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50 Keywords That Can Ruin Your Resume
By Khristina – November 19th, 2010

If you are looking for a job change and are aiming to write an eye-catching resume, this may surprise you. Some keywords or buzzwords you use in your CV could actually ruin your chances of getting that dream job. Why? According to Karen Burns, the author of the illustrated career advice book The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use, these words are simply “vague”. It makes your resume look like everyone elses. She advises: You want your resume to stand out. The best way to sell yourself is to show, don’t tell. Explain your accomplishments rather than spouting them off in trite ways. So check your resume for these boilerplate words and phrases. If you find them, replace them–or at the very least, elaborate upon them — with real-life, specific examples. So when making your resume, keep the following words out of the scene. 1. Team player 2. Detailed-oriented 3. Proven track record of success 4. Experienced 5. Excellent communication skills 6. Leadership skills 7. Go-to person 8. Managed cross-functional teams 9. Exceptional organizational skills 10. Self-starter

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11/19/2010 5:51 PM

Goal-oriented 16. Strong presentation skills 32. Savvy business professional 31. Bottom-line focused 23. Actions encompassed 42. Accustomed to fast-paced environments 27. Top-flight 21.. http://in. 11. Multi-tasker 35. Met (or exceeded) expectations 30. Cutting-edge 34. Functioned as Results-oriented professional 12. Strong negotiation skills 15. Proactive 36. Innovative 19.Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru.. Responsible for 24. People-person 17. Bottom-line orientated 13. Duties included 41. Works well with all levels of staff 29.. Highly skilled 39.yfittopostblog. Motivated 22. Skilled problem solver 26. Looking for a challenging opportunity 33. Works well with customers 14. Proven ability 20. Best-in-class 2 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM . Seasoned professional 37.. Assisted with 25. Strong work ethic 28. Perfectionist 38. Dynamic 18.

Because one word phrase describe a person in a resume... 11 people liked this. Strategic thinker 44. Aasish and 29 more liked this Without all these words a resume cannot formed shortly. 43.. Share this: Email Facebook StumbleUpon Digg Tags : jobs. 3 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM . I am very curious to look at Karen Burns resume that does not have any of the above terms :) 21 people liked this. Showing 30 of 52 comments Sort by Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS if not these words than how can one express himself. click here. Partnered with others 49...When you are facing an F@F interview at that time you may avoid these word and describe yourself elaboratly. Careers 39 people liked this.. Karen Burns.yfittopostblog... CV. Quick learner 48. i thinks these words are the short ones for his qualities and in resume we need to express ourselves in short. Out-of-the-box thinker Follow me @KhrisBlogs for the latest in careers and lifestyle... Works well under pressure 47.. Add New Comment Type your comment here. Results-focused 50. job change Category : On the web. To read my posts.Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru.. Flexible 46. resume. Lifestyle. Trustworthy 45.

.Do Not Lie about any thing. Although I will agree with your few points (Qualities mentioned) but I am sorry to say that posting this in Yahoo is completely CRAP. then what is point in preparing resume rockingmansoor and 5 more liked this instead of writing 50 words not to use. Dynamic 4 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM .Team player 2. The Interviewer is taking the interview because he need to hire... 5 people liked this.without using the above words we can't make a accurate C.. 9 people liked this. But if you really good at something. Resume is a tool through which we can project our self. Inferior communication skills 6. LONELY(People)-person 17. If you are asking not to mention these qualities. If we do not include these words in our resume.yfittopostblog. No Leadership skills 7.. Please go through posting sincerely and realize how indirectly you are confusing an applicant. He might follow the rejection principal but who knows. I can say that the contents in your posting are not feasible. Your points are too sensitive. he might need any of the qualities very badly what are listed above. everything you have included...HR & Training. And iam very eager to see the resume format without above words. 1 person liked this.. Thanks..V. Works WORST with customers 14. tell me what words i should use in my resume 20 people liked this. POOR(Excellent) negotiation skills 15. Proven track record of FAILURE 4. PUSH-starter 11.. there will be nothing to talk about. http://in.. Non. At least as a Manager .com/2010/11/19/50-keywords-that-can-ruin-your-r.but overall thts gud.. By d By which one you left behind. Bottom-line unorientated 13. ORDINARY organizational skills 10. Your resume should be "To Prove" and you should provide the "Proofs" of what ever you have written there sathish and 3 more liked this Hi Karen. mention 50 words which should be used in a resume then 9 people liked this... FAILURE Results-oriented professional 12.. don't forget to mention that. Bottom Line is .. Goal-oriented 16. NERVER A Go-to person 8. UNExperienced 5.Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru. Detailed-DISoriented 3. CAN'T Managed cross-functional teams 9. really karan its true if we include those all word in our resume then we hav a perfect resume but smtime we required short resume so for this we cant include all these word . Now i got perfect words to include in the resume after reading this post: 1... You have included almost all the qualities which an applicant will include in his/her resume.

27. 46. 43..yfittopostblog. This the kind of Resume that Interviewers at Tier 1 organizations come with. then why not in CV? 2 people liked this..Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru. 25. Unoriginal (Innovative) Proven ability CRASH (Top)-flight UnMotivated Never (Bottom-line) focused IrResponsible UnAssisted with HIGHLY UNSKILLED (Skilled) problem solver Accustomed to SLOW (fast)-paced environments.. 33. 41... She might have concluded her article with suggestive wordings or phrases. sometimes none (Multi-tasker) DULL & LAZY (Proactive) UNSeasoned professional Perfectionist Highly UNskilled Functioned as --. 49. And so. 30... http://in. really a good reply for the post... 26. 28.can do 180 degrees split Works RARELY (well) under pressure SLOW (Quick) learner Partnered with others FAILURE (Results)-focused Out-of-the-box thinker 40 people liked this. 45.LETHARGIC UNETHICAL (Strong work ethic) ABUSES STAFF (Works well with all levels of staff) NEVER Met (or exceeded) expectations NON-Savvy business professional WEAK (Strong) presentation skills NEVER LOOKS FOR OPPORTUNITY (Looking for a challenging opportunity) Cutting-edge Does only 1 task..closer is the match. Now prepare the resume with those words and upload to her she will definitely give a job to you hi..higher the level. 47. 22. 20..what does this mean? Duties EXCLUDED (included) Actions encompassed WORST (Best)-in-class Works without thinking (Strategic thinker) Devious and mis leading (Trustworthy) Flexible . siddharth4u1@yahoo. 37. 18. Thankyou. 50. 35. previous company name and you job title. 39. Manjunath. 34. Also think like a hiring manager. i feel you will end up in giving just a biodata with only educational details.. little wonder that the candidate who uses all the 50 words mentioned in Karen's article usually gets the job.. if you do not include these. 5 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM . 38. 24. Well said asta. 40.. But. 42. 44. i think it is a good idea to eliminate the most common words and use alternative words with similar meaning. Bala. in fact most of these words are there in the job ads and call letter / mail. 31. 19. 48. Completely eliminating will not help just imagine your own CV without all these big 50 words. if you can draft a CV format without using these words or equivalent can you post a copy? its really a great idea if you can make it. 21. 32. 36. by the laws of nature. I like your comment.. 1 person liked this.

Projecting oneself is our duty through a I am a professional who has been helping professionals/students with respect to their biodata making for last more than a decade and many of these(not all) I have already been suggesting and people use to have queries as to 'Why not to use these words'.I. choosing or verifying the proportions lies with you Mr Interviewer... This article will help me and my students/professionals in writing better Biodata's.. . good and very helpful for me..PANDIAN these are the words that could actually keep resume shorter as recommended by many. 2 people liked this.. People tend to use these words cause the traits are common in every person.. good advice Its fine.Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru... but you could have given suggesion to use better words in all these place or you could have suggested for better 50 words to be used int the resume which will enrich or give some vaue addition to the job seekers S... Ya i accept it bala Nice tips on resume building. Without using one of these words even the Interviewer or HR will not get selected in any company. http://in. how with out such words??? 6 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM .. please post more like this type of article. But what matters is the proportion of the traits which vary from people to people.. Please keep posting more such stuff. All the Best and Regards Vaibhav Kumar Mittal CEO Zion Education Services Delhi Projecting oneself in a brief manner is a resume.

Pandian.otherwise I think this type of suggestion is meaningless. she might have such plans.. You could have suggested 50 Better word to be used in the same place or you could have suggested to use only some specific words which will enrich the resume better.. This list includes almost everything a person would like to say..... Karen Burns please prove your talent by sending a resume without using these words.! I too guess the very same. I am She actually needs some money by charging some special amount for supplying those SPECIAL words !!! Yeah.. hey what about a person who wants to apply for a job and haven't achieved anything worthwhile.. according to me these are the only words that can be used........I. I think if we omit these words then it is better to mention only your name and address becuase rest of the main points they are saying not to use. we come across resume writers evolving in the market.... http://in..HR Consultant..Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News » Blog Archive 50 Keywords That Can Ru.yfittopostblog........ Hi. it fine. Trackback URL blog comments powered by DISQUS 7 of 7 11/19/2010 5:51 PM .. Now-a-days.......

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