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The Love Inside

Words and music by Laura Hackett Park

Verse 1
Dm Eb Bb Dm/A Dm Eb Gm F
Your heart’s so full You can’t contain it, waves are crashing over me
I feel so safe I can’t explain it, peace and joy abound in me

Eb F Gm Bb/D
The love inside of You is so pure, so right
Eb Bb/F F Bb
It fills all heaven with its light

Verse 2
Though angels dance and sing before You
With saints of old around Your throne
My eyes are fixed as I adore You
My heart is set on You alone

Eb Bb/D Eb F Eb
Jesus, Your love is so amazing and this joy I can’t explain it
Gm F Bb/D
I’m caught up in the fellowship, I’m caught up in the fellowship

Eb Bb/D
You’re the One, there You go again
Eb F
Lifting my heart, lifting my head
Eb Gm F
Hope is rising as I see You smiling Key: Bb

Tempo: 66 bpm

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