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Anna University Exams Nov / Dec 2019 – Regulation 2017 Unique Important Questions – 1st Semester BE/BTECH

GE8151- Problem Solving and Python Programming
Unit I
1. What is flowchart explain various symbols used in flowchart with example
2. Describe the algorithm and Flow chart of towers of Hanoi problem
3. Explain building blocks of an algorithm in detail
4. Explain the various steps involved in algorithmic problem-solving technique in detail
Unit II
1. Explain in detail about the various operators in python with suitable examples
2. Write a program (a) find out the distance between two points using python (b) circulate the values of n variables (c)
exchange (swap)the value of two variables with temporary variables
3. Discuss on modules and functions in detail with example
4. Explain the different data types using variables and literal constants with python program
Unit III
1. Develop a program (a)find the largest among three numbers(b) Binary Search (c) Linear search (d) Square root
(e)GCD (f) Sum of Array of numbers
2. Define methods in a string with an example program using at least five methods.
3. Illustrate the flow chart and syntax of the following conditional (if), alternative (if-else), chained conditional (if-
elif-else); Iteration: state, while, for, break, continue, pass
4. Explain the different types of the function prototype with an example program
Unit IV
1. What is python List ?Explain the list operations using python programs( study all list slices, list methods, list
loop, mutability, aliasing, cloning lists, list parameters)
2. What is python Dictionary ?Explain the Dictionary t operations using python program Explain the Dictionary
3. Write a python program and explain to perform (a) Selection sort on the (b) Insertion sort (c) Merge sort (d)
Unit V
1. Discuss with suitable examples program i)Open the file ii) Close a File. iii) Writing to a File iv)Reading form the file
v)appending (or) illustrate various file handling operation using python program
2. Describe in detail exception handling.Write a program to catch a Divide by zero exception. Add a finally block too
3. Write a python program for (a) word count. (b) copy file.
4. Explain about the following (a)Modules (b) Packages
Programs to study

1. Draw a flowchart(or)Algorithm(or)Pesudo code(or) Program to find the given number is Prime or not
2. Write flowchart(or)Algorithm(or)Pesudo code(or) Program to find the given year is leap year or not.
3. Draw a flowchart(or)Algorithm(or)Pesudo code(or) Program to find whether the given number is Odd or even
4. Write a program to find the factorial of a number
5. Write a program to find the fibonacci of a number
6. Write a python program to swap two numbers
7. Write a python program to find sum of digits of the given number
8. Write a python program to find reverse of the given number
9. Write a flowchart(or)Algorithm(or)Pesudo code(or) Program for finding the biggest of two numbers

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