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Họ và tên: Trần Việt Đức

Lớp: Anh 7 - KTĐN

Mã sinh viên: 1911110090

TOPIC: Describe an educational goal and explain

what you need to do to achieve it

Becoming a businessman has always been my passion since I was

a student at high school. I have always been in an effort to achieve it,
however, it has never been easy. Today I will share some important
things that I need to do every day to attain it. Firstly, I need to dig deeper
into knowledge of business and economy to understand it clearly. So
admission to FTU is the best decision I have ever done. Particularly, I
have to study hard at school and look for more knowledge by searching
on Internet and learning from upper-grade students. Improving English
skills is the second important thing. I spend 2 hours per day learning
vocabulary and practicing speaking. Thirdly, I need to participate in
more after school activities. It helps improve my communication skills
and makes me more active. Finally, I need to expand relationship. I will
meet more successful people to learn more experiences. In conclusion, I
have to make an effort more and more to one day being a successful