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We are the one of the sub branch of Hafi Group of

Companies and we are the most advanced and
well known plant tissue culture company in
India. Hafi group has started business in 1996
with a aim of make various varieties of plant
tissue culture. We can proudly say that we are
achieve our goal. Most attractive part of our
company is indoor gardening.

Our plants are natural plants, we are not use any
artificial or harmful substances. Our plants are
not genetically modified. They are Grade-A
quality plants.

We are the one of the best Indoor
gardening plants dealers in Kochi. We
have the various collections of orchids
and flower pots, indoor gardening,
Swarnamukhi Nendra and more. we
have a high quality tissue culture lab for
tissue culture plants. Also we have a big
collection of orchid flowers and banana
Indoor gardening plants

Pots n petals are the one of the best indoor
gardening plants dealers in kochi, and also we
have various collection of orchids, banana trees
and more. We are not use any harmful pesticides
for plants . We are sell disease free plants for the