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I loved reading and researching about other cultures since I was in high school l like china because china

is especially focusing on education since many years as compared with other countries china is now a
days a very devolved country and he doing very well his education development is very excellent Since
the 1950s, China has been providing a nine-year compulsory education to what amounts to a fifth of the
world's population. By 1999, primary school education had become generalized in 90% of China, and
mandatory nine-year compulsory education now effectively covered 85% of the population While the
central and provincial governments provide some funding for education, this varies from province to
province, and funding in the rural areas is notably lower than in major urban municipalities. Families
must supplement money provided to school by government with tuition fees, which means that some
children have much less. However, parents place a very high value on education, and make great
personal sacrifices to send their children to school and to university. Illiteracy in the young and mid-aged
population has fallen from over 80 percent down to five percent. The system trained some 60 million
mid- or high-level professionals and near 400 million laborers to junior or senior high school level.
Today, 250 million Chinese get three levels of school education, (elementary, junior and senior high
school) doubling the rate of increase in the rest of the world during the same period. Net elementary
school enrollment has reached 98.9 percent, and the gross enrollment rate in junior high Schools 94.1
percent. China’s literacy rate: (age 15+ who can read and write) total population: 91.6% male: 95.7%
female: 87.6% School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education) male: 11 years female: 12 years
(2009) Education expenditures: 1.9% of GDP Global rank: #172

President Scholarship would help me greatly as I work toward my goal. Below please find my personal
statement using the sections you have requested.

Education and Professional Goals and mission statement My plan is to complete my Master degree in
Journalism and Mass communication and to explore new information new research in abroad. I like
china for journalism

because china developed printing press and do very much for journalism. I am in trusted in yellow
journalism why media involved in yellow journalism? And playing role in yellow journalism especially
Pakistan is very rich in news but unfortunately Pakistan is too involved in yellow journalism not follow
rules and laws. The mission of the Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations program is to develop
students who possess a strong liberal arts background, think critically and understand the concepts and
skills that will equip them for meaningful communication careers that can advance civic life globally and
across cultures. • receive an education that combines professional skills with a liberal arts emphasis, to
attain the core values and competencies of the profession, as defined by the Accrediting Council on
Education in Journalism and Mass Communications; • be guided by a dedicated and diverse faculty with
the proper mix of academic and professional backgrounds to ensure excellence in teaching and advising;
• experience a required internship program that affords them the opportunity to work with some of the
nation’s leading professionals while matching classroom learning with on-the-job reality; • be trained in
classrooms and with equipment that reflect the converging world of communications and that are
updated regularly to help students adapt to developments in the field; • Be enriched by a faculty who
are actively involved in research and professional involvement that contributes to advancing the body of
information available in the fields of journalism, media studies, and public relations.

Responsibilities/Characteristics During this scholarship I am responsible all about my Rules regulations.

Country law and international law.
• Submit my monthly report to the Department of mass communication. • Maintain a B average at
school with no grade below a C; • Join a leadership or service club at university • Perform at least 30
hours of volunteer community service; • Make at least three cultural presentations during International
Education Week in November • Abide by all host family rules (curfew, chores, house rules, etc.) • Attend
required orientations, workshops, and organized enhancement activities

Relevant Experience My experience in media is very well last few months ago I was join Pakistan state
Television Pakistan Television News (PTV) for internship. Which is totally against Journalism laws rules
and regulation but Pakistan Television news Islamabad, we work in PTV as a Reporter and the duties I
perform: I worked in following Departments:

Working on to Writing Tickers or Ticker Section: I works in ticker department to write offline ticker in the
news reports. Working on Urdu News desk section: I work in Urdu News desk to make news stories from
a press releases. Like a press release from press information department (PID). OMNION (Video Editing
Lab) section: In video editing lab I work with senior nonlinear editor how to cut videos in final cut pro
software? How to voice over in a report? How to make a news packages? How to insert sound on tape
(SOT) in news report or program? Current Affairs section: The most famous program of PTV news ‘’SUCH
TOH YE HAY’’ with Sayeed Anwar Ull Hasan.I work in that program as a researcher how to planning of a
program or how to collect data from archives or internet with is in the basis of documents videos or
tape. Reporting section: In reporting section I attend the press conference of all party conference at
Marriot Hotel Islamabad which organized by the ANP about the marge of FATA in KPK. Attending the
program of ‘’How CPEC boost our economy of Pakistan’’ in Islamabad hotel Islamabad Pakistan’s
Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal was the chief gest and speaker. Financial Need My
Father is a farmer and he is ill and we are five brother and three sister which is getting High education
which is impossible for him we want to someone are get education on scholarship and I am sure
president scholarship would be of great assistance. I work at (Ptv) Pakistan Television about 25 hours a
week, and have chosen to not work full‐time to avoid day care costs and to be there to provide guidance
for my Future of me and my family.

The President Scholarship provides me a chance for people who are struggling to return to school, to
become the exception and succeed. I hope to become one of those special people and it is with great
honor and appreciation that I submit this application for your consideration.

Regard: Yaseen Azam Address : Village Dundia Lundkhwar District Mardan Tehsil Takhtbhai Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Phone : +923429573230 E‐mail: