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Hard work, perseverance, and effort is probably the maxim of a student

and a recipe for success. Regardless of your lot in life, your hard work will
never fail you. Life is usually a mixed bag but the greatest feat of human
will is the fact that we can get over any adversity.
In my fourteen years of education at Ambience, I learned about the
human will. Our nature for endless growth is what had led to the world as
we know it.
Within my fourteen years of learning at Ambience the one thing I have
inculcated is the importance of camaraderie. Without my teacher and my
friends, I would have never become the person I am today.
So, to you, the reader, I would beseech you to learn the same. I appreciate
the people around you. Learn about the men and women who work behind
the scene to make things come together that we barely appreciate. Your
teachers, are a cumulation of wisdom for you to tap into, and your
classmates a wellspring of moral support.
Make full use of what you have in life to rise to higher levels of endeavor.
That is the only lesson worth learning.
Hardik Sharma