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Which of the following is/are characteristic(s) of usability?

A. Ease of learning
B. High speed of user task performance
C. Low user error rate
D. All of the above

Who have responsibility in the design of all the interactive aspects of a product?
Select one:
a. Web designers
b. Interactive designers
c. UI Designers
d. Usability engineers

The Usability Engineering lifecycle was proposed by _________.

a. Deborah Mayhew (page 153)
b. Webster
c. Barry Boehm
d. Hartson
GOMS stands for:
a. Goals, operation, methods and selection rules (page 50)
b. Goals, objects, models and selection rules
c. Goals, operations, methods and state rules
d. Goals, operations, models and state rules
Engineering a user interface involves a quantitative engineering style of working in
which measurements are used to judge the quality of interface. Hence, ____________
is appropriate.
a. Usability testing (page 264)
b. Field study
c. Predictive evaluation
d. DECIDE framework
____________ is a term used to refer to an attribute of an object that allows people to
know how to use it.
a. Visibility
b. Affordance (page 105)
c. Constraint
d. None of these
____________ minimizes errors.
a. Affordance
b. Visibility (page 104)
c. Constraints
d. None of these
What is a semantic network?
a. A model of long-term memory (page 82)
b. A record of our memory of events
c. The part of the brain, which allows us to remember things
d. A mechanism for improving memory

Using icons on the desktop to represent operations is a type of ________constraint.

a. Physical
b. Logical
c. Cultural (page 106)
d. None of these
Waterfall model is basically a _________ model in which each step must be
completed before the next step can be started
a. Incremental
b. Linear (page 149)
c. Iterative
d. Analytical

You are given 4 cards displaying 4, E, 7 and K respectively, and you are told that if a
card has a vowel on one side it has an even number on the other. Which cards would
you have to turn over to check whether this is the case?
a. E and 4
b. E and 7
c. E, 4 and 7
d. 4, E, 7 and K

Building things from user's perspective is called _________.

a. Functionality
b. Usability (page 31)
c. Portability
d. None of the given
Which of the following is true about Short-Term memory?
a. Short-term memory has a limited capacity. (page 80)
b. Short-term memory has an unlimited capacity.
c. Short-term memory has no capacity.
d. Short-term memory has large but limited capacity.