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PARUL UNIVERSITY - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ‘SYLLABUS FOR 1" YEAR B. TECH, PROGRAMME (ALL BRANCHES) ELEMENTS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (SUBJECT CODE: 03109102) ACADEMIC YEAR 2015.16 ype of couse: goer Sonar Preteen of Phys an Mathai o 12S eel Raton: Tn couse pron nvadctonta be eel crank Cecing ft he sade ol ‘re branes ot gering yeti ne women — Pee ot ome ee —] ed ee content ba Tome Wage | i pte | THES OF HEROOPNAIACS Freray, Work Pave, Spon, Hes. Tempore, Sc hes cap, 1 | ic trey Ena Spee Volume: Thmmagyomis Detiior | wR | 4 Gorge sat. Poh ices, Oye Teer aes Sateen often Ian Fs Lan and Se! ew of eames ts ‘She nowAC AoW ceRVENTONAL ORGY SURES Inrosston ar Casieaon of rey Suze Cameron Eeay 2 | Stree Said gois and nse ss: Carte Vale ed power, Sores ant Brass Eneay Compaen Convertor ROPERTIESOF CASS - | Sos tes Bayes aw, ores tw, cabins gs ow: Gas Contant, | yoy |g et na hee reese Deion of Het Eng: cnstiaton of Het Engi: Carrot Oe, Retna yc Oto Olean Dies Cc. 5 | tral Conbution tage: To Sake eral snd Dis Engine Four| 20k | 2 State Poland Os! Enga” surement of Indeed Power ad lake Power Nmercal Methane Tor! an Vote inc Steam Generates Detion and Cafes. Coctan, Lancet locate bab ane Wo ler Conran and Working Boles 46 | Nuring ns eres m | 2 Aetigrtion And Ar Condon: Weaning of fiat: Vapor impression Rtigraton er Ypar Aburpton Relist Oe coating Wingo e nding a Slt De Conon = % Teg iS se wagrage | ia PS RR AR COMPRESSORS Fans: Deion, Csifeton an Aplaton of Pures: Types and | Opatona so aarp, RedpoatinParp Conta Pung m | oa ‘ir Compress’ Dstiton. lnafeston and Appleton of Campresos Types nf Opution Roly and Recosing Ar Caprese ‘8 | Sut an Bt ve: Cun Oe Feo Die: Gar rechten |S 3 taping ad rao. contin vation: TOmans Tor Aseria Suse Tass SummatvsNCO} en Toa txt: Th Bsmensof Mihai Cgoearing by SMa. Dorinda, apa a Sos Pati Reerenes Books: thea regener by jp reat, 2 Temal Scere an igang by DDS Nar Sali sos Paes 41 Belen miner th TS Raji, iy ase 4 Fandamernt of canes Ergmering ty SS, PH Peston New Dab ‘ements of Mechanical Enginewing by Sadhu Singh 5. Chand Pusher PARUL UNIVERSITY - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED SCIENCES ‘SYLLABUS FOR 157 YEAR B. TECH. PROGRAMME (ALL BRANCHES) MATHEMATICS ~ | (03191101) ‘ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-16 Type of Course: Engineering Mathematics Prerequisite: Knowledge of Mathematics up to 12" science level Rationale: Mathematics Is basic need of Engineering ‘Teaching and Examination Scheme: Teaching Scheme ‘Examination Scheme cr ) il? ae ice External Internal oral Theory | Practical_| Theory | *CE. | Practical ata oO 5 60. 30 20__| 20 20. 150 L- Lectures; T- Tutorial; P- Practical; C.E.-Continuous Evaluation. Contents: Sr. Topic Teaching ae Weightage | “iis, linear Algebra: Matrices & Determinants with Properties, Linear Independence, Rank of Matrix, System of Linear Equations, Consistency of System, Solution 1. | of system of Linear Equations by Gauss Jordan and Gauss-Elimination | 19% 2 Method, Eigen values, Eigenvectors and its Applications, Cayley Hamilton Theorem and its Applications, Diagonalization, Quadratic form. ‘Sequence & Series: Basic of Sequences, Bounded and Monotonic Sequences, Series, 2 | Geometric series, p- series, Integral Test, Comparison Test, | 15% 30 Alternating Series, Absolute and Conditional convergence, Ratio test, Root Test, Power series, Taylor's and Maclaurin’s series. Curve Sketching: ‘Monotonic function, Concavity, Point of inflection, Curve Sketching of various curve in Cartesian coordinate system, Parametric curves, Polar coordinate, Relationship between Cartesian and polar coordinate system, Curve Sketching in polar form (Line, Circle, Lemniscates, Cardioid ), Conic Section Partial Derivatives & Its Application: Functions of Several Variables, Limit, Continuity, Partial Derivatives, Homogeneous function, Euler's Theorem for homogeneous function, 4 | Modified Euler's Theorem, Chain Rule, Implicit function, Jacobian, | 28% Fu Tangent plane and Normal line, Maximum and Minimum Values, Lagrange’s Multiplier, Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s Series for functions of two variables. ‘Application of Definite integral: 5 | Area bounded by curves in Cartesian and Polar form, Area of a region 2% os hounded by function, Area of a region bounded by curves in| —°% a0 Parametric form, Volume by sing, Volume of solid by revolution. ‘Complex Numbers: Review of Complex Numbers, Geometric representation of Complex | Number, Algebraic Operations on Complex Numbers, Properties of | 44. o Complex Numbers, , Modulus and Argument of Complex Number, De Moivres’ Theorem, Roots of Complex Numbers, Euler's Formula, Hyperbolic, Inverse Hyperbolic and Logarithmic function. PARUL UNIVERSITY - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ‘SYLLABUS FOR 2" YEAR 6. TECH. PROGRAMME INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (SUBJECT CODE: 03108102) ‘ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-1 ‘Tyee of Course: Information Technology reraqubite: Requires Bc Kromladge of Computer ‘RavonalesTs course design to rovde basi knowledge of computer comsenents Ths cause hes ia earning ‘roblem sing proces of informations communication techooogy. jebigasle a ames penaene — External ‘internal a it eS £ ‘Theory | Practical | Theory | °C. | Practical ee ee ete S = won |e Trtrodcton to torsion and Comsruniation TechnclogyReang the 1 | importance of ifermation indy fe, Development of the itemet andthe | 5% 3 WWW, Development of mabie comeutng ardeammuneation devas Problem Sohing Process “Understanding the problem, Deine Be praber 2. | Detne boundaries, Pan soliton, Chek soliton, Top down dexen and | 25% | 10 ‘tepwse efiement, Svuctute carts, AgOMENNS Flow chars, Psu codes ‘The Base Components of Computer system: Hardware, software and 2. | rimware, Casfeaton of Krguare, Cestation of Software, ropitry | SK 2 Software and Operncuresoaare {soution of Processors letra age af computing, Matar, Min Mc Computers, volition of Micro Proceso Semiconductor Tecaloy, Lope | ramites & Processor Fates, Processor Speccations: Ne of Ponsitors, | 1% |S Buses CPU Soeed Number of Repstrs, Coche memories Troon of CompulerArctectures Stored Progr COnTT CONG, TAB. | Output, Memory, Control Unt andProcessing Unt feth-eecste ce.| soy |g Cental Processing Unt (CPU), APtomete and Loge Unt (ALU), Central Unt {Ul CSCane RSC arentecures Inerosveton to Oats Type Seema representation & numbers (Senadand Unsigned integer Fed Paint and Posting oint numbers 6. | number systems usedin computing: Bary, Octal Hexadecimal, Comersons | 10% | 5 Character Representations: BCD, CDI ASC, Unicode “ype of Memories: Voltie Memories and ther characteristic Reger theechracerstes: Secondary StorageMagreti, Optic, Fash Memory, Tnerodution To ste Communzatan: Components of # dita communeanan 1 | sstom, Transmte, Receiver, Communication medium, Protocols, Ataog & | 10% |S Dig Signa, Gud mesa, Unguided med Network Types LAN WAN, MAN, DAN, CAN Network models: Per to peer, Cent-server, Virtua rvate Networks ‘Tesing methods: Pig and pconf 1 consis of asipnmens Seminars Presertatons/Cuizes/Surpeie Tests |Sumatie/MCQ) et Reference Books: 1. Fundamentals of Cmeutesby V.Roaraman 2. Computer Fundamentals by PK. Sinha 88 Publications 3. Computer Organization by Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vanes, alwat 2k Tota McGraw il, 2002 4 pa communication ane Networhing by Btrou? A. Frouta, atest Tata McGrail, 2006. 1. hetp/worateepingromputercom/tutoras 2. htolfeyyersecurtyforna blogspot in | pu/otin/esracYwo-content/ uploads/201/01/Cyber-Secuny Must Be-Ariteaioal-ssue sat | tune nowsttiwois com) me Weiewone ‘QuaNToM mecHaRaCs Faire of ssa pss Black bos ation faye leans Expninton and ans propotion Fai production of Broglie elaion 1 Schvdinger nove equation tine dependent nd Ingopendet and pertors Denton of gen fonction and igen physeasigncance ‘orcs vaptaser " ircton “osama eflecion Numercal Aperture ad Acceptance ange 20% Fa Tome oe | ‘Sine’ formula for reverberation (thou prof * | actor affecting the aco of bung and the readin, me | Predation of utrasoud by) pleroelctic method and 2) Vacuum sence ane Tennoony T treoduiontsheust pomp snd ther chsctrtic-rent tes of ‘ange aplestion of wacoum tetralogy - tin Hn depo: them introduction of Nanomaterials ad Nanotechnology «| Urveal properties of Nanamaterle am | # Stress Naromters Introduction of engieering Materials FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (13106101) ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-16 Sa — “ain a Enna Stone ulti? = = = woos Incpeinn pek Sue Hos ctee Cor | “| > | Scns fo werk ons, Sigiicton fnew wing anes |" |S (Sry ey ce olathe oe tnd Tieton Mp eet a cece caret ht and amb re, Cone ‘mm a hu dey elcce, penalty wd ell Ss hi Simi gic mcf facet aE So Sa tlt. ts Sin gs “stat Sein ian pc a nd foe sein |" | ‘Stans bse ey ‘AC Funes: inectad rages aed comets, Geir nathematd onl popicd «| eseniaton Concept of ittneat pak (manu, swage aad | sy |g EMIS alas fqn, le, pa po fcr ad om fr pane ‘Gee eyed a pace sd te stn on ar psctaon of pr, sed Sn awe Ci . ep of ese, sy of wre RL Re LC eal nl rane, sd) of pall RL, EC a LC ci S Take Weidase | ae To a RTA, SY a EN Te ‘ove Conair erat ge are sc en coat ised pa ort me rc do Ie AC. Cnt Cn of tah yn pe es | ns mt ctecmeted iaks sag th pre agar, Power and awe itr sree i ned ue pas Cus oe 0a ie {cer na eames ed a hey ‘tcl tiatng contig by Sit Sh, Dg Co, eileen