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Politics dan Ideology of (Math) Education

Adapted from Paul Ernest, 1995, The Philosophy of Mathematics Education, by Marsigit 2015

Industrial Technological Old Humanism Progressive Public

Trainer Pragmatism Educator Educator
Politics Radical right Conservative Conservative/ Liberal Democracy
Sciences/ Body of knowledge Science of Structure of Process of Social
Knowledge Truth Truth Thinking Activities
Moral value Good vs Bad Pragmatical Hierarkhy/ Humanity Justice/Freedom
Theory of Hierarchy/ Hierarchy Hierarkhy Wellfare Need a reform
Society Market orientation
Theory of Empty Empty Character Students Constructive
Student Vessel Vessel Building Orientation
Theory of Ability Talent and Effort Talent Talent; Development Need Heremeneutics
Aim of Education Back to Basic Certification Transfer of Creativity Construct their own
(Arithmetics) Knowledge live
Theory of Hardwork, Drill, Thinking and Understanding And Exploration Hermeneutics
Learning Memorize Practice Application
Theory of Transfer of External Expository Hermeneutics/ Hermeneutics/
Teaching knowledge Motivation Constructive Discussion/
Resources Board and Teaching Aids Visual Teaching Aids Various resources/ Social
Chalk Environment Environtment
Evaluation External Test External Test External Test Portfolio/Authentic Portfolio/
(National Exam.) (Natnl. Exam) (National Exam.) s Assessment Social Context
Curriculum Monoculture Curr. Decentraliza Competent-Based Multiple Solution/ Heterogonomous
Orientation (Centralized Curr) -tion Curr Cur/Kurikulum 2013 Local Culture Curriculum