Erin Beard 5/27/08

HM Certified Educator Training Program Learning Plan
Objective 1 I will learn to understand all aspects of the Holistic Management Framework and the underlying principles and planning procedures that support its practice. First Activity- Prepare thoroughly for each content session (4 in- person sessions and 2 independent studies), including the setting of personal learning objectives/expectation for the upcoming training. Timeline: by May 30th prior to Holistic Decision Making and Financial Planning sessions, by July 3rd prior to Grazing Planning and Biological Planning & Monitoring Sessions and by August 15 for independent study of Holistic Land Planning and Policy Analysis & Design. Second Activity- Actively participate in each content session and insure that learning objectives/expectations are met. Timeline: June & July 2008 Third Activity- Take notes during each session and review them following the week. Timeline: June & July 2008 Fourth Activity- Summarize each content session’s learnings in an article to be shared with our HM Group and members of the community that are interested in learning more about HM. Possible submission to Oneota Coop Newsletter or my employer’s, MOSA, newsletter. Timeline: Will complete within one month following each content session- July and August 2008. Fifth Activity- Read the textbook and document specific questions that arise in a designated HM Q & A journal. Timeline: Will read relevant chapters prior to each content session. Will re-read the textbook during the second year of program and focus specifically on areas of weakness. Sixth Activity- Find answers to my questions. Timeline: Will review questions during content session with peers and instructors- June & July 2008. Resources Available:


Erin Beard 5/27/08 The textbook Planning guides HMI and staff Program Mentor & instructor Other Participants Learning Community (HM Group) Oneota Coop & Decorah Community MOSA- my employer Documentation for activities and efforts for meeting Learning Objective 1 -Will keep and submit notes, handouts, materials, etc., which I produce in both preparation and participation of content sessions -Will write up a copy of my personal learning expectations prior to each session and then write a personal assessment or summary of each content session. -Will share article with HM Group and other newsletter possibilities -Will keep a written record of all questions that arise and the answers I find for them over the course of the two-year program(Q & A journal). Will try to include evaluation to the questions and the location of the answers. Will keep a learning journal over the two years some of which will be shared, but will primarily be used to help me further process my learning of all this. Objective 2 I will incorporate the decision- making framework and planning procedures into my personal daily living. First Activity- Review personal Holistic Goal and revise if needed. Post Holistic Goal in visible place above my computer for easy reference and reminder. Timeline: Prior to first training session in June 2008 and as needed thereafter. Second Activity- Practice using seven testing questions to make decisions, at least one/week. Timeline: Already started, continue weekly throughout course and beyond. Third Activity- Document decision- making process on the sheet as provided in At Home with Holistic Management. Timeline: Weekly throughout course and beyond. Fourth Activity- Memorize the seven testing questions. Timeline: Will carry pocket card with me and work to memorize while practicing decision making so that by the end of 2008, I can ask all the questions from memory.


Erin Beard 5/27/08 Fifth Activity- Create personal Financial Plan using Financial Planning spreadsheet. Timeline: Will collect financial data during 2008, fully implement annual plan in 2009. Resources Available: At Home with Holistic Management Testing questions pocket card Same as listed under Objective 1. Documentation for activities and efforts of meeting this Learning Objective: -Will keep copies of current and past Holistic Goal -Will put all decision-making sheets in a designated file folder for future reference -Will guide family or HM group member through decision asking them the seven testing questions from memory and have them write a statement that I didn’t use any notes. -Will fill out as much of the 2008 Financial Plan as possible as reference for creation of 2009 plan. -Will retain receipts and check stubs in accordion file as record of income and expenses. Objective 3 I will make use of the decision-making framework within settings separate from my home-front including our HM group and family farm. (Note: I am considering my family farm as separate from my home-front because I have worked full- time off the farm since I graduated from college in 2005 and have lived on my own during that time. My family views me in a facilitator/leading role and do not rely on me for labor/daily management.) First Activity- Facilitate finalizing of HM Group goal. Timeline: June and July 2008 monthly meeting. Second Activity- Using decision making framework to make group decisions including how to use the grant money available to us and how to proceed in meeting our goals. Timeline: At least once/month or more as needed. At each monthly meeting we pick one upcoming decision that a group member needs to make and practice running through the seven testing questions. So it has the dual purpose of helping them reach a decision and giving the rest of us practice on the decision-making process. Third Activity- Develop Financial Planning for Family Farm. Timeline: Help family collect enterprise data and other expenses and income during 2008 so that we can but the plan into action in 2009. Fourth Activity- Continue improving grazing knowledge and methods. Develop Grazing Plan for Family Farm.


Erin Beard 5/27/08

Timeline: Encourage my dad to keep record of pasture production and rotation during 2008 season. In winter 2008, collect 2008 data plus information from previous years and create 2009 Grazing plan. Learn for other area graziers during summer 2008 pasture walks and winter 08-09 conferences. Fifth Activity- Research structure/leadership of management groups in order to provide meaningful and successful leadership to our HM Group. Also talk to other successful management groups for pointers. Timeline: On-going on-line research. Ask classmates about experiences with management groups (June & July 2008). Re-read notes/articles prior to each meeting and as setting agenda 1 week prior to meeting. Resources Available: My family and the family farm Other HM groups Our NE IA and SW WI Grazing Groups Practical Farmers of Iowa Articles from In Practice All those listed above Documentation for activities and efforts of meeting Learning Objective 3: -Will retain copies of Group Holistic Goal and all revisions -Will retain folder with documentation of group decisions made -Will collect enterprise information on worksheets and spreadsheets -Will take notes of new information learned at pasture walks/conferences -Will create folder of resources on management groups Objective 4 I will develop the ability to teach others the HM process, the planning procedures and facilitate their ability to begin using HM in their own lives. First Activity- Talk to others about the session topics as much and often as possible- in daily conversation, if appropriate, and during monthly family meetings and monthly HM Group meetings. Timeline: Immediately following content sessions, continue through 2 year program and beyond. Second Activity- Create a powerpoint presentation of each content session. Timeline: Will create within one month after completing the content session. Third Activity- Collect teaching tools. Visual aids including copies of completed Grazing & financial plans and others as applicable.


Erin Beard 5/27/08 Timeline: Collect prior to first presentation and continue collecting. Fourth Activity- Develop presentation style through talking with other HM participants, teacher friends, on-line research and observation of other teachers/presenters. Brainstorm activities that incorporate all learning styles, engage and hold attention of audience and provide variety to the presentation of materials. Timeline: on-going Fourth Activity- Present HM presentations for HM Group, interested people in the community, MOSA(organic certification agency) and IOIA(organic inspector organization). Timeline: Will present Planned Grazing to our HM Group on July 16, 2008. HM Decision Making summer 2008 to interested individuals that were not able to attend the training that Terry put on in Feb 2008 for our local grazing group. Financial Planning, Land Planning and Biological Monitoring to HM group during fall and winter 2008. Fifth Activity- Seek feedback on presentation strengths and weaknesses. Videotape myself speaking, seek written and verbal feedback from participants. Timeline: Same as above. Sixth Activity- Follow-up with participants, if they request it, to act as encouragement/ accountability/facilitator of development of HM in their personal lives. Timeline: Following each presentation for people who are not in our HM Group. For our group, follow-up/encouragement/accountability provided during monthly meetings and in emails sent out 1 week prior to monthly meetings. Resources Available: Those listed above Teacher friends and acquaintances Members of Decorah community and surrounding area International Organic Inspectors Organization (IOIA) Video camera Documentation for activities and efforts of meeting Learning Objective 4: -Will submit powerpoint presentations to mentor for feedback -Will take notes about effective teaching methods for information gathered on-line, from friends and teach acquaintances, from observing other teachers/presenters -Will keep file of activity ideas & visual aids -Will document verbal feedback on teaching style and retain written and video feedback for referring back -Will document self- assessment of successful methods and/or areas of improvement after each presentation


Erin Beard 5/27/08

Objective 5 I will develop a case study using my own whole under management or that of someone in our HM learning group and create a written account of the study. First activity- Brainstorm case study ideas with HM learning group. Timeline: I asked them to come to the next meeting(June 17th, 2008) with ideas. Second activity- Choose case study of my family farm or member of HM Group. Timeline: Finalize case study topic by August 2008 HM Group meeting. Third Activity- Document happening as they learn to practice Holistic Managementtakes notes and pictures. Timeline: Monthly summary of HM activities. Fourth Activity- Collect all notes and photos for writing of rough draft. Timeline: Spring/summer 2009 Fifth Activity- Complete final draft. Have several people proof read the draft and add corrections/suggestions. Timeline: Submit final case study by the deadline. Resources Available: Those listed above Documentation for activities and efforts of meeting Learning Objective 5: -Will create list of brainstorm ideas -Will collect notes, monthly summary of happenings and photos -Will submit case study draft to mentor, my parents