Chapter 380: "That Face...!!

" - Jiraiya asks Pain what this means, that the original Pain among them is a grown-up Yahiko with Rinnegan. Pain offers that yes, Yahiko died and he remains. Jiraiya demands an answer and explains to the toads that one of the bodies is another of his students. The father toad asks if that means there are two prophesized children in the group. Jiraiya says no, but Nagato is not among their group, but Yahiko is, somehow with the Rinnegan. Jiraiya asks if he is Nagato or Yahiko. The men look on and the original states they are Pain. They all launch themselves towards Jiraiya and also offer that they are a god... In Konoha, Shizune comments on the constant rain and offers that Jiraiya will come back. Tsunade says no, but she'll bet on that because she always loses. Jiraiya acts tough and states when he comes back, he can act however he wants. Elsewhere Karin announces a powerful chakra is quickly approaching. The figure appears and Suigetsu recognizes the man. Kisame states Sasuke can go on alone. Sasuke says of course but Karin states if they defeat Kisame they can all go together. Sasuke says no, it will be him alone finding revenge. He then moves on. Suigetsu greets Kisame by name and he offers his surprise. Suigetsu asks if Kisame has forgotten him, the younger brother of Hoozuki Mangetsu? He asks Kisame if he wouldn't mind playing around while they wait. Kisame offers that Suigetsu is more troublesome than his brother, so how about he take care of that? Juugo asks why they aren't obeying Sasuke and Karin grows annoyed. At the top of a fortified hill Itachi sits before a painting of tails marked "fox". Itachi asks his younger brother just how much he can see with his Sharingan. Elsewhere Tobi greets the squads from Konoha and offers that numerical advantage is in their favor. Kakashi offers that the man before them wasn't in Kabuto's book. Tobi states he's new and Kakashi says they should be careful but they have the advantage. Tobi asks if he's being underestimated when suddenly another Naruto comes flying in with Rasengan. He slams it into Tobi's back but continues flying through his body when his target becomes intangible. Back at the compound Sasuke answers... What he sees?... he can see one thing... Itachi's death. Chapter 381: "True Nature...!!" - Jiraiya sits impaled atop a small island surrounded by a murky lake. Pain's haggard summoned body is collapsed on the ground after successfully penetrating Jiraiya's barrier to impale him. The toads ask if Jiraiya is okay. He says yes, but his chakra is disturbed. The father toad pulls out part of the spike and throws it away. The toads discuss the oddity of Pain and Jiraiya

considers how Yahiko has the Rinnegan. He then thinks over his talk about growth with a young Nagato. The forehead protector of the Pain before him falls, and Jiraiya notices a large scar on his head. Jiraiya then suddenly remembers fighting this very same Fuuma clan member after receiving the prophecy. Jiraiya considers the Elder Sage Toad's statement that Jiraiya would travel the world. Jiraiya tells the toads to leave, as he's going to leave the barrier and verify something. He states this is the one chance to learn Pain's true nature and he'll do it even if it costs him his life. It was this choice that was prophesized by the toad sage. He tells the toads to take the known information to Tsunade; the father toad says his wife alone should do it. She tells him to be back in time for dinner and the husband promises their return. Jiraiya and father toad emerge from a toad in the water. The father toad summons a giant shuriken which is hurled at one of the Pains. The remaining five then appear and Jiraiya realizes he has indeed met them in the past. Just as he makes the realization as to who Pain is, one grabs his throat to choke him. Jiraiya coughs blood and the father toad screams out. The other Pains then jump in to help finish Jiraiya off... Chapter 382: "The Real Choice" - Jiraiya lays face down with spikes driven into his back. As blood run out he weakly thinks that he has to tell them who Pain is. He wonders if he is to fail here and begins to lose consciousness. Jiraiya flashes back to when he was younger. He sits before Hokage Mountain at various stages of his life writing in a book. He considers that a shinobi's life is evaluated not by how they lived, but by all they did before they died. Based on that though, his life was a failure. He was rejected by Tsunade, was unable to prevent Orochimaru from leaving and could not protect his master and student. Compared to the Hokage, his life was a waste. He believed that even though he failed in life, he could make up for that with some accomplishments. But he couldn't even do that, he failed at stopping Pain and Akatsuki. Jiraiya states the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya wasn’t worth anything. But a voice offers that isn't true. We cut to the Fourth Hokage's home. Minato holds Jiraiya's book and states it's great. Since it's based on Jiraiya's adventures, it's like an autobiography. An embarrassed Jiraiya offers that it didn't sell and he should probably just focus on his erotic novels. Minato offers that he liked how the hero never gave up, just like his sensei. And he hopes his own child is like the title character, so would Jiraiya mind if he uses that name? Jiraiya is shocked and states he simply thought of the name while eating

ramen... A pregnant Kushina offers that "Naruto" is a fine name. Jiraiya laughs feeling unworthy and asks if that means he's the godfather. Minato states there's no one better than such a skilled and unique shinobi. Jiraiya thinks over his time with Naruto and the young mans strength and dedication. He considers how Naruto was like that hero and how he lived up to his parents dreams. We then cut to the Sannin battle, atop a snake Jiraiya and Orochimaru battle. Orochimaru offers that the true measure of a shinobi's life is based on how many jutsu they mastered. Jiraiya says no, a ninja is one who endures and has a strong spirit. He then considers Naruto, since he never went back on his word or gave up, neither will he as his master. Jiraiya regains consciousness and begins to stir; thinking that the pupil’s way should be the master's too. The father toad is shocked at how Jiraiya willed himself back to life. Pain asks Jiraiya if his heart did indeed stop? Jiraiya looks to the father toad and the summon offers his understanding. The toad slips out of his robe to the ground before Jiraiya. Jiraiya activates chakra on his finger and begins to write on the toad's back. The toad suddenly understands and Jiraiya considers that his true choice was whether to give up. He won't. He realizes that Naruto was the child of prophecy and he now leaves everything to him... Chapter 383: "Last Chapter, And Now...!!" - Tobi kicks Naruto in the face and mocks his abilities. Naruto flies into one of his clones and then lands in water below. Hinata is alarmed but Sakura tells her Naruto will be fine, just keep an eye on their enemy. Yamato and Kakashi figure Tobi is just playing with them. The Pains see numbers on father toad’s back and figure it’s a secret code. One Pain fires his forearm at Jiraiya and the toad, destroying the land they were on. The toad disappears while Jiraiya's body sinks into the depths. Jiraiya thinks that his tale may have a better conclusion now and what a fine end for him. But what to call the sequel to the book he wonders?... "The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto” would work nicely he decides. Jiraiya disappears into the murk and in Konoha Tsunade rests and tries to drink her worries away. She looks on forlorn and watches a toad jump into the water. Elsewhere Naruto bursts from the water and Tobi asks what new game should they play? Naruto says they don't have time for this. Shino states they have to finish pursuing Sasuke. Kiba replies that since Shino wasn't around the last time they went after Sasuke, he's expecting a lot of him this time around. Yamato says they should move to formation B and everyone acknowledges. Back in Rain, Pain

contemplates that if not for his secret, he would have lost that battle. Zetsu emerges and states Pain sure took his time, his other half interjects that he was fighting Jiraiya after all. Pain states that Madara directed him to capture the Kyuubi and he can come watch. Zetsu then gets into an argument with himself about which fight to watch next. Elsewhere Itachi replies "His death"?... well lets see how good those eyes are then. Chapter 384: "Two Roads..." - Itachi and Sasuke cross weapons and move to counter the other's moves. Itachi throws an off balance Sasuke across the room and the younger Uchiha forms Chidori. He runs towards Itachi but then slams his fist into the ground, sending Chidori Nagashi current through the floor. Itachi jumps to avoid the attack but is suddenly run through by an airborne Sasuke. Sasuke pins him to the ground with his Kusanagi sword and Itachi acknowledges his growth. Sasuke states that at the end he has a question for his brother. Itachi raises his hand to point to another Itachi still reclining in the chair. The pinned Itachi disperses into crows. The reclining Itachi states even though it's not over Sasuke can go ahead with his question. Sasuke says no, he'll say it again... and suddenly the reclining Itachi is stabbed through the back of the chair by another Sasuke. A shocked Itachi recognizes he was speaking to a Genjutsu. Sasuke retorts again that he'll ask the question when the battle with his bastard of a brother is over... Chapter 385: "The Secret of the Mangekyou...!!" - Sasuke remembers Itachi's words after the clan massacre, concerning the true purpose of their Doujutsu and the three remaining Sharingan users. Sasuke demands to know who the third individual is so he can kill him. Itachi ponders why. Sasuke explains how the third person must not have been killed and have actually helped with the massacre. Itachi acknowledges Sasuke's surmise and states that man is Uchiha Madara. Sasuke then remembers the Kyuubi's words. Itachi states Madara was a village founder and the first Mangekyou Sharingan user. Sasuke yells that's impossible, as he would be long dead. Itachi retorts he can't make Sasuke believe and Sasuke says he's tired of the lies. Itachi explains that truth is relative to the individual but their reality may not correct. That goes for how Sasuke refuses to believe Madara is alive and how he saw Itachi as a caring older brother when they were young. Sasuke remembers their time growing up and offers that he was so little then; he could not believe that horrible reality was true.

However, it did happen and his eyes see the truth now including this Genjutsu. Suddenly Sasuke turns from the chair to hurl Chidori towards another reclining Itachi. Itachi says that's typical behavior, yelling and making threats, of course this time he might be able to back them up. Sasuke asks if this means he's done playing. Itachi says Sasuke still doesn't have the same eyes as he, ignoring his previous command to meet again only when they share the same eyes. Sasuke yells for him to try his Mangekyou against him now, or is his capacity now too much? Zetsu emerges from a wall and comments that the two brothers haven't moved an inch, carrying out their fight in Genjutsu so far. Itachi explains that the moment Mangekyou awakens, the journey into darkness begins. Sasuke asks him to explain and Itachi states that with every use a Mangekyou user's eyesight diminishes. Sasuke offers that in exchange for controlling the Kyuubi, one will go blind. Itachi is impressed that Sasuke actually read the scrolls in the clan's secret shrine. Itachi rises and walks towards Sasuke, who in turn asks who Madara is. Itachi states Madara is the only man to tame the Kyuubi. The man who acted as his personal mentor and accomplice. The only man to learn the Sharingan's final secret. The invincible immortal, Uchiha Madara... Chapter 386: "New Light...!!" - Itachi looks on with dimmed vision and says there is one final puzzle piece. A story of two competitive brothers who awakened their Sharingan and eventually obtained Mangekyou. Uchiha Madara and his younger brother had achieved something never before done and took control of their clan. Unfortunately as a side effect of the Mangekyou, Madara's vision failed him as his eyes were sealed away from the light. He tried to avoid this fate and failed, eventually plucking out his brother's eyes in desperation. Madara regained his vision and obtained a Mangekyou that would never disappear. Such an ability caused many sacrifices to happen within the clan over time. Using his power he joined with other clans, including the Senju of the Forest, led by the man who would become Shodai Hokage. Together they formed Konoha. Policy disputes arose and they did battle. Madara lost but still lives. He formed Akatsuki from behind the scenes and eventually directed the Kyuubi to attack Konoha. Itachi then states that Madara is a unworthy shadow of his former self; and the only one who can surpass him is he himself. He maniacally yells that Sasuke himself will be his chance to grow. Since the beginning, the Uchiha have killed their friends to develop Mangekyou and their siblings to make it eternal. He offers that their

clan has been tainted with blood and once Sasuke is dead, he can go beyond the limits of his own capacity with his brother's eyes. Thus each brother is a spare, and that is why he left Sasuke live. A doubleeyed specter begins to reach out for Sasuke's eye but he disperses the illusion. Sasuke removes his cloak and states it was all for this moment. Closing his eyes he thinks back over his pledge to kill Itachi. He opens his eyes and states it finally ends here... Chapter 387: "Reality...!!" - Itachi states that Sasuke has no chance since he alone possesses Mangekyou. He adds that Sasuke’s dream will never become reality. Sasuke unwraps bandages on his arms to reveal seals marked "blade". Sasuke replies that he'll use his hatred to turn his dream into reality; the reality, of Itachi's death. Sasuke moves his hands to the opposite wrists and summons shuriken which he launches at his brother. Itachi returns shuriken in kind and the torrents connect and deflect each other. Sasuke charges and pulls his sword and Itachi moves to attack with a kunai. The brothers use their free hands to stop the advancing blade arm of the other. Suddenly another Itachi appears from behind and launches kunai. Sasuke is amazed at the speed of Itachi’s Kage Bunshin use and a snake emerges from his cursed seal in defense. The brothers then break their holds and retreat backwards. Sasuke hurls a Chidori charges giant demon wind shuriken which slices through one of the Itachis. That Itachi bursts into crows and in the confusion the real Itachi charges Sasuke and kicks him back into a wall. In a flash he is pinning Sasuke to the wall to prevent him from using Chidori. Sasuke coughs in pain and Itachi reaches towards Sasuke's left eye to pluck it out. Itachi asks for forgiveness and states that his reality involves staying in the light. A yell then pierces the room... Chapter 388: "The Difference in Power...!!" - Sasuke screams out and Itachi reiterates that nothing can stand against his Mangekyou. Zetsu watches on and Sasuke looks at the blood in his hand from his wound. Itachi moves to take the other eye and Sasuke activates his level two seal, knocking Itachi back with his wing. Itachi puts Sasuke's eye in a container and states it was all due to the difference in their power and their eyes. Suddenly another Itachi grabs Sasuke from the back and the original Itachi reaches to remove Sasuke's other eye. Sasuke completes his level two transformation as Itachi reaches for the eye. Suddenly reality becomes a negative image and breaks down, leaving a normal Sasuke looking on with both of his eyes. He collapses

to the floor and Zetsu debates what happened, deciding that Itachi won through Tsukuyomi. He then offers that Sasuke should now be immobilized. Suddenly Itachi falls to the floor grasping his eye, acknowledging that Sasuke broke his Tsukuyomi. Zetsu is confused and decides the technique was never used, as Sasuke broke it. He goes on to consider that there is no way Sharingan could stand up to Mangekyou. He counters by offering that Sharingan is just a weapon whose strength is dependant upon the one who wields it. Even a shuriken user could lose to a highly skilled person throwing a rock. It all comes down to ability, and Sasuke's has grown beyond what Itachi imagined. Sasuke stands and confidently states again, that no matter how much Itachi uses his eyes, his hatred will turn his dreams into reality. Itachi retorts that the same applies to him; the illusion of him removing Sasuke's eyes will come to pass as well. Zetsu sees that Itachi is serious now, and hopes that they can finally see Amaterasu. Down below Itachi forms a hand seal and closes one eye... Chapter 389: "Sasuke's Tide" - Zetsu ponders that the Genjutsu is over with now that Tsukuyomi was broken; so they'll move to Ninjutsu. He adds that if the left eye possesses the strongest Genjutsu in Tsukuyomi, then the right eye wields the strongest physical attack, Amaterasu. Itachi forms hand seals and Sasuke responds by summoning a giant shuriken. Zetsu is amazed that Sasuke’s speed is faster than Itachi’s hand seals. Sasuke hurls the shuriken with flies at chest level. Itachi ducks but within the floor shadow is another giant shuriken, which Zetsu recognizes as Shadow Shuriken no Jutsu. Itachi jumps to maneuver between the two disks but Sasuke pulls a wire to disconnect the blades of the shuriken, which come flying back towards Itachi. One blade impales Itachi's leg and Zetsu is confused by Itachi's sudden slowness. Itachi removes the blade and watches on in a dim haze. Itachi grabs his left eye and Sasuke recognizes the side effect of Tsukuyomi and considers how the tide of battle is turning in his favor. Zetsu ponders that the battle may have a clear winner but his other half thinks that may not be the case. Sasuke hurls a huge fireball and as Itachi jumps in the air to avoid it, he is met by a Chidori wielding Sasuke. Itachi emits fire as well to launch himself up through the ceiling. Sasuke uses his wing to deflect the flame and as they die down the brothers face off on the roof. Zetsu ponders that only a little damage is being taken by Sasuke so far. The brothers form seals and launch huge fireballs at each other. The strength of Sasuke's flame begins to push Itachi's back, so the Itachi focuses his right eye. As

blood begins to come from it he calls upon Amaterasu and opens his eye. Suddenly a huge, tendril of black flames flies towards Sasuke...