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A craft is a branch of profession that requires some particular amount of skilled work.
The meaning of craft and its values are ever changing with the development. At the same time,
India is home to the largest population of indigenous people, who are still untouched by the
lifestyle of the modern world. India has the largest population of the tribal people in the world.
These people are also known as the adivasi’s are the poorest in the country, who are still
dependent on hunting, agriculture and fishing. All these tribal people have their own culture,
tradition, language and lifestyle.
Art and craft of various region makes India famous tourist destination, but this crafts are
dying with age due to industrialization. There are many handicraft and regional craft promoting
governmental and non-governmental agencies in India of different scales but they lack either
production of crafts or space for production and display of crafts. Craft village is a one stop craft
destination which offers visitors various unique variety of craft related activities.


The main objective of the project would be to share handicrafts information through
workshops, exhibitions, and museums to visitors and students. This enables the tourist to get an
insight into many different cultures at the same time on the tribal tour to India. This will act as a
community center to promote tourism as there will be a collection of culture from the region. It
will provide a basic livelihood for the tribal artisan’s and give a chance to visitors to experience
various handicrafts of that region. It will also provide a boost to the handicraft which is dying
due to lack of attention. The primary role of this project is as a resource center for tribes and
artisans which doubles as a cultural tourism spot.

The aim of the project is to build a regional environment for the tribal people to promote
their handicraft and culture and to create a cultural landmark for the visitors and people who are
willing to learn about the handicrafts and culture of the region. It is intended to create sufficient
work spaces for their different handicrafts at the same time providing a place to exhibit that
handicraft. It is even intended to propose a residential cluster for artisans and for visitors and
students visiting the center to learn about the culture.
India is a country with very diverse tribal traditions and rich culture, and handicrafts is
one of the very essential medium with which the culture of the region is known. The medium
with time is losing its importance and cultural values due to modern techniques and
industrilaiztion. The scope of the project is to provide basic livelihood to the these people and
boost the culture of a region which is dying. To bring the world in knowledge about the crafts
and culture of region. It will also increase the tourism in the region in the region and provide
revenue to the government. It will also uplift the condition of the tribal and rural regions in terms
of economic condition and livelihood.

The scope of this thesis project is designing and planning a resource center for tribal
artisans with a cluster for them to stay which doubles as a cultural tourism spot.


1. Art and craft theatre (Museum or art gallery) - 2000- 3000 sq.m
2.Craft training center or workshops for different crafts – 200 – 450
sq.m each
3.Craft bazaar
4.Guest house clusters or dormitory
A) Tourists Bhunga – 30 sq.m each
B) Tent stays – 40 sq.m each
5.Open air amphitheatre – 500 sq.m
6.Food court comprising restaurent or cafe and outdoor dining space –
600 sq.m

Additional spaces
1.Residential cluster for artisan’s (Bhunga) 30 – 40 sq.m each
2.Auditorium - 500 sq.m
3.Administration block – 350 sq.m
4.Other spaces like toilets, drinking water tanks – 1000 sq.m

1. Dakshina Chitra, Chennai
2. Living and learning design centre, Ajrakhpur
3. Khamir craft village, Kutch
4. Dilli haat, Delhi
5. Craft museum, Delhi
6. Tribal research and development institute, Bhopal
7. Tribal research institute museum, Odisha
8. Various tribal villages in around North West India.
1. Tribal museum, Thailand
2. Shilpgram, Udaipur
3. Shanghai arts and crafts museum, China
4. Craft museum, Delhi
5. Dakshina Chitra, Chennai
Site selected for “TRIBAL CRAFTS AND PRODUCTS VILLAGE” is Moti Rudrani
village, Kutch district, Gujarat. The reason for selecting the site is due to the cultural value of the
Kutch region which is dying mainly after the earthquake. The site is proposed by Gujarat tourism
for rural tourism for rural tourism to promote art and craft of Kutch. The site is surrounded by
many resorts and is connected to cities like Bhuj by SH45 and is just 13km from Bhuj city which
is famous amongst the tourists. The site also has a very good view of the adjacent lake which can
be used wisely during the planning of the center.
SITE AREA : 15 acres (6,53,380 sq.ft)