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Strategic Company Secretary and Board Evaluation Excellence 1



17th - 20th Mar 2020

Hotel Grand Millennium KL, Malaysia

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Strategic Company Secretary and Board Evaluation Excellence 2
Course Description

The company secretary occupies a special position inside ambitions.

every company. Boards are becoming increasingly dependent The 4-Day masterclass aimed to provide you with tips and tools
on the company secretary for the achievement of effective and to firmly cement yourself as strategic advisor and corporate
efficient governance and, in turn, good company performance. governance champion of your organisation. The four-day
The workshop will investigate the many facets of what being a workshop will encourage discussions and interactions
good company secretary looks like, how he or she can work to between delegates and there will be case studies and group
improve standards of governance inside the organisation and work as part of the program.
particularly the board and achieve his or her ultimate career


Richard Winfield renowned Coach and facilitator to directors, boards and partnership. With over 35 years of
experience in Company secretary & Board Performance Management, He has helped more than 100 board
to develop strategy and build teams .
a strategy consultant, facilitator and scenario planner who provides transition coaching to Company
secretary, directors, boards and partnerships and helps them develop strategy and build teams. Richard has
Trained and coached company secretary & Board of major corporates in Asia, Middle East, Africa & Europe.
Richard is author of renowned book “Reflections of a Corporate Coach,” a personal collection of anecdotes
and observations from Richard Winfield’s 35-year career, provides an insight into personal development and
positive thinking, and is a practical demonstration of the power of storytelling in corporate life

Benefits of Attending
Understand where the company secretary fits into the Recognise the company secretary’s role in supporting the
entity’s governance structure entity’s governance structure culture
Receive tactics, tips and toolkits to work smarter and secure Appreciate how the company secretary interacts with the
success. other board members
Provide greater clarity of the role of the company secretary Appreciate the role of the company secretary in facilitating
in facilitating corporate governance, and support for the relationships
Board Explore the legal authority (and obligations) of the company
Understand the range of tasks associated with the work of secretary
the company secretary Acknowledge the company secretary’s contribution to
Confidently design and implement good governance models the successful performance of the entity, particularly
in your organisation. through analysing board performance and evaluating that

Who Should Attend?

Company Secretary Chief Risk Officer Audit Committee Members
Chairman Head of Compliance Regulators
CEO / COO Head of Finance / CFO Corporate governance professionals
Director / ED Head of Vigilance Legal Heads
Chief Internal Auditor Secretary to Board

Client Requirement Form

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this event, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to establish exactly what your
training needs are. The completed forms will be analyzed by the course trainer. As a result, we ensure the course is delivered at an
appropriate level and that relevant issues will be addressed. The comprehensive course material will enable you to digest the subject
matter in your own time. This training course is designed specifically for participants to work through a dedicated strategic planning
process. It is a high-level, intensive and vigorous programmed that will move rapidly.
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Strategic Company Secretary and Board Evaluation Excellence 3

Session 01: Company Secretary Session 06: Purpose & Culture

Board role – Cadbury Report Vision, mission & values

Role and qualifications Environmental, Social and
Formal duties Governance (ESG) issues
Additional duties Published mission statements
The ‘Power Team’ Case Studies & Group Discussion

Session 02: Directors

Session 07: Director Appointments
Roles and responsibilities
Succession planning
Types of director
The non-executive director
Induction and training
Board and company structures
Personality types-balancing the board
Directors’ duties 2019
Case Studies & Group Discussion
Case Studies & Group Discussion

Session 08: Challenges & Behaviours

Session 03: Becoming a Director
Obtaining information
Transition from manager Processing information
Personal qualities Challenge and assertiveness
Technical skills Conflicts of interest
Due diligence before accepting an offer Time commitment
Case Studies & Group Discussion

Session 09: Board Processes

Addressing proper issues

Session 04: Corporate Governance
Decision making
History and philosophy Performance measures
Listed companies Board performance evaluation & director appraisal
Large private companies Quick check – board performance
Small private companies Quick check – director performance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Climate Governance Session 10: Meetings
Case Studies & Group Discussion
Types of meeting
Role of the secretary
Session 05: Local Governance Codes Chairmanship
Agenda, board papers and minutes
The Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance Annual agendas
Other codes according to the delegate composition Case Studies & Group Discussion
Case Studies & Group Discussion
Financial scandals – presentation and discussion

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Strategic Company Secretary and Board Evaluation Excellence 4

Session 11: Who’s on your board? Session 15: Strategy & Decision Making

Cartoon presentation with discussion Scenario planning

Market analysis
Creativity and innovation
Session 12: Stakeholders
PEST and SWOT analyses
Process thinking
Identification of stakeholders
Goal setting
Relations and communication
Channels Case Studies & Group Discussion
Statutory reporting
Crises and emergencies

Case Studies & Group Discussion Session 16: Trends & Best practice

Gender pay gap
Session 13: Risk
Term limits
Personal risk and reputation
Global survey – trends
Risk appetite and tolerance
UK Financial Reporting Council
Risk register
– Guidance on Best Practice
Operational/business risk
Regulatory risk
Session 17: Personal Professional
Reputation risk
Investment risk
Fraud Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Bribery and corruption Monitoring the media
Corporate manslaughter Networking and events

Case Studies & Group Discussion

Session 18: Review

Session 14: From Technical Specialist

Revision exercise
to Strategic Advisor-The Value Add
Review of learnings
Skills required by a high-performing company secretary Actions and commitments
Attributes of a high-performing company secretary
The value-add of the role Course Conclude..
Independence of the company secretary

4:00PM TO 10:00PM

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Strategic Company Secretary and Board Evaluation Excellence 5
17th - 20th March 2020
Hotel Grand Millennium, KL,
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