Q.1 what are your long range and short range career goals and objectives? Q.

2 how do you plan to achieve your career goals?

Q.3 what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Q.4 what is the important reward that you expect from the organization?

Q.5 why did you choose to be what you are?

Q.6 state 2 strengths and weaknesses of yours

Q.7 how would you overcome the weaknesses?

Q.8 describes yourself - 5 sentences/ 4 words.

Q.9 how would a friend or professor describes you?

Q.10 what do ³you have´ to offer the company? Q.11 what are your core areas that will attribute to success

16 which qualities make a person successful in any field? Q.13 what does job satisfaction mean to you? Q.Q.14 what motivates you work? Q.19 if not what else and why? Q.15 describes a rewarding college experience. Q.17 what future do you see for yourself in our company? Q.18 do you think your academic performance is an indicator of your achievement and capabilities? Q.20 what have been your extra curricular activities? What kind of satisfaction did you gain from them .12 what does success mean to you? Q.

but wants to spend time with the young girl/old friend. How will he do both? Q.26 a young man is passing by on a scooter. The child is taken to the hospital.1 why have you chosen this field? Q. a young girl or old friend.27 why does a man uses lift only till 10th floor when he has to go to the 12th floor?He climbs up the last 2 floor FOR H.24 a black car doesn¶t dash a black dressed in black? Q. at the bus stop he sees an old man. the doctor says that I cannot operate. he is my son.25 what will happen if you jump off the window? Q.22 if there are 3 frogs 2 decides to jump into the well how many remain? Q.2 what are your core interest areas? .experienced candidates? Q. R. He wants to give lift to old man. PROFESSIONALS Q.23 a father and his son are moving on the scooter and meet with an accident. Why? Q.

is essential . Q.7 would you like if the company deals with you in the same manner? Q. do you think HR dept.6 what do you suggest: how should redundancy or non-performers be handled? Q.3 why do you think you can perform better in this area? Q.Q.4 what is the mental make up essentials for a successful H.8 which mode of conflict solving would you adopts? Q.10 if all services are outsourced.9 don¶t you think employees are given unnecessary importance today.5 what do you think about workers? Q.R manager? Q.

16 what are the convictions of HR professional? Q. Q.15 if money is not the permanent motivator then what is the other motivator? Q. Should HR professionals have higher EF? If yes why? Q.17 which skills are essentials for the effective people¶s professional? Q.14 task/people orientation.12 would you like to be a part of business? Yes or no why? Q.11 business and HR goes hand in hand. What should be the approach? Q.Q. 2 factors which you will .13 what is emotional fitness (EF).18 state 2 values you would never compromise. Justify.

4 what is perfect competition according to you? Q.6 If I don¶t have money for promotional activities and advertisements.adapt to be successful? Q.19 are you A/B types? Internal/ external? Q.3 is marketing only selling? Q.8 what strengths does a marketing man needs to succeed Q.9 is sales.7 what are the stages in marketing before the product actually sells in the market? Q.20 how would you balance your personal and professional life? Q21) how will you counsel a employee who is not rewarded FOR MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Q. then how do I sell my product? Q.10 should the marketing executive have a thorough knowledge of .5 Can you denote an example of Duopoly? Q. only way to earn profit? Q.2 Why marketing as a specialization? Q.1 is monopoly market relevant today? Q.

14 what kind of stress is expected to be borne by the marketing professional? Q. what is the principle? Q.11 Marketing is a life line of business.15 how is concept marketing different from product marketing? Q.13 why is customer psychology related to the product? Q. Do you agree or disagree? Q.business? Q.12 if you sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo or a comb to a bald.16 a product which does not have a high quality can be makeup by marketing strengths and gimmicks .

Q.3 can resource allocation is done equally to all the departments? Q.Q.20 what do you mean by a market where artificial demand is created? Q.4 Are recovery and interest rates only ways for finance to grow? . Why? Q. HV-LM FOR FINANCE PROFESSIONALS Q.17 what are marketing ethics? Q. Do you agree or disagree.18 what is aggressive marketing? Sight some examples.19 marketing and advertising are inseparable.21 in which equation marketing strategies are useful? HM-LV.2 which mental abilities are essential for finance professional? Q.1 why finance as a profession? Q.

2 what has been your satisfying experience? Q.10 finance professional are not very popular with their internal customers.4 Do you have any role model? Who is it and why? Q.Q.6 Relate Strategic finance to business? Q.5 which is the creative idea you have run across in business? Q. would you take it? Q.8 what are your individual or personal strengths which would make you a successful finance professional? Q.7 what extra edge does the finance professional have? Q. Why FOR EXPERINCED PERSONNEL Q1.6 if you took this position what would you do in the first hour of work .5 how can costing be applied to all the areas of business? Q. What is the most difficult management or functional problem that you have faced and handled? Q.9 what should be the approach of finance professional towards others services? Q.3 If someone were to come into your company right now and give you 4 lakh cash and if it was legitimate.

11 what you wouldn¶t like to be. your.15 Do you feel.9 would you like to have. considering the shortcomings of your boss? Q. that your performance has been recognized or rated fairly? .12 how do you handle criticism at work? Q.13 are you a leader or a follower? Why? Q.10 what would you like to say about your current/last boss? Q.environment? Q.8 Do you believe in empowerment? Q.7 what does authority and responsibility mean to you? Q. bosses job? Describe a worst boss Q.14 what do you inherently don¶t like about people? Q.

or personal criticism from .23 what can you give to organization and what do you expect from the organization? Q.19 tell me about yourself. Q.24 development in career can be made only through switching jobs.22 what is your employee profile from an ethical employee point of view? Q.17 what have you learnt from your last job? Q.Q.26 what makes you really emotional and you get moved by what? Q.16 do you prefer working with others or alone? Q.20 tell me a story Q.27 how would you handle a rough employee. Q. Comment? Q.25 which temptation is difficult to resist for a job change? Q.18 would you tolerate a subordinate criticizing you? Q.21 tell me an unforgettable incident.

what should the Organizations do to retain Employees .29 who are you from inside? Or tell me about real you? Q.your boss? Q.30 According to you.28 do you feel you can be yourself at all times and in all situations? Q.

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