April 24, 2010 There have been some pretty exciting things unfolding with D and I.

You see, there is this satellite that I have been waiting to get images from for 3 months now, check it out.

It's called SDO and it does only one thing, "IT WATCHES THE SUN!"


And so, in anticipation leading up to the SDO "first light" event that will show the sun in the highest HD film and images that have ever existed, D & I spent some time researching a theory of mine that goes a little like this;

Our solar system and the placement of each orbiting body within it, has a collection of qualities which include it's molecular combination of ingredients, it's size, and most notably its distance from the sun. There are several other factors but the idea that I was attempting to chase down is that there has to be a way to easily add all this data together to determine the individual resonant frequency or "voice" that is emitted from each one of our planets and our sun.

I don't know where any of this came from, I was just completely compelled to figure this out. And as I went hunting for this data I found out why.

For some reason I was connecting the dots between the different patterns of sacred geometry and the pictures that Deanna has been describing to me of the seven chakras of the human body. I noticed that each chakra has a different shape and color. Then D told me that each one vibrates with a different tone, resonating at its own frequency, and when meditating at the frequencies of each chakra a relationship is developed with the infinite structure of reality. And that the geometrical shape and color of each individual chakra are achieved and experienced when resonating at that tone in meditation. Each tone a different frequency.

. then what are the shapes and colors achieved by every other tone and note that exists within every octave in music. Or each frequency within the spectrum of sound."I googled it!" And here is what I found. "HOW DO I GO ABOUT MAKING A COLORFUL SHAPE OUT OF A MUSICAL NOTE?" "HOW THE FUNKIN'WAGGLES AM I GOING TO PULL THIS OFF?! And before completely deflating from feeling really smart.. check this out! http://www..com/watch?v=05Io6lop3mk "Can you dig it!!!!!!?” Well "look out" there's more! Direct from NASA.. http://www. And furthermore if the geometrical shape and color of each individual chakra are achieved from that tone or note.. and record a detailed description of the musical notes ...So I wanted to establish a musical notation for each chakra in hopes to better understand this process and grow a much clearer connection with the cosmos.. And since I understand music I know that each tone has a frequency. but then felt the slap of reality that came with this thought. So now at this point I was gripped with the moment of feeling smugly clever.com/watch?v=qzL194jiTyY&feature=related And so things got very directed from here. I went and asked the Oracle for guidance.youtube. we built two cymatics viewer plates and are elbows deep in a project of no less than recreating all the geometrical shapes possible with my lab set up. and so I needed to find the tone or note for each chakra..youtube.

Or locate this data for referencing later. We will have this to share very soon.that create these patterns and at what frequency. W&D .