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Raymond A

Email ID: Contact: +91 822 002 7345


➢ An MBA professional and a qualified Engineer in the field of Electronics & Communication
Engineering with 6 years of experience in the field of Telecom, Network Planning and Optimisation
(NPO)- OSS KPI, Performance Analysing for 2G,3G, LTE and VoLTE KPIs.
➢ Experience in RF optimization for 3g and lte, providing recommendations to meet the OSS KPI.
➢ Experience in KPI Performance Management Monitoring and reporting.
➢ Experience with Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei Tools.
➢ Experience in Worst cell analysis, Neighbour analysis & Drive test analysis.
➢ Good knowledge in the OSI Layers.
➢ Good knowledge in Massive MIMO - 5G technology.
➢ Currently working as an Advanced Engineer in Nokia Solutions and Networks under the payroll of
Altran Technologies.

Academic Qualification

University of Madras, Chennai

Master of Business Administration (Human Resource), 2013-2015

IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram

Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Electronics & communication Engineering, 2013

Work Experience as Telecom Engineer

Organisation : Nokia Solutions and Networks – Under the payroll of Altran Technologies,
Designation : Advanced Engineer
Project : 1. Hutchison 3 Indonesia
2. Ooredoo
3. Optus Phase3 and Unicorn
4. U Mobile
Duration : Aug 2014-Till Date

*Won the Best Performer of the Project award for the year 2018

Roles and Responsibility:

In UMobile (Malaysia)

• Leading the project for Performance and Pre and Post launch optimization Scope.
• KPI performance reporting and monitoring.
• Creating template for PM reporting
• Analyzing and providing recommendations for pre and post optimization.
• Performance Analysis for the activities like Traffic steering, Normalization, Qrxlevmin, CSFB,
Parameter change, Software upgrade, IPRAN, RNC Failover Test.
• Providing the region and cluster wise dashboard
• Analyzing the degradation of OSS kpis and user traffic in 3G & LTE.
• Analyzing Worst Performing Cells using the HSDPA throughput and the users.
• XML Creation for parameter change and post dump verification.
In Optus Phase3 and Unicorn project (Australia):

• Analyzing the management KPIS such as MIMO, Cell availability, Intra frequency handover failure
rate,4G Data setup failure rate, RRC re-establishment rate & User throughput.
• Neighbor Analysis (PCI – RSI Clash & X2 Handover Analysis).
• Oss kpi optimization for 3G and LTE.
• Drive Test Analysis and Reporting for 4G using TEMS Discovery & NEMO
• Parameter Audit for different Layers (L07, L18, L26, L21, L23) using RADAR tool
• Analyzing and reporting for the Australian State Level Management KPIs.
• Long Term Evolution (LTE): eNodeB (LTE700, LTE1800, LTE2300, LTE2600) Integration,
Troubleshooting and SIS follow-ups.
• Experience in analyzing the drive test parameters (RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, SINR, CQI, PCI, BLER,
DL&UL Throughput).

• Proficiency in Nokia OSS applications - CM Editor and CM operations Manager.

• Analysis & troubleshooting the alarms in Nokia 2G,3G & LTE
• Responsible for analysing Accessibility, Mobility, Handover, and Throughput KPI and providing
suitable remedies, accountable for investigating throughput and swap.
• Looked after planning & coordination of SCFT & Cluster optimization; effectually analysed drive
test parameters.
• Deftly analysed accessibility and mobility KPI and provided suitable remedies; involved in PCI and
TAC planning.
• Creating the working set for the clusters in the OPTUS Unicorn Project using NetAct.
• Co ordinating the EME control works for OPTUS UNICORN.
• Involved in planning and approving height, azimuth, tilt etc.; approved suitable location for a site and
analysed the clutter.
• Preparing the performance analysis report for the active alarms in LTE and UMTS technologies
• Cluster level and site level trend analysis and maintaining KPI within the accepted threshold.
• Preparing daily and hourly reports for both 3G and 4G clusters.
• Analyzing the reasons for KPI degradation in cluster level for each agreed KPIs.
• Impacted sites were picked and Troubleshooting done to pick the RCA for the degradation and it
will be circulated with corresponding team for further rectification/optimization.
• In Deployment project, pre-and post-analysis done for all the newly integrated and existing
Technologies and escalated to the concern teams for rectification.
• Have supported New Technology integration, Activation and 2T4R & 4T4R.
• Good Knowledge in Inter-LTE & RAT handover process.

In Hutchison 3 (Indonesia):

• Analyzing and Preparation of Network Operation Center reports of H3I

• Preparation and updating the of site list in the data base of the entire network of H3I and monitoring
• 3G, 2G KPI and alarm monitoring for H3I circles, preparation and validation of Reports, analysis of
RAN parameters.
• Analysis of performance report related to both 3G and 2G networks.
• Day to Day communication with circle team to improve the performance.
• Calculating the availability of each site and alert the regional team in daily basis.
• Analyzing the reason for the site down in all the regions of Indonesia and intimate them about the

In Ooredoo (Myanmar):

• Analyzing and preparation of entire 3G & 2G KPI for Ooredoo networks.

• Parameter (PR) changes in HLR/MSS/MGW
• Preparation and validation of Reports, analysis of RAN parameters.
• Keep an eye on overall network by checking the key parameters like CSSR, DCR Voice, RRC
Connection set up Rate, PS, CS KPIs, HSDPA Establishment, Drop rate.

• Calculate overall traffic in a network & congestion & discuss the same with circle team for the
addition of capacity.
• Generating raw files through NETACT, OMS, Net numen and OX Tool
• Maintaining network summary reports of like voice call, video call, pocket switch and HSDPA
success and failure rate.
• Handling new requirements of daily reports to circle team and customer.
• Supports end to end operations, coordinating with Technical Support Group (TSG) and OSS team
for network related issues.
• KPI management by real time performance management for 3g Ooredoo project.

Organisation : CSS Corp, Chennai.

Designation : Support Engineer
Project : ROKU (UK & US)
Duration : Nov 2013 – Aug 2014

Roles and Responsibility:

➢ Experienced in Network settings of routers.

➢ Provide Technical Support for installing and debugging the product ROKU.
➢ Changing the wireless channel of all kind of routers
➢ Assigning the DNS for the routers
➢ Selling the extended warranty of the product over the phone
➢ Liaise with support teams, working together to resolve customer issues.
➢ Work as part of a team with good communication skills.

Tools Knowledge

NetAct-CM configuration Citrix

NetAct-BTS Site manager Net numen
Net Act-Workingset Manager OX Tool
Net Act-CM Editor OMS Tool
NetAct-Reporting suite tool SAP
NetAct-Monitor RAS
Nemo Infoblox

Training Certification

➢ UMTS Network Architecture

➢ IP Network Fundamentals
➢ IPv6 Technology Introduction
➢ Introduction to LTE/SAE Architecture WBT for RLx0 (contains all releases to RL70)
➢ GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
➢ ATM basics
➢ SS7 Principles
➢ GSM evolution to EDGE
➢ GSM-Basics - Global System for Mobile Basics


➢ Won 1st prize for project presentation in National Level Technical symposia in Madha College of
Engineering& Technology, Chennai.
➢ Won 1st prize for paper presentation in National Level Technical symposia in Rajiv Gandhi College
of engineering & technology, Puducherry.
➢ Won 1st prize for paper presentation in National Level Technical symposia in E.S College of
engineering & technology, Villupuram.
➢ Won 1st prize for Ad-Zap in National Level Technical symposia in E.S College of engineering &
technology, Villupuram.
➢ Won certificate of recognition for 100% attendance in 2009-2010.
➢ Won 1st prize twice for mono acting (English) in Villupuram district level competition during
➢ Won 1st prize twice for mono acting (Tamil) in Villupuram district level competition during 2008-
➢ Won 3rd prize for English speech in Villupuram district level competition during 2008-2009.
➢ Won 1st prize twice for mono acting (English) in Villupuram district level competition during 2007-

Personal Details

Current Address : Chennai.

Date of Birth : 11.01.1992
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indian
Languages : Tamil, English