Stop Playing Statute!!!

There were two nude statutes, one of a male and the other a female in an historical park. They had been facing each other for centuries but were almost 500 meters apart. A passing angel took pity on them and brought them to life. Speaking to them, he said, ´Children, I grant you life for 15 minutesµ. Giggling, they rushed behind the bushes and there was a lot of laughter, gasps and movements and beating about the bush. Before the expired time, they ran up to the angel and said, ´Sir could we do it again, pleaseµ. The angel smiled and said ´fine, go ahead.µ The male statute pleaded with the female saying, ´This time, we will change positionsµ. The angel almost laughed till he heard the female statute reply, ´Okay, I will hold the pigeon down while you pee on itµ. What happens to the grandiose statues erected by our megalomaniac leaders? Most of these larger than life statutes of our so called political leaders are not only a blot on beauty and aesthetics but a vulgar display of wealth and power. Mind you, such grand designs are paid from the taxpayers money, people like you and me. I would rather feed hungry mouths, educate underprivileged children and give shelter to the needy than pay obeisance to such leaders.

Of what use is a statute except for bird droppings. We seem to have an obsession with statues and idol worship. It is a natural human tendency to identify ourselves with symbols and motifs, particularly for people who find it difficult to grasp an abstract or obscure idea. But when symbols and motifs get overvalued beyond basic human needs, we need to sit up and introspect and stop our nation from being raped by these perverted megalomaniacs. 07 Sep 2009 Shyam