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Terms of Service Agreement ‘The agency I will be working for is Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). ‘The mission of the agency is to provide quality service that will help EMU students reduce psychological symptoms, cope with difficult events, and be successful in their personal and academic endeavors. They provide consultations to faculty and staff and training to new mental health professionals in support of the academic mission of the University. The agency serves the university community and is recognized as an essential mental health resource for supporting individual wellbeing and academic success. | will be doing social media management for CAPS by creating new social media pages for the agency as well as remodeling and maintaining the old ones as needed. My specific responsibilities are as follows: © Create Instagram page by Oct 30 Run through Facebook page and complete page maintenance by Nov 20 ¢ Have all social media up and running by Dec 16 ‘* Create new post and ideas that will benefit the CAPS social media platforms CAPS will be responsible for overseeing the work that I do and giving me any assistance that | may require in order to complete my tasks. They will also be responsible for informing me of any preferences they may have on the way that | should design and manage their social media, as well as any changes that they would like me to make if my results do not fit their preferences. Any questions or concerns about the capstone assignment/course or about my project can be addressed by my professor, Dennis O'Grady, at dogrady, or 734-487-6956. Jalen Allen Dr. Lisa Lauterbach 248-508-2411 734-487-1118 XxX Jalen Men X hag Kaediheetr Dr. Use Lauterbach Director oF CAPS