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Payment Instruction for TEP Miscellaneous Fee

Step 1: Visit One Stop Portal at

Step 2: Click on the payment icon (below)

and select “TEP Miscellaneous Fees” service in page 7

Step 3: Click on the e-payment icon and proceed to make payment

Step 4: Complete all the required fields:

Name * === > enter name as in your passport

Matric No. * === > enter your FIN or Matric No. whichever is available
School === > optional
NRIC/Passport No.* === > enter NRIC (if Singaporean) or Passport (if foreigner)
Contact Number === > optional
Email * === > enter the correct email to receive the acknowledgement or receipt
Payment Amount * === > enter to correct amount to pay as provided by the
Payment by credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only)

Step 5: Once payment is made successfully, there will be an acknowledgement

email sent to you.

Step 6: Please forward the acknowledgement email / receipt to your school


Step 7: Keep a copy to show as proof of payment when you report at One Stop @
SAC for TEP Issuance.

~Thank you~