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Guidelines for Final Project

Work in pairs

Presentation schedule:
 In Weeks 15-16
 Order of presentation TBA

 Electronic version of the final project report due on Jan. 7, 2020 midnight.
 No later report would be accepted. Plan ahead!

Components of your project report:

1. Title
2. Abstract
3. Keywords
4. Introduction
4.1 Purpose of the study: exploratory, descriptive, and/or explanatory of what
5. Literature Review
5.1 Previous studies: what relevant studies, if any, have been done on the above
topic, i.e., what we have known and unknown on the topic?
5.2 Theoretical framework
5.3 Research hypotheses or research questions in appropriate places
6. Method
6.1 Procedure
6.2 Measurement (wording of the questions and answers, format of the questions
and answers, creation of index/scale/typology)
6.3 Sampling (study population, sampling design)
7. References
8. Appendix (optional): The finalized questionnaire and other necessary materials

Page limit:
 Double-space, 12-point Times New Roman.
 No less than 10 pages excluding references.
 Cite at least 10 references.