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Speakeasy Training Scenario Readme

Known issues: We have no idea how to fix these issues. Dear user, can you can help?

+ Vanilla and add-on version: UAVs work only when the mission is played for the first time. Later it is impossible
to connect the terminal to any drone.

Entrenching tool:
+ Add-on version: ACE entrenching doesn’t work though the shovel is in the player’s inventory.

+ Add-on version: Works in vanilla version but doesn't work with add-ons enabled. With ACE enabled the
patient is injured (blood visible on uniform), but ACE diagnosis says "Not wounded."

“Restore health” at the mission control laptops:

+ Add-on version: Works in vanilla version but doesn’t work with add-ons enabled.

Rifle grenades:
+ Vanilla and add-on version: Rifle grenades are present only at the initial spawn. At re-spawn the grenades in
the rifle are lost.

Wish list for possible future iterations:

+ Make it possible to "complete" the mission in the scenario list. Maybe a graduation as a side mission?
+ A reset function for the entire mission would be nice. Means not having to back out of the game.
+ Make and verify mission as JIP compatible.
+ Fix any locality problems on isDedicated.

+ Remove the MicroDAGR with {removeAllAssignedItems player;} and then add the stuff back through script.
This entails quite a bit of code. I don't understand how TFAR and ACE microDAGR works respectively.

+ Desks at spawn and in both safe zones: ACRE radio box hovers above table.

+ The manually placed brick piles at the ambush site shouldn't hover above the floor.
+ Man the ambush site with enemy AT and MG guys (and provide cover for them as needed).
+ Add a laptop option to activate and deactivate the ambush.

Enemy patrols:
+ Let enemies use the upper floors and balconies of the buildings.

Enemy AI:
+ Add a counter that tells you something about the number of enemies to defeat. Could be "x out of y enemies
remain" or just "all enemies eliminated".
+ Add the ability to set the difficulty level of enemies on the fly. Maybe a "forEach side EAST set _x AIskill _y".
Friendly AI:
+ Show either “recruit” or “dismiss” on the friendly AI, not both.
+ Single player switch unit will leave the recruit options on when the player has taken over an AI. Might need an
eventhandler for that.

Safe zones:
+ Spawn player closer to the desk.

+ Desks at spawn and in both safe zones: TFAR radio box shouldn't hover above table.
+ Put only three radios of each type into the boxes.

+ Units that have been taken over with the vanilla "switch unit" can't use vehicles. This is vanilla behaviour. Can
something be done about it?