, specifically the width of the rib cage underneath the breast, are the main determinants of the size of implant that is feasible. If, for example, you are a size 10 in clothes, the “base width” may be between 10 and 11 cm. The width of the implant selected must be compatible with those measurements. If the implant is too wide, you will be likely to experience rippling, implant failure, and other problems. There is evidence that long term results are adversely affected when the implants are too big. Large implants that place too much pressure on the breast tissue will cause the tissue to thin out and waste away. 6. Silicone gel or saline ?

Saline implants are now considered out dated and very few people use them. They do not feel as natural as silicone ones and are prone to rippling when inflated. Some studies also show a significant leakage and failure rate after just a few years. The original safety issues with silicon gel have now been resolved, and they are fully approved by health authorities all over the world. Silicone implants feel much better, and are more reliable. Many of the manufacturers back their implants with lifetime guarantees. At Australian Skin Clinics, we use mainly cohesive gel implants which are by far the safest. 7. Round or shaped ? If you are seeking the most natural look, then tearshaped implants are usually the best choice. Sometimes the surgeon can use what we call an 85% fill round gel implant – this can also give a very natural shape. If you would like more fullness in the upper breast, then a round implant will provide this. Both shapes will improve your cleavage. The shaped implants can also be used to give a nice lift to the nipples, avoiding the need for a breast lift in many cases.

Implant pic here


Location of Scar

Implants can be inserted below the natural breast, through the nipple, through the navel and through the underarm. It is important that you discuss this with your surgeon. My preference whenever possible is beneath the breast as this causes the minimum interference with the body and the scar is concealed within a natural fold. Recent studies have shown that long term results are better with this approach. 10. What is the cost and what is included?

Always confirm that the price you are quoted includes theatre, anaesthetist and procedure fees, follow up, garment, medications and after care. Verify all costs involved in the event of complications.

Choices, Choices & More Choices
By now it should be clear that the decision to have breast surgery should be given careful consideration. This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition - at least not if you want to be completely happy with the final results. Make your decision a personal one, not one based on what your friend or neighbour would do (or has done). Your choice should be made in consultation with an experienced specialist preferably one who has done many breast augmentation surgeries and has the before and after photos to prove it. Rely on his or her expertise, keep your expectations realistic, and your chances are excellent that you'll get the results you're seeking.

Dr Simon Rosenbaum Cosmetic Surgery Practitioner Australian Skin Clinics

Why Choose Australian Skin Clinics for Your Breast Augmentation?
Dr Simon Rosenbaum has performed over 2500 breast augmentation procedures and has over 25 years experience in cosmetic procedures. Breast augmentation procedures are performed by Dr Simon Rosenbaum at our day surgery centre. We use a fully trained anaesthetist and combined general and local anaesthetic.

No Pressure
Our policy is that this procedure must be right for you and therefore, you should make the decision. We take great care to inform you of all risks as well as benefits so that you have all the information that you need to decide whether the procedure is right for you.

Our facilities are second to none. Why not see for yourself and make an appointment to meet with our friendly and caring staff.

Fixed Price
There are no surprises and no hidden extras at Australian Skin Clinics. Our quotes are guaranteed and we include implants, bra and all fees.

Post-Op Care
Once your procedure is completed we maintain contact with you and ensure that your recovery is smooth. Our goal is to keep a life long relationship with all our clients and to be your clinic of choice.

Call 07 5509 0000 for a consultation.

Next Steps
Once you contact Australian Skin Clinics, you know that we take care of you all the way. Your journey will look like this.

Step 1: Consultation with Dr Rosenbaum
During your consultation the doctor will need to examine and measure you. He will then discuss your aspirations and goals before making recommendations for your surgery. Risks and benefits will be explained and you will be shown before and after photographs of other cases. Please feel free to bring a list of questions to the consult – we want you to feel comfortable about your surgery. A quote will then be prepared for you. Our quote includes theatre fees, anaesthetist, procedure fees, medication and garments.

Step 2 (optional):
If you are unsure about sizing after your consultation we can arrange for you to spend time with one of our specialist nurses to try on the implants again with a crop top or tight t-shirt. It is worth spending the extra time to ensure that you are happy with the proposed size.

Step 3: Booking
Our friendly team will be happy to help you find a suitable date for your surgery. We try to keep our waiting lists to a reasonable level and from time to time run catch-up days. Please let your Client Care Coordinator know if you are happy to accept an earlier appointment with short notice.

Step 4: Pre-Op Appointment
2-3 weeks prior to your procedure you will need a pre-op appointment with one of our specialist nurses. During this appointment you will have the opportunity to ask more questions. The patient consent forms are signed at this time but if you are still unsure about your surgery, we can arrange for you to see Dr Rosenbaum again. Pre and post op care will be explained to you, measurements will be taken for your garment and your implants are ordered.

Step 5: Procedure
The procedure is carried out at our day hospital and takes approximately 1.5 hours. Afterwards you will have rest and recovery time before going home the same day. You will need a responsible adult with you on the first night. There is significant evidence that patients recover faster and more comfortably in their own home and familiar surroundings and there is no need to stay in hospital overnight. Dr Rosenbaum rarely uses drains.

Step 6: Post Operative Care
When you leave the hospital we give you several contact numbers (Dr Rosenbaum, Deb and the Clinic) in case you have any concerns. We are always available for advice. We normally see you the next day for a change of dressings and again 5-6 days later. Dissolvable stitches are generally used but if they have not dissolved by the 5-6 day we may remove them. About week 6 Dr Rosenbaum likes to see you for a final check, but you may of course make an appointment at the clinic before then if you have any concerns.

Step 7: Client Experience Questionnaire
We continually monitor our performance and ask all clients to complete a post surgery questionnaire. Your feedback is important to us and influences the way we shape and provide services. Our standards are high because we want them to be!

Medical Board regulations prohibit doctors from publishing patient testimonials but we are able to put you in contact with other clients and staff that have had breast implants carried out by Dr Rosenbaum. We are also able to show you before and after photos of clients with their express consent. A few of these are on our website and we have hundreds more at the clinic. We hope you have found this booklet useful and we would be delighted to see you at the clinic soon. Please call our Client Care Coordinators now on 5509 0000 for an appointment with Dr Rosenbaum. Finally, we are including a voucher for you and a friend to enjoy a two-for one muscle relaxant treatment with Dr Rosenbaum.

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riend! or a f rf Vouche

Two Areas for the Price of One on Muscle Relaxants when you bring a friend
To book, phone 5509 0000 Present this voucher to receive this special offer with Dr Simon Rosenbaum.
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Two Areas for the Price of One on Muscle Relaxants when you come with your referring friend
To book, phone 5509 0000 Present this voucher to receive this special offer with Dr Simon Rosenbaum.
Conditions: 1. Applies only to muscle relaxant treatments 2. Not valid in conjunction with any other o er 3. Both treatments must be carried out together 4. Valid only with Dr Simon Rosenbaum

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