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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 205 E/245

(2002/C 205 E/271) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1008/02

by Paulo Casaca (PSE) to the Commission

(15 April 2002)

Subject: Food products containing toys

Suffocation is one of the most common accidents amongst children in the EU. Death by suffocation occurs
when children are still at the oral development stage and instinctively place things in their mouth.

In recent years there has been increasing concern over new food products which contain toys. Such
concern has arisen because of statistics which reveal that children are dying as a result of suffocation
caused by toys contained in food products, such as cereals and chocolate eggs.

Does the Commission not think that specific action should be taken in order to protect children from the
risks inherent in toys contained in food products?

(2002/C 205 E/272) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1218/02

by Arlindo Cunha (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(30 April 2002)

Subject: Food products containing free gifts

On 16 May 2000, the Commission and representatives of the 15 Member States reached the conclusion
that, on the basis of the available information, there was no proven specific risk factor involved in
attaching free gifts to food products when wrapped separately, as in the case of chocolate eggs, cereals, etc.

In the meantime, studies in Europe indicate that children of various ages have been injured or even killed
in accidents involving these products. ANEC, European Association for the Coordination of Consumer
Representation in Standardisation has been fighting to ban the mixing of food and non-food products.
However, unlike the USA, Australia and Malaysia, no legislation to this effect has yet come into force in
the European Union.

What measures does the Commission believe should be taken to prevent the common commercial practice
of including inedible objects in food products placed on sale, particularly food products destined for

Joint answer
to Written Questions E-1008/02 and E-1218/02
given by Mr Byrne on behalf of the Commission

(21 May 2002)

The Commission has already answered several previous parliamentary questions on the issue raised by the
Honourable Member. He is therefore asked to refer to the joint answers given to Written Questions
E-0504/02 by Ms Karamanou and E-0548/02 by Mr Alavanos (1), and to Written Questions E-2630/00 by
Mr Moreira Da Silva, E-2631/00 by Ms Damião and E-2632/00 by Mr Lage (2).

(1) See page 153.

(2) OJ C 136 E, 8.5.2001.