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[ Ó +91-7566806265 ½ Hyderabad, India ¯


3.7 years of experience in software development, web development, Bachelors of Engineering in Electri-
and database technologies. Proficient in Java, Oracle DB, Python, and cal Engineering
Web Development Technologies. Quick learner,diligent, and always
striving for Technology. Shri Ram Institute of Technology, Jabalpur

EXPERIENCE  July 2011 – June 2015

• CGPA: 8.11 (Hons Degree).
Application Engineer
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
 Jul 2019 – Present ½ Hyderabad, India PROJECTS
• Development and Enhancement in functionality and performance of oracle
application. Detecting Power Grid synchroniza-
• Co-ordination with the Customers and understanding their requirements tion failure.
which are needed to be improved or fixed. Final Year Tech Project
 Jan 2015 – Jun 2015
Systems Engineer • To develop a system to detect the synchro-
Infosys Ltd. nization failure caused by any external supply
source to the power grid by sensing the abnor-
 Feb 2016 - Jul 2018 ½ Hyderabad, India malities in frequency and voltage.
• Developed the web-application and Data manipulation packages for the • This project was to prevents in large scale
clients projects to meet their requirements. brown out or black out of the power grid by
• Handled responsibilities of deploying the application to the server, collecting advanced automatic detection/ isolation sys-
modules and integrating them, and submitting report to the client. tem.
• The project was based on a micro-controller
programming to monitors the under/over volt-
STRENGTHS & SKILLS age anomalies.
• The project consisted majorly of three mod-
Python Java C++ C# Oracle DB HTML Angular ules namely High voltage Assembly, Low Volt-
J2EE JavaScript CSS SSIS Package PL/SQL AWS age Assembly, and Programming in KIEL and
Hibernate Spring PL/SQL DevOps Maven Github
Data Structure Algorithms Google APIs IBM Watson EXTRA-CURRICULAR
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Voluntarily provided teaching
classes to poor kids in my village
Java ○○○○○  Jun 2015 – Feb 2016 ½ Singrauli, India
JavaScript ○○○○○
Python ○○○○○ Voluntarily Involved in donating
C++ ○○○○○ blood, food, clothes, and money at
C# ○○○○○ several NGOs
AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Organized and Participated in Tech-
nical Festival organized at Undergrad
Eklavya Scholarship College
3 Received the Scholarship for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15,
 October 2013 ½ Jabalpur, India
awarded to students in merit
Honors Degree, RGPV
 Received Honors Degree for Undergrad program.