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Find the Best Floor Cleaning Equipment with Ease

When it comes to properly cleaning floors, using the right cleaning tools is essential. With a
variety of tools available in the market it’s necessary to consider your needs and the use of
these tools.

The chances are that you will need to buy a scrubber, a polisher or a burnisher. The best way
to determine what you actually need is by looking at their main features. Here is an overview of
each one of them.

Floor scrubber
They have the lowest RPM of all three machines. Its main purpose is to clean large areas of
space quickly. The fact that they have a low RPM means that they generate low amounts of
heat. The floor scrubber can’t create a polished finish.

Scrubbers come in different shapes and sizes and often have different features. Some of them
only scrub the surface, while others may spray cleaning solution onto the floor. Basically, your
floor scrubber can come with rotating brushes, contra-rotating brush heads, and pads.
Floor polisher
They are a bit faster than scrubbers - typically at around 400 RPM. They are not intended for
cleaning floors but provide a glossy look. They are designed for areas with medium traffic, like
schools or office buildings. They perform best on vinyl or wood floors.

Floor Burnishers
They are by far the most powerful one, usually running at speeds from 1200 to 1800 RPM.
Floor burnishers are made to clean floors that have already been sealed by a hard-wearing
sealer. They are mainly used for cleaning areas with plenty of traffic. Areas such as shopping
malls and grocery stores. If used as recommended they can create a super glossy finish.

Knowing what type of equipment means that you are halfway to actually selecting one. Next
logical step is choosing from some of the brands out there. There are quite a few and the
choice might not be so obvious.

Apart from that, you might fall pray of the fake reviews and cheap deals. Here we have made
choosing the right brand easier for you.

How to find the right brand?

The first hint should be the opinion of businesses that are in the floor cleaning industry. There
are companies whose main service is cleaning other businesses premises. Reaching out to some
of the business owners can surely lead you in the right direction. They know the ins and outs of
the industry, which brands perform best, and which not so much. Just make sure you survey
several businesses before making a decision.

Consider the machines from different brands and compare the features, price and all the other
elements to come up with a decision.
Charlie Collett works with Sweepers Australia to help customers of sweeping & scrubbing
equipment throughout Australia.

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