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2 A WHOLE NEW WORLD from Walt Disney's ALADDIN Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by TIM RICE Sweetly Dade) =" wf D GB AIC} cot sa, = T can show you the world, shin ing, shim - mer-ing, splen - did. 7 v v EmG FHT FAT/AE Bm Bova G a 5 ‘Tellme prin - cess, now when did you last let your heart de. - FHF GB ACE D es 1 can 0 ~ pen your eyes take you won - der by won - o o o 9 1982 wenden sicconpsey 2n EmG FHT FRIAL Bm Bova G & a & 5 ways and D A D ee ATIC A whole new world a pew fan = tas-tic point of view. - 7 an 7 Diadd9) AG DFE MG birt Bm? Eywus £7 a od 0 sal i oe ane No one to tell us no. or where 0 go or say we're on = ly dream — i ua A D AL Agim? & ing. Avwhole new = world a daz-zling place 1 nev = er knew. 273 Bm DIA AG a AG DFE Bm? Etsus BL But when 'm way up. is crys - tal clear that now I ATsus AT oa fa — whole new world with — you. BbiD CE Gm/Bb Alsus ATIC# m i nt in - de-scrib - a-ble feel - Soar - ing, tum - bling, free - R ® Ley @ wheel = ing through end - less. 278 thou - sand things CBb FIA CrBb FA Dm? Grsus G7 BbIC c F ic Chaim i E £ an) ‘awhole new = world with new ho - ri-zons Dm FuC CIBb FIA el b FIA TH chase them ‘There's time 3 275 Dm? Gigus G2 BIC C7 Dm FIC ; 2 8 eS zB me share this whole new world — with you, —________ A whole new Bb(add9) A Gmi(adé4) me oR" ays that’s where we'll be. A thrill - ing Bb(add9) C7sus F a B = a won-d’rous place for you and