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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 301 E/97

3. The Commission believes that legal unbundling coupled with measures of functional unbundling, as
proposed, can be sufficient to achieve the objective of non-discriminatory network access. The
Commission will review the effectiveness of this provision in a regular report.

4. The Commission has not studied the price developments in conurbations and rural areas. Eurostat
publishes price comparisons for all major cities in the Union. This data is available on the website of
Eurostat1. In its recent report on the implementation of the Electricity and Gas Directives, the Commission
has published price comparisons and developments in the Member States (1).


(2002/C 301 E/101) WRITTEN QUESTION P-1168/02

by Ruth Hieronymi (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(17 April 2002)

Subject: Post of head of Commission Representation in Bonn vacant

The post of head of the European Commission Representation in Bonn has been vacant for two and a half
years. In other cases the post of head of representation hass remained vacant for a maximum of three

When will the post of head of the European Commission Representation in Bonn be filled?

Answer given by Mr Prodi on behalf of the Commission

(28 May 2002)

As the Honourable Member has already been informed by the Secretary-General in letter No 30262 of
19 February 2001, the Commission would stress that it is in its interests to maintain an office in Bonn for
two reasons: the continuing presence of certain federal ministries there and the importance of the region
of North Rhine-Westphalia.

At present, the Commission does not have any vacant post which it could allocate to the Bonn regional
office. It had also informed the Honourable Member in the above-mentioned letter that the situation would
be reviewed immediately in the event of an increase in the activities of that office which could not be
handled by the staff working there.

However, the Commission notes that, to date, the workload in the Bonn office has not increased to that
extent and is being handled efficiently by the staff, with the support of the Head of the Commission
Representation to Germany in Berlin, who performs a valuable liaison function with the federal and local

The situation will be reviewed regularly.

(2002/C 301 E/102) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1169/02

by Antonios Trakatellis (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(24 April 2002)

Subject: Dispersal of hazardous substances in the sea

According to an investigative report in the Greek press, the organisation managing the port of Piraeus is
considering the approval of works to deepen Piraeus harbour. This project involves dredging the seabed of