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1. Who is Prince Bandar? Saudi Arabia’s ambassador.

Now the Secretary General

of the National Security Council in Saudi Arabia.

2. Which company was involved in the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and
Britain? BAE Systems
3. What event changed the laws in the US about companies bribing officials?
About how many companies confessed to engaging in bribery or actions like
that? Watergate scandal. Five hundred companies.
4. How did the law change? What effect did the law have? Congress passed
the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It made it illegal for any company that uses the

United States financial system to bribe to get business.

5. What did the anti-bribery treaty do? What effects did it have? It made
corruption and bribery a concern for more than the U.S.

6. What did investigators realize about the BAE money and the US? Money
was being thrown around for extravagant things and wants.

7. How did the Saudi Arabians react to the investigation? What happened to
the investigation? They did not react well. The investigation was ended because
the risk was too high.

8. Should companies be able to bribe officials? Why or why not? No! If their
company is good enough there is no need to bribe.