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Water contamination consists of mainly heavy metals,

fertilizers, microorganisms, toxic and organic compound as now due to rapid
industrialization the water pollution is also increases. This is a fact that water
contamination is major problem world is facing today. So it is necessary to treat
water before use. In our project, A model turbid water is treated by coagulation-
flocculation and sedimentation, with Moringa oleifera seeds as a coagulant, using
jar tests. The quality of the treated water is analyzed and compared with that of
the water treated with alum. Experiments are conducted at various dosages of the
crude 5% water extract of both dry, shelled and non-shelled Moringa
oleifera seeds. Measurements of pH, conductivity, alkalinity, cation and anion
concentrations, showed that coagulation with Moringa oleifera seeds did not
significantly affect the quality of the treated water. However, concentration of
organic matter in the treated water increased considerably with the dosage
of Moringa solution. Since this organic matter might exert a chlorine demand and
also act as precursor of trihalomethanes during the disinfection with chlorine, it
is suggested that Moringa oleifera seeds be used as a coagulant in water and
wastewater treatment, only after an adequate purification of the active proteins.