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2@ Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM Grade 2 Selected from the 2015 & 2016 syllabus ABRSM Piano exams Dee rine pieces from ABRSM 2015 & 2016 Grade 2 Piano syllabus. In the exam, This alum conta’ Mehree pieces, one chosen from each of the three syllabus lists (A, B and C). Fa ae it» choose from the pieces printed in this album and/or from the other pieces set ane erade:a fall list is given on the opposite page. All the pieces are valid from 1 January 2015 until for the grade: @ 31 December 2016, with a perm UK.& Republic of Ireland - until the Allother countries— until 31 December 201 ‘The pieces inthis album have been taken from a variety of different sources. Where appropriate, they have been checked with original source material and edited to help the player when preparing for performance. The fingering has been amended by the editor where necessary to ensure a consistent approach within the albur ument realizations have been added by the editor, as ave the metronome marks shown within square brackets. Details of other editorial amendments ced overlap into 2017 as follow: end of Period A (spring exams) 2017 or suggestions are given in the footnotes. Fingering and all editorial additions are for guidance only; they are not comprehensive or obligatory. Descriptive titles are given in their original language, and translations into English appear above the footnotes. In the case of titles in a non-Roman alphabet, transliterations are provided to help with pronunciation. Other requirements Scales and arpeggios The following requirements are reproduced from the 2015 & 2016 Piano syllabus. Further details are available online at or in the 2015 & 2016 Piano syllabus booklet, Seales (similar motion) G.D.A, F majors hands together and separately 2 octaves E, D{Giminors (natural or harmonic or melodic at candidate's choice) Contrary-motion scales C.E majors hhands beginning on the key-note (unison) 2 actaves Chromatic seale beginning on D hands mands separately 1 octave Arpeggios GD. A majors hhands separately 2 acta F major 0 hhands separately, as pattern below: 2 octaves Sight-readin, ctiece 9 } Full details are available online at orin the 2015 & 2016 Piano syllabus booklet. Tal 9 the exam Additional i Sepa information for the exam from entry details to) a “an be found on the Piano Grade 2 web page: WWW Impertinence HWY 494 G. F. Handel (1605-1759) J Tw ray: = pnhdesirel orth nec na HPA pieces, composed around 170 when be was ony 20a hing nth i stop, mia, Set harpsichord, n the Hamburg Opera. that time, too, he composed keyboard pce character, French keyboard re ath of hour «ty Pench dane In dup te Lk mc eee, ston esc ai de. The impudent behaviour olerred toby te tite ma elcid Sc which seth reat a tacos and dynamics ae editorial suggestions on: The aceatoe : Source: MS copy, Ton ove he stave ‘might be played as crotchet plus crotchet rest: being th Library, RM. 18 ba, ©1901 by he tom are eat Royal Schools of Mi oar Pcs, occa by chard jones ABRSM) y ' 99223 ¢ soe AB3731 C.F, Schale (1713-1800) ‘AB37a1 ils, an copes af ol bile ws Cantal = a ti = ovement from Sonal First en corrected without solo rom Collection de 8 of Music special note The sonatines feces José Ferrer (1805-1914) Lullaby from Pianoheads Collection 2 ‘at Nein ws born the Lithwanan capital Vina in 197 Hes plang ‘Academy, graduating in 2004. He is xe “udu oe fs pes crue Te bur eno einen ene ep 0 ate red by erin 20.Grove Road. Landon E11 AN now active asa music teacher, en by Neuguimor for the Plano Colleton ach triplet broken chord in the left hand=is jeugasimov sl " tea 1978) xe ; ——— Sets Vrtc i sd-Sek bum fr die Jugend Album f a ii emembereverhavinghece i? nine ape rea: mae scaly The ital mo moat toe e ppt oak a Micke fr die Hugeng, Op. 68 (Hamburg Schuberth & Co, 1850) i for the Young bn fhe eure Op. 66, tom Which thi oe cane ache ti a month in 1888.14 is piece is selected, was composed in less: ee ent such good musical form...the pieces simply poured: 's daughter Marie on her: seventh birthday. 's own family life: perhaps he had seen | evidently stands for the earch party, the middle of b, 16), but it is ‘Wy Houghout = the game is no i 4 OF edited by Howard Ferguson, a man Old Cowhand arranged by Nikki eS praytatly 120120 )= 10) mf ——_f Johnny Mercer was « popular American singer and song ‘several musicals and for many fms, In some cases be co (41896 Mercer wove ifr the lm Rhythns on the Range, in which by Nites. The first verse ofthe yes reads {ian old comand fom the Rio Grande 1 But my ley aint bowed and my cheeks ain tanced [i scovboy who never sw a cow / Never roped a seer ‘cause | don't know how sure ain fait to stan in now 4 Yippee oh ay, yippee ob tay! oti Merce Foundation admins by WH Muse Corp Warer/ Chappell Noth eater erro ‘tng tothe exams shuld be are Faber Mis al Boomabury Hout ADT Mercer Johnny Mer Bertold Hummet 1925-2002] Koushin . Bin Kaneda gachou N°