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Cr ge cpueecs SP The Boyer conjugation ts mare in CH, CH, — CH=CH, @) Cee tee © @,c-m=H, &? cH CH = CH, ieee crite roasts, 1) ON Ge aire ee Peopecevely {o> Pyramictads planer (b> bath Planar tw gon pyrarmolad (@) plone, pyrarvelal ae slebiltty —orclen fpr racdieals all 2 Poy vingk 1) alkymyf fs yt. 3 pect BPI 7 vinyl x attynyd aly >Re pl Ving alkynyl Beg 2 aarti cy 2° oz!" > vingt ably % clbynyl ss BZ 2 ZI > ving! Boyes stebilizing om anion oy colton will stabilize radical. 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In Hee given. compel » mat ean ont Aebrotonated — hydrogen ts abebledl {2 Ca Gy? oe cae 8 (@) att are easily pes y cloprotmaled GR Whicr ome G mot ariclic Qy Pn- CoH by p-MeO ~ PA—Cove| © Kepeepsot P a CoPr (ay Ph—- SO,H 065. An obkme is mere reackve towards catoly te Ry drogen ation yon olicone becaune @ The Corbon is SP hy brilzed Jn ie G) CHR EPs adsorket earily om catalyst surface Cue to ow out substituents ot Unsoturoted canbons eo arkyne is atidic Tone tee mye None 8) cbpve Fae. Spy reern fake place much mow opmHe sdverts becauac pice oy slightly solvated and Righly reactive rapidly — in polar @) mur ) muer tighly solvated and diyhly reactive io oproHe sqluerts sped up reactor bas they olowt have RIN: (a co ee dy Cone " F, P Conjugated clienes , |, 2- addition predomi - -80 Cand — [,U- addition fredominatry ot Yo bices (4) “Tronsition state fe Lar addition har a owe? energy than Ame kansition stole for ju addon. 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Nechomisrs 82 > : Ch as Cry Sy ERE a Lah H eC, 5 HO eh Choose the = Correct Poi ace (a> Mechanism 8 is prejemed bien nove step Is sporgly exothermic | LG Mechomism Bis preyprned Sees and step is excotharmic (c) Mechanism # @ are equally Aikety (4 > Mechanism A is preferred biem now 4 steps is shongly endothoave OF Arrange tHe fplloveing acids in increaning oreler 9, ean A = _aatonbeny lation ’ cH, t a CHy—CH= tH-CODH cc C00 CHC, COOH CH. CH coott = @ (©) an w? (a) fees | dhe oO q ca (). (yy (i