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Maulana Jalaluddin
Rumi Muhammad bin
Hasin al Khattabi al-
Bakri (Jalaluddin Rumi)
or often referred to by
the name Rumi is a Sufi
poet born in Balkh (now
Samarkand) on the 6th
Rabiul Awwal in 604
Hijri, or 30 September
1207 AD. His father is
still a descendant of Abu
Bakr, named Bahauddin
Walad. While his
mother came from the Khwarazm royal family. Rumi's father
was a pious scholar, he was able to look forward, a famous
teacher in Balkh. When Rumi was three years old, because of
being threatened by the Mogol invasion, his family left Balkh
through Khurasan and Syria, to the Rum Province in central
Anatolia, which is part of present-day Turkey. They settled in
Qonya, the provincial capital of Rum. In his wanderings and
refugees, his family stopped in the city of Nishapur which is
the birthplace of poet and mathematician Omar Khayyam. In
this city, Rumi met with Attar, who predicted the boy refugee
would later be a famous person who would ignite the fire of the
passion of God.
In 1244 AD, Rumi met with another spiritual sheikh,
Syamsuddin from Tabriz, who turned it into a perfection in
Sufism. After Syamsuddi's death, Rumi then met Husamuddin
Ghalabi, and inspired him to write about his spiritual
experience in his monumental work Matsnawi-ye Ma'nawi. He
dictated the work to Husamuddin until the end of his drift in
1273 AD
Jalaluddin Rumi is a Sufi from Turkey who has many
works about life and love. His work on poetry and poetry that
touched him made him a very famous Sufi. In his works
Jalaluddin always gives advice about life to anyone who wants
to experience life better.
1. In the case of Generosity and Helping People, Be Like the
In terms of generosity and helping others be like a river
that continues to flow without stopping without looking back.
Is not the one good that we plant will become a tree of kindness.
From a tree of goodness will emerge countless fruits of
goodness. This means that one good that we do, God will
reciprocate with good that multiplied especially if the good that
is continuously done.

2. In Affection and Blessings Be Like the Sun.

A poem from the famous Jalaluddin Rumi is:
"By living only along the breath do not plant anything but love"
The meaning is that life is only a stopover, do not leave
hatred but instill as much love for the people around us. Give
warmth to anyone without discrimination. Is not every human
does not like hatred.
3. In Covering the Disgrace of People, Be Like the Night
The dark night makes man unable to see anything, this
becomes a parable that as a human being must cover up his
brother's disgrace. Someone mandated to keep a secret must be
able to be like a closed night without ever divulging it.
4. In a state of anger and wrath become like a dead person
Know that anger is like an embers in a human heart that
can destroy itself. This can be seen from the redness of the eyes
and the tension of the veins in the neck of the person who is
controlled by anger. Controlling anger is not an easy matter and
therefore the most effective way is to be quiet. Because any
decision taken in anger can be a wrong decision.
5. In terms of simplicity and modesty be like the earth
The earth always puts itself below even though sometimes
it is better than the sky. As ordinary human beings who are full
of deficiencies, there is nothing that we can boast about
including the knowledge we have. Are not there three levels of
knowledgeable people, namely: First, knowledgeable people
with knowledge make that person feel smart. Second,
knowledgeable people with knowledge make someone like
Allah and loved by people (tawadu). Finally, knowledgeable
people who have their knowledge make themselves even more
clueless. This means that one's humility can be achieved one of
them with knowledge. Be a human full of humility because God
does not like the arrogant nature.
6. In Terms of Tolerance Be Like the Sea
Living with diversity requires that one person is able to
respect one another. Be like the sea which has a fieldy nature
and is ready to accommodate any different views. Don't make
difference into a divisive tool but make this difference as a
unifying tool by means of tolerance. Make the differences that
exist to add to the repertoire of knowledge, but determine in
yourself which is our choice and respect each other's decisions.
7. Look like your true self, or be like your appearance
Live with honesty by showing who you are. Basically
honesty is the key for someone if you want to be trusted. Every
fortune that results from honesty will surely be a positive
energy that brings happiness and peace in the soul. Because
honest living is healthy, thoughts and emotions will always be
in a positive zone.