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Rajan Bhatt Bio-data

Designation: Assistant Professor (Soil Science)
Department: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kapurthala

Date of birth: 1st April, 1979

Educational qualifications: B.Sc. Agriculture (1996), M.Sc. Soils (2000), NET/UGC


Positions held:
• Research Fellow from 1st January 2003 to 1st March 2003 in Punjab Agricultural
University, Ludhiana.
• Research Fellow from 14th May 2003 to 23rd January in Punjab Agricultural
University, Ludhiana.
• DES (Soil Science) from 24th of January 2006, to 22 march 2006 at FASS,
• Assistant Professor (Soil Science) at KVK, Kapurthala from 23rd of March 2006
to Till date.

Total Experience: 2 years, 10 months as Research Fellow at department of Soils, PAU,

Ludhiana and 4 years, 8 months as Assistant Professor (Soil Science) at KVK,

Membership of scientific societies/associations:

* Life Member, World Association of Soil and water conservation, China
* Life Member, Indian Society of Soil and water conservation.

Research publications: 49
Published research papers: 11
Conference papers: 03
Popular/semi-technical articles: 33
Research bulletins/Manuals: 02

Participation in seminar/symposia/conferences:
National 03

Book chapters: 02

Full-length paper in international conference:

S S Kukal, Bhoop Singh and Rajan Bhatt (2005) Runoff and sediment losses in
relation to gully erosion in foothills of Shiwaliks. Map India, 124. 1-8.

Full-length Paper accepted in the Regional workshop for Water management going
to held from 13-15 Dec. 2010 at Punjabi University, Chandigarh

Rajan Bhatt and Manoj Sharma (2010) Management of Irrigation Water through
Tensiometer in Paddy- a case study in the Kapurthala district of Punjab.

At Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kapurthala, I have assigned the following duties

As in-charge of soil and water testing Laboratory:

I established and started the Soil and Water Testing Labortary of KVK, Kapurthala after
my joining from Jan. 2006 and the overall progress is as under.

Year No of soil and water samples Amount obtained and

analyzed by the Soil and water submitted after analysing
testing Lab of KVK., Kapurthala. the samples @Rs 20 per
2005 Nil Nil
2006 152 3040 = 00
2007 292 5840 = 00
2008 381 7620 = 00
2009 455 9100 = 00
2010 460 9200 = 00
Total 1740 34,800 = 00

Now, our lab stood 3rd in Punjab after Bathinda and Gurdaspur and 4th in North Zone of
India from the last five years in terms of number of soil samples analysed.

As in-charge of Front Line Demonstration Project:

I am looking after the Project of Front Line Demonstration at KVK from the last five
years and doing initial inherent fertility status of all the plots and demonstrate the
technologies at the farmer's field after purchasing all the inputs viz. Seed, Fertilizers,

Act as Farm Manager:

 Act as Farm Manager of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kapurthala from 14-8-06 to 14-2-
 Act as Farm Manager of Regional Station, Kapurthala from 20-3-2007 to 10-6-

Demonstration conducted in the field of Soil Science: 30 (Each demonstration was

conducted on 4-5 farmers' fields)

On-farm trials: 12 (Each trial was conducted on 4-5 farmers' fields)


 Use of Neem coated urea had an edge over normal urea as it repels insect -pest
 Delay date of transplanting to 15th of June.

Farmer's training conducted (On and Off-campus): 100

Sponsored Training Programmes:

4 (Each7-days programme by Regional Station, Bathinda) and 1 (2- days programme by

central ware housing corporation, Chandigarh)

21 days Training Programmes Attended:

1. "Modern techniques for analysis of soil, plant, fertilizer and irrigation water" at the
Department of Soils, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana from 23-9-08 to 13-10-08

2. "Improving sodic soil quality, input use efficiency and crop productivity through
integrated nutrient management at Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal from
21-11-09 to 11-12-09.

Special Training Programmes Attended:

1. Attended International Symposium on Balanced Fertilizer for Sustaining Crop

Productivity held at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana from 22-11-06 to 25-11-06

2. Attended Five day training programmes on "Soil Health Enhancement through

Improved Technology" under Niche area of excellence from 28-8-06 to 1-09-06 at
Department of Soils, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

Field days organized: 12 (As Front line Demonstration's In-charge)

Soil Testing campaigns: 10

Lectures Delivered: 125

TV Talks: 09

Radio Talks: 03