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Cal State Monterey Bay Capstone Project

Red Eye Crow Brand

Cole Robbins
ITCD Capstone Proposal
Capstone Advisor: Bobbi Long

School of Information Technology & Communication Design


Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Introduction 4

Problem Description 5

Solution Description 6

Deliverables 7

Methodology 8

Testing and Evaluation Plan 9

Budget 10

Timeline 11

Appendixes 12

Advisor Signoff 16


Executive Summary

This project is an amazing opportunity to be able to build something from the ground

up; especially while in school. My client, Rich Debos, is a good friend of my father and one of

my personal mentors. When he first presented the collaboration to me in mid-August it was an

exciting moment. Rich shared the portfolio he had been putting put together for Red Eye Crow

and had me critique each design. Due to Rich’s medical history he has had to switch from one

dominate side to the other and has had to relearn how to produce graphics. Due to this issue

he has been using prefabricated clipart and wanted my help to redesign the brand.

Over this past semester I have only laid the foundation of the structure I plan to build. I

have already begun to design for the brand and have had some great outcomes. I am nearly

half-way complete with the direction of the main logo; whether to use a type-heavy or icon-

based logo. I have also begun to sketch design silhouettes, making use of the location of the

graphic then of the design itself. For me it is very important to create personal inspiration to

then lead the future design of this project.

During winter break, I plan to produce as many designs as I can ultimately to give myself

a head start on next semester. This includes copyrighting the selected designs collected and

finally to obtain my business license. Once the designed are filed can I begin to promote the

brand across multiple social media platforms; possibly making an advertisement for each

demographic to increase interest from multiple age groups. It is extremely important for me to

make this brand, Red Eye Crow, appealing to more than just one type of folk, and I believe I will

be able to accomplish just that.



During mid-August of 2019, I was approached by Rich Debos, an established graphic

designer with over 30 years of international experience, to discuss if I would be interested in

collaborating on apparel brand. Rich had been developing a brand called Red Eye Crow (REC)

for some time and was now looking for assistance to push this concept into the real world. As

he handed me a stack of designs; he explained to me that most of the branding he had put

together for REC was made up of clipart, which needed to be redesigned. We went through

each design, noting changes to be made if they were picked to be recreated. After we finished

our mark-ups for each of Rich’s designs, we began to discuss the brand further.

Rich was encouraging me to illustrate my own graphics that would be within the same

themes he had already established for the brand. The main theme is quite dark and sinister,

which I find to be intriguing. Besides the overall theme, Rich had established a few different

ideas for the branding, including labels and packaging for rat poison, cigarettes, a funeral home,

and a phonograph company. Rich also created a couple designs resembling tarot cards, so we

discussed for some time over the topic; deciding to create our own deck with packaging based

off an official and “approved” tarot deck.

Aside from the branding, Rich had not currently secured social media platforms or a

website domain. I took it upon myself to create the social media accounts and he informed me

that he would be securing a domain soon. Rich also mentioned he would be creating official

emails for both of us, including an information email ( to place on our social

media accounts, so that consumers have the capability to contact us directly.


Problem Description

About five years ago, Rich suffered from multiple strokes leaving his dominate side

paralyzed for the time being. Over the years with physical therapy he regained most of his

mobility but has lost decades of design experience. Unfortunately, like most of us, Rich wasn’t

ambidextrous and had to switch from his dominate (right) hand to his non-dominant (left)

hand. Being that he had his creative freedom stripped from him; he is unable to execute

original illustrations. He still managed to create designs through mostly typefaces and clipart,

which is how he had orchestrated the designs for REC and its overall theme. Due to the clip art

issue, Rich wasn’t able to publish or launch the brand without running into legal issues. Those

designs clearly weren’t a total loss of time for the brand because Rich had created the theme.

With our dark and sinister theme established, it would be easy to speculate that we will

only be catering to a specific target audience, but I believe we create a broader interest group

than expected. Although I believe this, I want our main focus to be placed on adults from 18 to

40 years old with heavy interests in in punk/emo/metal/hardcore music, motorcycle/car

culture, and monochromatic/duo-chromatic silhouettes.

Due to the unique situation of this project, I can look through other CSUMB projects

who have fully rebranded their client’s companies to get inspired. Those inspirational projects

might spark new and more creative ideas that I may miss without taking the time to look over

similar situations. The task ahead is a challenging and eye-opening opportunity for me to gain

real world experience with an actual client while still in school. I am lucky to have found a client


that believes in my capability to rebrand their company while fully backing all the funds

necessary to launch the brand.

Solution Description

The launch and startup of the proposed apparel brand, Red Eye Crow (REC) will be

broken down into steps. To help solve the issue of originality of my client’s designs, I will be

selecting the appropriate designs to be recreated. I’m also planning to create original concept

designs that will be later approved by the client. Rich will be stepping back completely from the

overall design and is giving me the necessary freedom with the illustrations I plan to create.

Although, I will be throwing out some designs Rich has put together; I’ll be sure to store the

captions he had made for future projects relating to REC. Once I create over ten unique designs,

I will begin to select ten specific ones to be REC’s first line of copyrighted matter. California law

limit designers and brands from submitting more than ten designs per copyright application.

To submit these documents/designs to Sacramento for copyright I will first need to

obtain my business license to ensure the legitimacy of our intention. It is extremely important

for me to take the necessary steps to avoid having no ground if someone is to fraudulently use

our graphics; if no action is taken it could be detrimental to our brand. This amount of

importance is the same with securing our social media platforms and website’s domain.

Besides the design aspect of the brands physical production, I will also be helping my

client with the launch of the brands e-commerce site. Making sure that the site is consistent

with my designs; ensuring that the consumers feel a continuous theme.



I need to orchestrate designs based off the established theme, including type/graphic

logos, illustrations, and silhouettes. A select amount of these designs will be filed and placed to

be copyrighted in California. After I complete the majority of the silhouette designs, I will be

then producing my tarot card designs and their packaging. Once a majority of the designs are

made I can then work on the physical tech-packs to organize our production. With the proper

tech-pack information I can determine realistic cost/line sheets to then start the production of

physical protos and samples. Using those protos and samples, we will be able to promote the

brand through our social media platforms while building up our e-commerce site for the launch.

It is extremely important for us to test our website’s usability to make sure our future

customers have no issues browsing or buying products. Before launching our products on our

website, it is going to be necessary to create financials like profit and loss, to ensure that we

aren’t over producing or overspending. It is also going to essential for us to create a system to

test the interest of our consumers and which designs will do more likely to be bought. It would

be a disaster for both my client’s investment if we made product we couldn’t sell. If it does

happen to some extent, we plan to donate our shirts to those in need.

With that it is easy to see that this project isn’t going to easy, but with my clients help

and knowledge I have faith in myself to complete such a task within the time given. Rich has

given me complete freedom to take each step day by day and isn’t pressuring me to complete

these goals in strict timely manner. To stay on schedule, I have made our required Gantt chart

my main source for deadlines.



Implementation Plan
With help from my Gantt chart I will be sure to stay on track. As stated earlier, I need to
obtain my business license because I won’t only be working for my client; I will be an
owner of the company. Additionally, I need to create my design bundle to be
copyrighted in California, which will include our final main logo. Once those main
designs are established and up for copyright can I then work on the other deliverables
like the tarot cards. Again, as stated earlier, I will be sure to test designs and silhouettes
with our consumers to avoid over production or underappreciated designs.

The resources that I will be using for this project are primarily surrounding me at all
times, from the technology I have to the technical help I can get from Rich or my father
(who is an established project manager of retail/apparel brands, like Nike, Asics, and
Mitchell & Ness). With technology, their help, and my overall skills/knowledge I should
be able to accomplish every goal set for this project within the timeline established.

I have an assortment of skills that are necessary to orchestrate each and every outcome
of the project: extensive experience with graphic design and illustration;
intermediate skills involving HTML and web design; a strong foundation in digital and
analog print layout/process; a heavy interest in apparel design and construction.

Risk Analysis
There are a few risks to be considered that have been both previously stated and not.
The main risk to face would be not turning a profit but is unlikely if the proper steps are
taken. Another risk would be over producing products, which again can be avoided if we


figure an estimated amount to produce. Lastly, it is very unlikely, but the risk of Rich
passing before the brand’s official launch and start date needs to be addressed.

Testing and Evaluation Plan

Functional Testing
For any company it is important to note and document the feedback received from
social media posts before officially launching the intended product. Without publicly
testing the functionality of a product, it is a great loss of otherwise very important data.
Public feedback can roughly determine the amount of product a producer should invest
in; helping to secure the profit and to avoid unnecessary loss. We plan to implement
this very process to ensure there is real interest when producing merchandise and
create a profitable margin.

Usability Testing
When producing any product, it is crucial to make sure it works for their intended use. It
is also important to test your product for imperfections to avoid failure after use (or
while in use); producing quality over quantity. These same principles can be applied to
e-commerce or any other website. As stated earlier, it is very essential to test the
website’s usability to make sure future customers have no issues while browsing or
buying products. Including accessibility features are an easy step to increase the
usability of the site. This includes voice search optimization, adjustable text sizes, and
monochromatic layouts with high contrast.
Evaluation Plan
I will know if the project is successful based upon profit and public interest. Without
profit it would be a great loss of time and opportunity. With no public interest it would
also be a total loss that could have potentially been avoided.




Adobe Creative Cloud (Without Student Access) $63.00 / mo $756.00 / yr


T-Shirts $TBD / mo $TBD / yr

Shorts $TBD / mo $TBD / yr

Card Deck $TBD / mo $TBD / yr


E-commerce Website $29 / mo $348 / yr


Total Cost $TBD / mo $TBD / yr



Gantt Chart: 12 / 15 / 2019



Capstone Proposal –09 / 13 / 2019


Capstone Status Report – 11 / 20 / 2019


2819 Saratoga Court
Marina, California, 93933
+1 (714) 244 7082

A seasonal Swim Coach, Lifeguard, and State Park Employee with 3+ years of excellent
customer service experience. An enrolled student at Cal State University of Monterey Bay and is
obtaining a B.S. in Communication Design. Looking to use current knowledge of customer
service and register experience to branch out into retail.

Swim Coach and Lifeguard May 2015 - Present

• First aid, CPR, and AED certified

• Time management skills


Senior Park Aide December 2016 - Present

• Extensive cash handling and register experience

• 1,000+ hours of State Park Kiosk experience
• Defensive Driving Certified
• Office reception skills

Graduate August 2010 - June 2014


General Education August 2014 - December 2018


Obtaining B.S. in Communication Design January 2018 - Present


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