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Major Psychological/Intellectual Issues at Present:

 Fixated with book for long time (Please see whatsapp video)
 Fixated with moving objects repeatedly (Please see Whatsapp video)
 Speech is very Poor , only 2-3 words (Papa,Bye,Hi)
 Poor Attention & Name Responding

Major health related issue at Present:

 Frequent Constipation (even on GFCF diet and Probiotics)

After Initial Diagnosis at 3 yrs Age Following issues has been resolved Successfully with the help of
GFCF Diet ,Biomedical Supplements and CEASE-Homeo Remedies & Weekly 20 Hours ABA

Sleep issues (No More)

Hyperactivity (Very much reduced)

Digestive Issues (No More)

Frequent Crying (No More)

Sound Sensitivity (No More)

Fixation with Water Playing (Now Started with Book)

Inappropriate Laugh (Now Very Rare)

Making different facial expressions (No More)

No Greetings

Poor and improper Formed Stool (Stool is OK but Frequent Constipation)

Undigested Food In Stool (No More)

Extreme Temper Tantrums for Cravings and items liked (No More)

Tactile Sensory during walking on wet ground and Gross (No More)
Following Improvements has been Noticed from last 3-4 Months and Some in Progress and Initial

 Peaceful ,Long,Continuous Sleep

 Greeting upon Command/request
 Waving Bye Bye
 Looking at new People & Animals
 Started Language – Papa,Bye,Hi and sounds,Phonics
 Sitting Span Improved
 Cooperating & Learning new things
 Imitation Improved
 More Controlled and attached to parents in public Places (Shopping Malls,Parks)
 Easily controlled and Diverted during temper Tantrums
 Motor skills developed (Gross,Fine,Oral)