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Freedom in Action:

Freedom is not from action, but in action. When we face the ups and downs of life,
then we tend to arrogate the anxieties, grief or even happiness etc with the
associated actions, situations and people rather than discover some subjective
dimension to all these things. Such people as though give the reins of the life in
the hand of the things outside and then keep on getting buffeted by them. Their
minds keep vacillating in the momentary flashes of joys or sorrow, and anxieties
become as natural to them as heat is to fire. These people obviously decide to
give up those so called painful actions, or try to run away from those uncordial
situations or start disliking some people. These people are ignorant ones, and
they are not aware of the secrets and also the dynamics of action and experiences.

What Binds Us?

No one binds us except our own mind. Our ego, expectations, likes and dislikes
etc, however justified they may appear to be, alone bring all the anxieties and
stresses. Even a little deliberation on this matter brings this realization to us
that yes, it is indeed our expectations which brings all the anxieties etc, but we
also see that all work and relationships involve expectations. A mother has to
have expectations about the well-being of her child, so also the boss, or even a
teacher. All have some expectations, and this is what them drives them into those
actions. So this is like a Catch 22 situation, that expectation in actions will
bring anxieties, and yet these expectations are inevitable in our actions, so in
the final analysis there is no way except to face the resultant anxieties and
grief. Is there a way out of this tricky situations and discover a way to live in
a more positive and healthy way. Is there a way to live and act in this world
wherein we continue to have normal expectations and motivations yet be free from
the anxieties part? Can these very unavoidable expectations be made instrumental
to help bring about a u-turn in our experience graph. This is what is aimed at by
the unique art of action prescribed Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita. He affirms that
freedom is indeed not from action but in action.

Action Dissipaters:

No one acts without any objective or goal in mind. In fact clearer and dearer the
goal, more inspired and dynamic is the action. Let us not doubt this fact even for
a moment that we all want some fruits of action, and we also know that this
predominantly depends on our action. Now the question is that what are the factors
which mar the efficiency of our actions. These are:

1. Not giving proper justice to action, by being too anxiety ridden about the
fruits of action.

2. Being driven by a motivation which is very short term, and thus which makes us
goal-less soon.

3. Dissipations brought about by arrogating the success and failure on ourself.

To handle all the above problems, Gita gives us a very interesting model for our
actions. This package on one hand lets us have a clear goal, makes us very dynamic
and inspired, assures a motivation which is lasting, assures that we become free
of the negative effects of success and failure, and thus assures that the
resultant fruits of our actions are at their best.

Be Factual:
Lord says that lets be factual. He says that see this fact that there are various
things which are not being done by us and there are some things which have to be
done by us. The creation, the running of the world with all the infinite powers of
nature, our birth and that also in this human form, the place of our birth,
capacities, inclinations, the various situations which we get, the duration of
life, even the success and failures, none of these is fully in our hands. One fine
day when our minds are sufficiently developed we find ourselves in the midst of
this extremely beautiful yet astounding world, trying to figure out the what's &
why's of things here. While for the majority of things we are just blessed
recipients, yet there are some things which are definitely in our hands. Most
importantly the responses to the situations is our exclusive domain and freedom.
Moreover what kind of motivation we entertain, what priorities we have, how
healthy our body and integrated our mind is, how inspired we act, how we react to
the ups and downs - all fall under our personal freedom and domain. The truth is
that while we see that the majority of things are being run by powers that be, yet
all that which is on our hands is also very significant and consequential. Thus
there are two powers at work. The first the one which creates and runs the world,
which includes our creation and specific inclinations etc, and two, our role in
responding to the situations we get.

Live a Life of Partnership with God:

A person who normally gets negatively effected and burdened by living his or her
life is the one who is not factual, such a fellow takes all the burden on himself
and at the end of the day gets crushed by this self-imposed yet baseless burden.
So Gita says that the most obvious and logical thing is to live a life in
partnership with God, the unseen X power, who is the master of all that which runs
here. We need to cultivate a relationship with such a master. A relationship of
boss and his instrument, a one of beloved and the lover, or as the scriptures say,
one of a devotee and his god. This relationship is of great importance. Every
relationship inspires and motivates us. Today also most of the people work for
their family etc. We need to see this fact that our beloved is taking initiative
and showering us with all the love, life and its goodies. Now it is our turn, we
need to see life in such a way, that whatever situation we have got is his wish,
it has an important place in his script, whatever it may be. So lets give out our
best - for our beloved sake. In such a way, there will be an never ending, loving,
inspiring motivation to do our best in every situation and then remain free of our
doership too. However, if we cannot do and give everything for our beloved God,
then Lord Krishna tells another simple thing.

Prasad Buddhi:

He says you just live as per your drive and motivation, but just see that all
'Fruits of Actions' come from me. May you see every situation as my gift to you,
my 'prasad' for you all. So partake of this prasad with devotion, enjoy it, make
the best of it, but just remember, sincerely and deeply, that it is my gift to
you. He says that 'What you get is my gift to you, and what you do and give is
your offering to me'. So lets have this partnership, and then see its
revolutionary effect. You will be free of all the negative aspects of karma, there
will be no draining of your precious resources and energy, no stress-borne
diseases, assurance of good worldly life and the best part of it is that your mind
too will remain peaceful, inspired and creative.

Start a New Chapter:

So just incorporate one small principle in your life. See all situations as HIS
prasad, learn to be gratified in receiving every situation. Let every day be seen
as a blessing, and a new opportunity to live, love & serve. Prasad-Buddhi is an
integral part of the divine Art of Karma as revealed in Bhagwad Gita. Make a
humble beginning, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Thereafter you
will never aspire to be free from any action whatsoever, but will remain free in
and through every action. See that you are being showered with love every moment,
let this vision overwhelm and envelop you. This knowledge will bring about its own
action. This will indeed start a new chapter in your life.