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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 147 E/145

(2002/C 147 E/152) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3288/01

by Martin Callanan (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(27 November 2001)

Subject: Budget expenditure 1999

What was the total expenditure, and individual breakdown (including salaries, expenses, pensions,
insurance, loss of office), in 1999 of:
1. The 20 Commissioners?
2. The administrative staff?
3. Advertising and publicity?

Answer given by Ms Schreyer on behalf of the Commission

(22 January 2002)

The expenditure of the 20 Members of the Commission and all Commission officials is covered by the
appropriations entered in Title A-1 (Expenditure relating to persons working with the institution) of the
general budget of the European Union.

The information for 1999 is as follows:

1. In the case of the Members of the Commission, for all the budget items in Chapter A-10 (Members of
the Institution) total spending was € 12 487 000, or 99,18 % of appropriations entered.
2. In the case of the staff employed at headquarters in 1999, for all the budget items in Chapter A-11
(Staff in active employment) total spending was € 1 203 313 300, or 99,21 % of appropriations
The other headquarters administrative expenditure is covered by Title A-2 (Buildings, equipment and
miscellaneous operating expenditure), Title A-5 (Data processing) and Title A-7 (Decentralised
expenditure on support staff and administration), and divides up in proportion to the staff in service
in 1999.
The outturn figures for these Titles are as follows:
7 Title A-2: € 309 550 442, or 99,54 % of appropriations entered;
7 Title A-5: € 94 033 766, or 99,97 % of appropriations entered;
7 Title A-7: € 193 055 479, or 92,07 % of appropriations entered.
Staff and administrative expenditure of European Community Delegations is covered by Title A-6. In
1999, the rate of utilisation was almost 100 % of the appropriations, or € 221 923 000.
Expenditure on staff at the Offices within the Community is covered by Chapter A-11 mentioned
above, while infrastructure and administrative expenditure is covered by Article A-420 (Offices in the
Community: buildings, equipment, operating costs and information technology). In 1999, this
spending totalled € 13 375 408, or 95,37 % of appropriations.
3. The only expenditure on advertising and publicity incurred by the Commission is publication costs in
connection with interinstitutional competitions, which are covered by part of the appropriations
entered under item A-4020. In 1999 the rate of utilisation for this item was € 3 079 953, or 86,53 %
of appropriations entered.

All this information is available in the Commission’s revenue and expenditure account (1) and in the
Official Journal in which the 2001 budget (2) is published. These two documents give analytical details of
administrative expenditure in 1999.

The Commission is also willing to reply to any specific questions concerning one of the budget lines
mentioned in these documents.

(1) Revenue and expenditure account and balance sheet relating to operations under the 1999 budget: Volume 1:
SEC(2000) 537; Volume 2: SEC(2000) 538; Volume 3: SEC(2000) 539; Volume 4: SEC(2000) 1624.
(2) OJ L 56, 26.2.2001.